Falcon Studios SPOKES (FVP-033) Leo Ford Dick Fisk Lee Ryder Rod Phillips Mark Hunter Pete Gable

Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: Tony Dimarco
Year of Production / Release: 2019
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Dick Fisk
Leo Ford
Pete Gable
Mark Hunter
Rod Phillips
Lee Ryder

A bicycle team…a deserted barn… a forbidden sexual initiation…a mysterious intruder…a wild, non-stop orgy…an experience that will leave you breathless!

Falcon Studios SPOKES (FVP-033) Dalton Riley fucks Caleb Jaxon In the Barn Gang-Bang with Pete Gable Mark Hunter Dick Fisk Rod Phillips Leo Ford Lee Ryder
SCENE 1: In the Barn Gang-Bang with Dick Fisk, Rod Phillips, Leo Ford & Lee Ryder fuck Mark Hunter

A group of bikers – Dick Fisk, Lee Ryder, Leo Ford, Rod Phillips and Mark Hunter – travel to a secluded barn for one member’s initiation. Mark Hunter is ordered to strip and bend over for the first hard on: Lee Ryder. Lee shoves his extremely large fat cock inside the initiate starting a train of fuckers into Mark’s ass. Unbeknownst to the club a voyeur (Pete Gable in a non-sexual role) spies on the action from behind a haybale. Rod Philips takes over for Lee Ryder until Dick Fisk takes over and the gang shoots their thick hot loads all over Mark’s ass.

Falcon Studios SPOKES (FVP-033) Rod Phillips fucks Leo Ford with Lee Ryder and Dick Fisk
SCENE 2: Rod Phillips fucks Leo Ford with Lee Ryder and Dick Fisk

Voyeur Pete Gable exposes himself to the group and Leo Ford drops to his knees to welcome him and his fine cut of meat to the initiation ceremonies. The eager studs press their pleasure threshhold as far as they can…and the scene continues like an ever-evolving chain of sexual exploration. Mark Hunter gets plowed by Leo Ford and Rod Phillips shows super-hung Lee Ryder just how much he loves Lee’s huge cock. Leo shoots all over Mark and then sticks back in but not before eating his own cum out of the crack of Mark’s ass. Rod and Lee find a corner of the barn and continue to feed their cock-hungry need. Both men get raging hard-ons and sweat beads of lust all over each other until Dick Fisk joins them in some mutual cock worship. Both guys manage to shove both cocks in Dick’s mouth when they are joined by Leo Ford…making it a foursome! Lee Ryder, Dick Fisk and Rod Phillips take turns on Leo Ford’s hungry ass. They all end up coming over his stomach, chest and in his mouth.

Falcon Studios SPOKES (FVP-033) Pete Gable fucks Mark Hunter
SCENE 3: Pete Gable fucks Mark Hunter

Having revealed himself before the horny bikers, Pete Gable gets deep into cock. He sequesters bottom man Mark Hunter in an unused stall and let’s the hungry bottom suck his cock, tease his nipples and finally sit down on Peter’s mammoth prick….Peter pumps out his load and Mark jacks out a thick stream of his own.


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