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Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central Alessio Romero Angelo Marconi Brian Bonds Draven Torres Jessie Colter Leo Forte Race Cooper Shane Frost HOODIES

Studio: Raging Stallion / Fetish Force
Directed by: Tony Buff
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Brian Bonds
Jessie Colter
Race Cooper
Leo Forte
Shane Frost
Angelo Marconi
Alessio Romero
Draven Torres

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Hoodies is the common theme linking these eight fetish sets directed by master kinkster Tony Buff, a guy who sees play possibilities wherever he casts his glance. The stage for these two-man trysts is like a grown-up’s playground at night: a chain-link fence, corrugated metal walls, some conveniently placed benches and tables and little else. Each duo of performers has two play periods in Hoodies. Mischievous Leo Fortes and sultry Draven Torres are first and last on the playground. Surgical clamps and a crimson rope are an integral part of their playtime. Boys will be boys, and Jessie Colter and Angelo Marconi love to play with their toys and their dicks, but these boys are all grown up and play with different toys and in ways that might cause many to shudder: sounding rods, silicone urethra inserts and massive dildos are these studs’ playthings. Interracial duo Race Cooper and Brian Bonds take a more traditional, anonymous suck-and-fuck approach to meeting on the playground at night, with Brian needing to be fucked and Race needing a blow job. Shane Frost looks more grizzled than you’ve ever seen him when he and Alessio Romero go bump in the night. Blow jobs are foreplay, then Alessio teaches Shane how to wield a sounding rod.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central HOODIES
SCENE 1: Leo Fortes & Draven Torres with nipple clamps
Wrapping his arms around Draven Torres’ broad, muscular shoulders gives Leo Forte the perfect opportunity to slide his hand south and grab a handful of butt cheek. Both men are grinning as Leo fashions soft, blood red handcuffs of rope to lift Draven off the ground, but Draven’s smiles turn to screams when Leo begins to attach surgical clamps to Draven’s nipples. Then, the clamps start covering the rest of his body … saving the final clamp for Draven’s foreskin. As much as the clamps hurt going on, they hurt more coming off. Pleasure is the antidote to pain, so Leo — who removes only his hoodie — sucks Draven’s tortured cock, tenderly licks his nipples then jacks him off to a shuddering orgasm that spatters the camera lens.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central HOODIES
SCENE 2: Sounding with Jessie Colter & Angelo Marconi
Jessie Colter visits his favorite playground, but the chain link fence around it does not enclose monkey bars or a swing. Sitting on a bench in a dark corner, the guy with black gloves wearing the hoodie is Angelo Marconi, and the toys he brought to play with are made to slide inside your dick. Jessie unzips his own hoodie, then his pants, to display a tanned chest with a furry treasure trail that ends where play begins: at the tip of his hard cock. Angelo intensifies Jessie’s arousal by sucking him, stroking his cock and massaging his balls while Jessie inserts a long surgical steel sound, then a 20-inch silicone nail into his urethra. Jessie’s feral groans split the air as cum flies out from his tortured cock, then Angelo pulls a hardon out of his own jeans and jacks out a load to match Jessie’s.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central HOODIES
SCENE 3: Jessie Colter & Angelo Marconi and dildos
Angelo Marconi and Jessie Colter are making out in the shadows. Angelo’s hands squeeze Jessie’s nipples while each of Jessie’s hands is strokes a different hard cock. They toss their sole garment — a hoodie — aside. Now they are naked … and surrounded by dildos. Like the prince looking for the foot that fits the glass slipper, Jessie and Angelo test the toys. Is this one too short? Is this one fat enough? One by one they try the array of toys, taking time to suck each other’s cocks. Jessie uses a purple one on Angelo; Angelo steadies an especially fat one while Jessie works his buns around it, his wide shoulders and muscular back arching and twisting to accommodate the silicone plug in his hole. Finally they kneel side-by-side. Their thighs are spread wide, their sweaty torsos heaving and buns clenching and sliding over the dildo that’s the perfect fit, that will bring them to a spattering climax.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central HOODIES
