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Blake Daniels Blue Bailey Leo Forte Logan Stevens Preston Steel Race Cooper Shay Michaels BACKYARD BOYS Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central

Studio: Raging Stallion / Fetish Force
Directed by: Tony Buff
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Blue Bailey
Race Cooper
Blake Daniels
Leo Forte
Shay Michaels
Preston Steel
Logan Stevens

When the carnival closes up for the night, these twisted carnies and side show freaks head out to the “Backyard” to perform intense fetish acts on each other. Meet the Backyard Boys who revel in every kink and fetish that director Tony Buff dreams up. Preston Steel, known to his fellow carnies as Meatbag, gets things moving sharing super intense hardcore sex with sculpted Race Cooper. Shay Michaels is the side-show Wild Man, with carnal appetites so base, he’s kept chained and caged, but devilish Leo Forte turns it out with this insatiable beast. Blue Bailey and Blake Daniels bring yards of muscle to the table, though the table is made of hay bales and there’s a pulley overhead by which Blake hoists Blue up by his heels. Blue gets an all-over shocker with electroshock before Blake offers relief via a tongue bath and edging. Meatbag is back for more with a foot massage and blow job from scraggly, toe-slurping ginger, Logan Stevens, who tops it off with bondage for dessert. Leo Forte wasn’t done with the Wild Man, Shay Michaels and this time he clips electrodes to a sounding rod and a brass butt plug to punch-fuck Shay’s prostate with bolts of electricity. Wild Man gets even wilder. Meatbag can’t get enough and he’s back for sounding with Race, before we get back to Blake and Blue who deliver one last hardcore fuck session and go over the edge in the Backyard. The twisted ingenuity of director Tony Buff, the man behind the curtain, sets these appetites in action and drives these Backyard Boys to gushing release.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central BACKYARD BOYS
SCENE 1: Race Cooper & Preston Steel
One of the perks of being at the top of the pecking order is being able to exercise cock control over those beneath you. Top carny Race Cooper more than wants a piece of gofer Preston “Meatbag” Steel. When Meatbag fumbles another simple task, push comes to shove my cock down your throat. Race shoves the heavily inked newbie to his knees, pulls out two handfuls of hard black cock, and administers a lesson in feeding. Race’s abs are a study in anatomical perfection, though Meatbag’s attention is focused on sword swallowing and nut sucking. When Race’s cock needs more intense stimulation, he turns his attention to Meatbag’s meaty butt, prepping the pink hole with his thumb and tongue while milking his glistening cock. Once Race ties him down, Meatbag’s groans add to the visual contrast of a black cock plundering a white hole, and a full-length mirror provides a rear view of Race’s magnificent haunches at work. He thrusts, driving his cock home and home again, until it spews ribbons of pale jizz across the dark tatts on Meatbag’s back.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central BACKYARD BOYS
SCENE 2: Leo Forte & Shay Michaels
Big, burly Shay Michaels is the side-show Wild Man — so fearsome he lives in a cage, permanently locked. But Leo Forte knows how to soothe the savage beast: rub his furry chest and stroke his cock. When Shay is tamed, Leo pulls out a fat hardon, to feed the caged animal. As Leo approaches the bars, Shay’s hand reaches out, grabs Leo by the nuts and pulls his meat into the cage and into his mouth. Shay sucks Leo’s cock and nuts, getting rewarded with a sweet tongue kiss, then pushes his own meat through the bars for Leo to reciprocate. Shay furiously face-fucks Leo causing drool to run down his chin and perfect furry pecs. Leo reaches into the cage, between Shay’s legs, and pops a thumb up Shay’s butt while continuing to suck him. Shay squeals like the stuck pig he has just become lets his load loose onto the bottom of his cage. Leo’s sticks his cock through the bars for a few final thrusts, until Shay’s gag reflex provides the final stimulus that sends Leo over the edge, shooting a load into Shay’s mouth.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central BACKYARD BOYS
SCENE 3: Blake Daniels & Blue Bailey
Blake Daniels and Blue Bailey are smooth and streamlined. Blake is clothed but his sleeveless shirt reveals impressive biceps. He hoists Blue skyward by his ankles, courtesy of a block and tackle. Blue is naked, with his hands fettered behind him. The view is dominated by his huge nuts. Blake grins fiendishly as he runs a hand over Blue’s pale white torso with a smattering of dark hair. Blue’s stamina is about to be tested: Blake is holding an electro-wand that administers shocks. It buzzes and glows like a light saber when Blake presses the trigger. You can see small bursts of electricity jump from the tip of the wand to Blue’s skin. Blue flinches; his body arcs. Blake selects a new attachment, one with a curved tip. When he touches it to Blue’s scrotum, Blue practically flies through the air. His abs get a workout from the twisting and lurching. Then one final toy. It has a short, pointed tip. This one is used on Blue’s nuts and nipples, and you can see him clench his jaw in pain and in pleasure as the filaments of electricity leap to his most tender skin. Blake puts the toys away and soothes the hurt with his tongue, then rewards Blue for being a good boy slow and thorough edging to orgasm.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central BACKYARD BOYS
