SHOCK – PART 2 (MVP-064)

Falcon Studios / Mustang MVP-064: SHOCK - PART 2 Falcon Studios / Mustang MVP-064: SHOCK - PART 2 Falcon Studios / Mustang MVP-064: SHOCK - PART 2

Studio: Falcon Studios / Mustang
Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Year of Production / Release: 2001
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Michael Brandon
Robert Collins
Justin Dragon
Dante Foxx
Chad Hunt
Logan Krewe
Alexandros Matsagos
Ted Matthews
Drew Peters
Zach Richards
Jay Ross
Tommy Saxx
Addison Scott
Daniel Sinclair
Chris Steele
Aaron Tanner
Evan Taylor
Enrico Vega
Ryan Zane

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Feel the erotic charge… the stimulation… the tingle… Watch it build… feel the shock!A sex-club leather orgy with 21 hot and nasty studs who suck and fuck with lusty abandon until each have had their asses licked, their hard cocks sucked and the sticky cum drained out of their balls. These sizzling muscle studs offer up 90 minutes of rough and nasty man-sex at its hottest.

Falcon Studios / Mustang MVP-064: SHOCK - PART 2
Tommy Saxx, Daniel Sinclair, Michael Brandon, and Aaron Tanner start things off with some expert cock sucking. After some hot kissing and rimming things get serious as Michale shoves his 10″ monster cock up Aaron’s hungry hole. But Michael wants to give Aaron more, so he fucks Aaron’s ass with a large red flashlight (DC Edit Only – DVD Excludes Controversial Content)…pumping it in deep then pulling it out and letting Aaron lick it clean. Daniel gets in on the action and fucks Tommy while the two bottoms passionately kiss. Aaron can’t get enough cock and so he rides Tommy’s pole like a pro while Michael and Daniel stroke out their loads.
DC Edit (Flashlight Footage) Available by Download Only

Falcon Studios / Mustang MVP-064: SHOCK - PART 2
Drew Peters enacts every size-queen’s wet dream by sucking on Chad Hunt’s enormous 11 inches of meat. Watching the action is ebony muscleman Robert Collins who is being serviced by Jay Ross. The four get together and literally tear Jay’s pants off him, getting him down to his jockstrap so the assplay can begin. Jay and Drew get rimmed by Chad and Robert before squatting down on the massive cocks and taking a rough fucking. Jay is on his knees in the center of the group…slurping on Drew and Chad and Robert’s cocks as they sip beer. They tease Jay by dribbling beer first into his mouth…then then let it run down their bodies as he tries to suck it off their cocks and balls. Jay’s in for more as the other studs turn him on his shoulders and insert a funnel into his ass (DC Edit only – DVD Edit omits controversial footage). One by one they pour their beer into the funnel and gravity pulls it deep into his as. When he’s all filled up they let him down and he ejects what beer he can before Robert shoves his hand in Jay’s ass to hold the rest in. Jay gets off…cum pooling on his abs and then each of the other three horny studs jerk themselves to orgasm…soaking Jay in streams of cum.

Director’s Cut Edit (Beer Enema) Available by Scene Download Only

Falcon Studios / Mustang MVP-064: SHOCK - PART 2
Evan Taylor, Zach Richards, and Tiger suck and rim before quickly moving into a nice rough fuck between Taylor and muscle bottom Tiger. Zach Richards takes his turn with Tiger’s ass and eventually both tops shoot their loads over Tiger.

Falcon Studios / Mustang MVP-064: SHOCK - PART 2
Ryan Zane, Justin Dragon, Drew Peters, and Logan Krewe start off with some serious ass licking. Peters worships Krewe’s pierced prick with his mouth before the four team up for some mutual stroking, rimming, and sucking. Zane shoots his sticky load on Peter’s butt –and then licks it off. Krewe and Dragon add their own jizz to the collection. Peters shoots his onto the floor while being stroked by Krewe and fingered by Dragon.

Falcon Studios / Mustang MVP-064: SHOCK - PART 2
As the scene opens, musclestud Addison Scott indulges his dirty side by pissing into a fan and soaking in the fine mist which results (DC Edit only). Meanwhile, elsewhere uncut Enrico Vega gets serviced by Ted Matthews while Alexandros Matsagos watches through a chain link fence. After some rough ball sucking action Vega sucks both men while Addison Scott watches from across the room. Scott finally makes his move and they couple up for some heavy slurping, sucking, and tit play with some docking thrown in for good measure. Chris Steele enters the fray and along with Dante Foxx the leather clad studs swap spit, chew foreskin, and deepthroat every cock in sight. They each take a turn licking Jay Ross’ hole before forming a rimming-train, 7 men long and then fucking like rough-talking dogs in heat. All is ended with Jay Ross awash in spunk as they squirt it all over him and each other.

Director’s Cut Edit (Opens with Addison Scott pissing into a fan) Available by Download Only


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