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Studio: Titan Media / Titan Rough
Directed by: Tony Buff and Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Chase Alters
Peter Axel
Tony Buff
Clay Donovan
Colin Steele
Chris Yosef

Like it Rough? Titan Media continues its dedication to being First in Fetish with its new hardcore line called Rough, shot documentary style with real life fetish players. Co-directed by TitanMen exclusive Tony Buff and the GAYVN award-winning Paul Wilde, Fist and Piss is guaranteed to enthrall the experienced and capture the curious. Buff leads these passionate players on an unforgettably extreme ride soaked in spit, piss, lube and cum—a wet and wild romp that will expand your limits.
   After Tony Buff marks his territory by pissing all over the bound Chris Yosef, the alpha male shoves his huge dick down his captive’s throat—then fingers, fucks and fists his way through the bottom’s hungry hole, highlighted by an amazing suspension bondage fisting sequence and a filthy final soak.
   Buff returns with buds Chase Alters, Peter Axel and Clay Donovan to unleash a torrent of piss in a tub—and on Colin Steele. The five muscular studs take turns sucking, fucking and soaking each other, and a mesmerizing gas mask sequence brings Alters to his knees, gasping for air as he gets drowned in piss.

SCENE 1: Tony Buff with Chris Yosef
With their cocks bursting out of their jockstraps, Tony Buff and Chris Yosef show off their boots and brawn in the opening shots. On his knees with his hands bound behind him, the goateed Yosef opens wide for a steady stream of piss from Buff, who also gets a taste of his own load. The tan top’s huge cock soaks his boy’s hairy chest before finding its way into Yosef’s eager mouth. With spit dripping from his chin, the grunting Yosef repeatedly deep-throats his master. Buff smiles and whips his cock on Yosef’s face, spitting down on him as he issues more orders. Buff then positions Yosef atop a leather block to feast on the bottom’s smooth hole, his own stiff slab throbbing by itself as he eats.
   After warming up Yosef’s ass with a deep fuck, Buff lubes up his hands as the bottom fingers himself. The two look into each other’s eyes as Buff starts to slide his hand inside, getting steadily deeper and faster. Buff sucks on Yosef while fisting him, then gets the bottom to pucker his rosebud for a stream of piss before fisting him some more. Buff then ties Yosef up with tight rope, creating a human sling that hangs from the ceiling. The suspension bondage sequence includes more fisting and fucking by Buff, who varies his rhythm from slow and steady to fast and furious. Yosef sways on and off Buff’s dick or hand (“Fucking punch that ass!”), grunting loader with each thrust as a great aerial shot captures the action. Once free, Yosef pees on Buff before the top takes control again, pulling on the bottom’s sac as he fucks him. Buff squirts on Yosef and licks his cum up before the bottom squirts—followed by an unforgettable finish with Buff literally drenching Yosef, a massive stream of piss surprising both men.

SCENE 2: Tony Buff with Chase Alters, Peter Axel, Clay Donovan and Colin Steele
As this wet orgy opens, tall and handsome Colin Steele sits in a tub waiting for a golden shower from his jockstrap-clad friends. Tony Buff is joined by beefy Peter Axel and two muscular, smooth-headed studs: tanned piggy Chase Alters and light-skinned Clay Donovan. They all pee into the tub, with Donovan catching some of Buff’s piss in his mouth before spitting it on Steele—who then pisses on himself. The five then open wide, sucking and rimming each other. Axel shows off his deep throat on Buff, who busies himself with Steele’s stiff rod. The two then switch as Steele plants his lips on Buff’s pubes, getting the top to smile and bend down for a kiss. Buff then grabs hold of Steele’s balls, pulling on them as he aggressively whips their hard cocks against each other. Donovan then deep throats Buff as all five men continue to rub and tongue each other.
   Buff then balances himself on the tub, sucking Steele as his cock and hole are double-tongued by Alters and Donovan. Steele then takes his turn atop the tub, his deep voice getting louder as Buff fucks him. Axel pounds Donovan before the two switch positions, and soon Alters wants Buff inside him. That leads to an arresting sequence: Steele pisses on Alters, who slides into a sit-down position on Buff. The bottom stays stiff as he bounces, his bod and cock getting worked over by Buff and Steele. Buff squirts his spooge on the versatile Alters, who then tops Steele. As the moaning Axel fucks the stiff Donovan again, Buff returns to soak them with piss.
   An interlude has Alters on his knees, his head in a gas mask attached to tubes and funnels soon filled with four streams of piss that soak his face and chest. “Nasty! Nice!” he smiles once free, soon bending over to get fucked by Axel and Donovan. The finale explodes with cum-and-piss fireworks, including some huge yet gloriously controlled piss streams from Axel and Buff that fly high into the air before showering over the men.

Tony Buff sits down for two informative interviews, one with Chris Yosef and one with co-director Paul Wilde. Also included are a look at TitanMen tools and lube.


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