SCENE 4: Preston Steel & Logan Stevens
Preston Steel, aka Meatbag, is drop-dead tired at the end of the day. The top of his coveralls flaps down as he swings his legs onto Logan Stevens’ lap for a foot massage. We see a pink nipple the size of a dime and intricately patterned chest hair that swirls sexily up to his neck and shoulders. Logan knows a thing or two about, like which trigger points to press to give a guy an erection and the sensuous benefits of sucking toes. Working his tongue around and between Meatbag’s toes and pressing hard into his arch gives the Meatbag a boner, and he wonders if Logan’s sucking skills extend to cock. Off come the coveralls to expose a juicy fat rod with a thick bush. Logan peels off his tattered shirt and pushes his pants down as his knees hit the ground. Jacking his own dick, Logan sucks and slurps until Meatbag’s cock is buried in his throat. The clenching of his throat muscles around the head of Meatbag’s cock quickly produces an orgasm that bastes Logan’s entire face with jizz.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central BACKYARD BOYS
SCENE 5: Preston Steel & Logan Stevens
“Meatbag” Preston Steel owes Logan Stevens a sexual favor. Logan has just given him a blow job but not shot his own load so Meatbag figures to help him along with a little bondage. He pulls Logan’s pants down so he can see and feel those tight, white buns. Then he ties Logan’s hands behind his back. Without further foreplay or ceremony, he rolls a condom over his cock, spent but not soft, and jams it up Logan’s hole. Fucking Logan from behind, the ropes serve as reins. Logan’s furry ginger hole swallows Meatbag’s sword like an X-rated circus act, and he spreads his legs so he can feel it deeper. At the last moment, Meatbag unties him and flips him onto his back so Logan can jack out the well-earned load that’s been denied to him until now. Meatbag follows suit, adding his own seed to the flecks of jism covering Logan’s milky-white torso.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central BACKYARD BOYS
SCENE 6: Leo Forte & Shay Michaels
Leo Forte takes Wild Man Shay Michaels out of his cage, on a chain, for some “punch fucking the prostate with electro stimulation.” Shay is all fur, meat and muscle and he allows Leo to knead, slap and bite his furry buns. Taking it up a level, Leo rubs his bristly scalp against Shay’s taint and hole. Grunting and swaying like a beast in heat, Shay lets Leo shove a brass butt plug into him. Nasty man that he is, Leo pulls out the plug, sucks it, and shoves it back in, snugging it into place. It’s like a sedative. Shay flops onto his back and Leo sticks a wickedly curved sounding rod into his cock. With his red neckerchief and unzipped black jeans held up by suspenders, Leo looks ready to hit the midway with a megaphone. Instead, he hits Shay with a double electric charge attached to the sound and butt plug. Leo’s response to the Wild Man’s cries is “Let’s turn up that juice.” Shay’s groans are an aphrodisiac to Leo, making his eyebrows arch, his eyes twinkle and his grin more fiendish. When Shay’s toes begin to twitch and his moans grow to orgasmic pitch, Leo knows the destination has been reached, so he removes the electrodes and tenderly strokes out the cum that couldn’t escape Shay’s cock.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central BACKYARD BOYS
SCENE 7: Race Cooper & Preston Steel
Race Cooper and Preston Steel are making out in the Sword Swallower’s tent. They are a contrast in body types, Race being smooth, muscular and the color of dark chocolate; Preston being pale, hairy and built more like a runner. Their crossed arms make a black-and-white “X” across their naked torsos as they stroke each other’s hard ons. They are about to enter the kinky zone. Letting go of their dicks, they reach across to a small table where lube and an array of sounding rods are laid out. In perfect unison, they slide the shafts of surgical steel into the shafts of their cocks. They praise each other while their moans of pleasure rise. They lean in for a kiss, setting the sounding rods aside to seriously suck face while rapidly jacking their cocks, which are eager to relieve the pressure by discharging massive amounts of jism. Preston cums first, scoops his load into his mouth, then bites on Race’s erect nipples until Race shoots.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central BACKYARD BOYS
SCENE 8: Blake Daniels & Blue Bailey
Two smooth and muscular bodies are playing in the hay. Blake Daniels, on his knees, has his face clamped in the buns of Blue Bailey, also on his knees and bucking like a bronco. Blue’s ass is red with handprints and his tawny hole is wet with spit. He’s been spanked and primed to get fucked. Blake advances the anal charge with his thumb while his cock bobs between his legs, angrily red, hard, curved and ready. This carnal connection gets straight to the point: one heat-seeking missile, one hot hole needing to be filled. Flesh slaps against flesh, with Blake’s nut sack slamming into Blue’s taint. Blue spread his legs wider, leans closer to the ground. Blake commands him to roll over and resumes the rhythmic pounding. Blue is in a shoulder stand, his hand is moving rapidly between his legs, he’s poised to cum in his mouth. Blake’s long legs are like huge springs leading to a compact bubble-butt that drives his cock harder and deeper into Blue until his muscular shoulders, now covered in a sheen of sweat, heave and contract as his dick shoot jets of jism all over Blue.


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