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Studio: Titan Media / Titan Rough
Directed by: Tony Buff and Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Leo Alarcon
Tony Buff
Adam Knox
Alessio Romero
Sean Stavos
Tibor Wolfe

SCENE 1: Leo Alarcon and Tony Buff
SCENE 2: Adam Knox and Sean Stavos
SCENE 3: Tibor Wolfe with Alessio Romero

Spit drips from your chin. Your chest glistens with piss. The hair on your forearm is slick with lube. Face it: You love Filthy Fuckers. So do co-directors Tony Buff and Paul Wilde, who have assembled a nasty crew of hung studs for the latest in TitanMen’s ROUGH line. Get messy as Buff leads a cast of experienced fetish players—including studio exclusives Leo Alarcon and Tibor Wolfe—in a trio of sloppy scenes that never let up.
   A romantic kiss escalates into an aggressive outing for alpha top Tony Buff and a mesmerized Leo Alarcon—who gets tied up and stuffed, including a double penetration with Buff’s own realistic dildo.
   Verbal Sean Stavos gets as good as he gives in a piss-soaked flip fuck with smooth stud Adam Knox, who also takes a dildo up his hungry hole.
   Bursting from their jockstraps, hairy tattoo hunks Tibor Wolfe and Alessio Romero kiss, suck, piss, fuck, dildo and fist their way through a mind-blowing encounter.

SCENE 1: Leo Alarcon and Tony Buff
Muscular Tony Buff cradles dark and handsome Leo Alarcon’s head as they kiss. Tony licks Leo’s pit and rubs his hairy chest as Leo’s boner grazes the aggressor’s stomach. The two stare into each other’s eyes, Tony soon punching Leo’s chest. Under Tony’s spell, Leo happily submits to the red ropes that soon tie his hands behind his back. Now on his knees, Leo looks up as Tony unleashes his massive meat. The submissive stud dives down to show off his deep throat, his aggressive display forcing a smile from Tony—who whips his cock on Leo’s face, holding on to the sucker’s head as he plows his mouth. As spit strands form, the veins on Leo’s forehead and neck burst as he opens wide. Tony spits on Leo, who gags and gasps for breath as a spit wad clings to his chin. Tony brings in his own replica dildo, forcing Leo to suck both cocks before tying up the bottom’s legs. Tony feasts on Leo’s hole before sliding his dick inside—forcing Leo to suck the dildo as he fucks him faster. The top takes turns fucking Leo (now on his back) with the dildo and his cock before shoving both inside for a hot DP that gets the bottom moaning. Leo shoots— hitting his own nipple—before Tony rubs the load onto the dildo: “Ride your own cum for me!” As the bottom bounces, Tony squirts and leans in for a kiss to end the heated pairing.

SCENE 2: Adam Knox and Sean Stavos
Dark-haired Sean Stavos has had enough kissing: “Suck that cock!” he demands to smooth and tattooed Adam Knox, a boy-next-door with a high-and-tight haircut. As Sean feeds his big dick to Adam, spit drips down the sucker’s chin. He gets wetter as the verbal Sean pisses on his chest before feeding him again (“Swallow my cock!”). As the eager sucker works Sean’s dick into a slick mess, his own boner throbs. Adam eats Sean before sucking him some more, his face getting a dick whip. Now bending Adam over a leather box, Sean grinds his rock-hard shaft on his bud’s smooth hole. His hot tongue stretched from his sultry lips, Sean eats Adam before fucking him. With his own boner splayed out on the edge of the box, Adam gets a deep ramming. “Squeeze my cock!” demands the top, who turns Adam on his back for more and pulls him up for a kiss. Sean soon mounts the box and grinds his hole on Adam’s slippery dick—then sits down on it. The two prove they’re experts in both positions, taking turns doing the work in a fast fuck where Adam’s cock disappears. A stunning shot captures Sean’s hard shaft bouncing up and down off Adam’s stomach as the top rams him from below. Sean squirts on Adam’s chest, then strokes his bud while fucking him with a dildo. Adam’s abs tighten as the two stare at each other—leading to another sweet load that soaks him even more, a kiss fading us to black.

SCENE 3: Tibor Wolfe with Alessio Romero
Horned after watching Adam and Sean, bearded and tattooed Alessio Romero stares at tall and tattooed Tibor Wolfe. Their boners bursting from their leather jockstraps, the two soon trade deep sucks that leave Tibor’s sac dripping with spit. The two have a clear connection, their animalistic display heating up the screen. They take turns pissing and spitting on each other—including a filthy sequence with Tibor pissing into Alessio’s open mouth, bending down for a piss-transferring kiss and then spitting it back down on his bud. Now soaked, Alessio’s tan, hairy body glistens. The two continue their messy play as Alessio’s breathless moans fill the dark room. Soon in a sling, Tibor shows off his boner as he gets finger-fucked before a grunting Alessio plows his rod deep inside. Tibor releases a huge load of piss, firing it up into both of their mouths—an amazing visual caught from a few angles. Alessio then fucks Tibor with a few massive dildos, grinding them inside as the excited bottom squirts—then pisses on his stuffed hole as excited voyeur Tony Buff watches, unleashing a huge load of piss. Not satisfied, Tibor sits on Alessio’s arm, bouncing up and down as his butt muscles clench. Soon lying down, Tibor gets treated to a back-and-forth fisting session with both of Alessio’s arms—which get deep penetration, causing the top’s forearm hair to get wet and clingy. Tibor shows off his rosy red hole before two more loads and a kiss— where their stubbly chins graze against each other—leave us wanting more.

Bonus Features:
Tony Buff and Paul Wilde lead entertaining and informative interviews with the cast, stressing trust, intimacy and communication. Trailers and looks at TitanMen Tools and Lube are included.


*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***


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  1. Dany

    Leo must try more double penetration, gangbang, fisting, he could have two dicks in his ass and then one of the tops introduce a dildo between the dicks, to have 3 sticks in his ass, VERY HOT!!!