SCENE 4: Race Cooper fucks Brian Bonds
Two men in hooded sweatshirts pass each other in the dark of night. They turn and make eye contact. Hoods come off. Race Cooper, one of the men, grabs the other, Brian Bonds, by the throat and slams him into a wall. His intentions are carnal and that’s just fine by Brian, who is eager to run his tongue down Race’s torso and feel it shuddering along the hard ridges of his chocolate abs. Race yanks Brian’s pants off and uses the drawstring from his hoodie to harness Brian’s balls. Then he feeds Brian his cock. When Brian gags, Race spits in his mouth to lube it, then resumes the face-fucking. Finally Race turns his attention to Brian’s ass, delivering a two-position pounding that makes Brian’s cinctured balls swell with the need to release their jism. Race spits on Brian’s cock, which is the signal for both of them to grab their cocks and spend their loads.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central HOODIES
SCENE 5: Brian Bonds sucks Race Cooper’s cock
Sometimes a guy just needs someone to suck his cock and get him off quick. Race Cooper’s cock is dripping long strands of saliva and pre-cum thanks to the mouth of Brian Bonds, who is kneeling before Race’s awesomely muscular physique. Race’s hand on Brian’s neck guides his sucking and forces that huge, black cock deeper into Brian’s throat. When Brian’s jaws need a break, he licks Race’s nutsack, cradling the balls in his tongue. Race shudders and moans, squeezing a huge load of cum onto Brian’s face and mouth.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central HOODIES
SCENE 6: Alessio Romero fucks Shane Frost
Alessio Romero’s striped hoodie might be mistaken for prison garb. Maybe it’s that vaguely threatening aspect that draws Shane Frost. The usually preppy Shane sports several days’ growth of beard and looks pretty streetwise. They grab the front of each other’s hoodies and lock lips. The boner tenting Shane’s pants looks like the handle of a hammer, inciting Alessio to help himself, grabbing a handful of cock and balls to stuff in his mouth. Shane is eager to reciprocate, and he obeys Alessio’s command of “all the way down” until he foams at the mouth and his nose runs. When he’s giddy from oxygen deprivation, Alessio pushes him onto a table, spreads his legs apart and dives into his ass tongue-first. It’s so good, it needs to be fucked, so Alessio pummels his way to Shane’s hot core, not stopping until he’s basted Shane’s balls with cum.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central HOODIES
SCENE 7: Sound fucking with Alessio Romero & Shane Frost
Alessio Romero leads Shane Frost to a table where an array of sounding rods is laid out. Alessio squeezes a puddle of lube onto a tray, twirls the end of a surgical steel sound in it and demonstrates for Shane how to fuck your own cock. Shane watches while jacking off, then he decides to try it. Getting naked with a buddy and playing with your dicks is something most guys have done since their teens, but this is the grad-school version. Shane timidly inserts a couple of inches, then goes for more lube and tries again from a different angle. This time he gets about half the rod inserted. Alessio grabs a fatter sound and slides it in while Shane strokes Alessio’s cock to help ease the insertion. For finishers, they grab their cocks and stroke out a couple of loads upon the ground.

Raging Stallion Fetish Force Fisting Central HOODIES
SCENE 8: Leo Fortes fist-fucks Draven Torres
Wearing a cream-colored hoodie that matches his socks, Draven Torres bows and kneels on one knee in front of Leo Fortes. Leo wears a hoodie too; it conceals the top half of his face but it’s open down the front to reveal a hairy chest. He steps forward and slips the hoodie off Draven’s shoulders. Draven is naked underneath. Grabbing a crimson cord, Leo fashions an elaborate rope harness that girdles Draven’s waist, wraps around his cock and balls and encircles his chest and neck. Passing one end of the cord through a ring hanging from the ceiling, Leo hoists Draven into the air. Leo suspends him horizontally with his legs stretched apart, giving himself full access to Draven’s hole, which he licks, fingers and fucks with relish. Unable to do anything except swing back and forth, Draven is reduced to moaning and wishing he could touch himself — a pleasure Leo denies him as he pulls his cock out and drenches Draven’s hairy hole with cream.


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