studio / film series: Jocks Studio (JVP)

Falcon Studios SOAKED Kevin Miles Noel Hardwick Matthew Anders Tony Zerega Johnny Rahm Logan Reed Falcon Studios

Studio: Falcon Studios / Jocks
Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Year of Release / Production: 1998

Matthew Anders
Michael Crawford
Brett Ford
Noel Hardwick
Kevin Miles
Drew Peters
Johnny Rahm
Logan Reed
Peter Wilder
Tony Zerega


SCENE 1: Kevin Miles, Michael Crawford, Brett Ford and Noel Hardwick
This films starts out oddly with Kevin Miles, Brett Ford and Noel Hardwick jacking off atop some poolside pedestals. Michael Crawford walks up and starts sucking all three’s rather large cocks. It then progresses to everyone sucking someone else, with Miles sucking himself off as well. The action moves poolside with a great deal of oral action. Crawford attempts to suck Miles while getting boned by Ford. Crawford looks goods with his legs spread eagle in this. Ford’s attention switches to Miles, who generally is best as a bottom. Crawford and Miles are flipped to their backs and a butt-munching session commences. This continues till Miles blows a nice load, then Crawford coaxes a cum shot out as well. Brett and Noel now go at each other. Ford rides Hardwick’s substantial cock with vigor. The scene switches abruptly to both guys blowin’ their loads on Hardwick’s stomach.

SCENE 2: Kevin Miles and Johnny Rahm
By the pool, Miles strips and sucks Rahm with glee. After a bit, it’s Johnny’s turn to choke down Kevin’s massive meat. He has a bit of trouble, not due to Mile’s size, but Mile’s never getting fully hard in this scene. But Johnny is a trouper in this and just keeps working Mile’s cock. After a bit of ass play, Miles fucks Rahm. Then Rahm gets his turn to work Mile’s smooth ass. Rahm licks, fingers and gets Miles ready for a good fucking. And a good fucking is delivered by Rahm in this scene. Kevin just leans back with his big dick flopping around while Rahm thrusts away. Rahm pulls out and shoot his load on Kevin’s balls and legs, Miles never delivers a cum shot in this scene.

SCENE 3: Noel Hardwick, Matthew Anders and Logan Reed
By the garden fountain, Matthew Anders is sucking Noel Hardwick’s cock and Logan Reed walks in to observe. Reed has the boys suck his chubby cock for a bit, before the scene changes to Reed licking both men’s asses. An abrupt scene change to Hardwick fucking Anders, while Anders sucks down Reed’s cock. Then Reed has his turn at fucking Anders with Hardwick underneath the two. Then magically the boys are found leaning against the fountain jacking off to shoot their final load.

SCENE 4: Drew Peters, Tony Zerega and Peter Wilder
Drew Peters is out in the garden happily jacking off, when Tony Zerega and Peter Wilder move in from both sides with bathing suits lowered, sportin’ hard-ons. Drew, of course, starts sucking the two guys off. Then Wilder drops to his knees and offers his oral abilities to both Zerega and Peters. An abrupt scene change, and Zerega is fucking Peters with Wilder viewing from below. Wilder then offers his butt to Peters for a three-way fuck train. They all jack off to climax with Peters offering a fairly good load.


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