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Hot House Club Inferno FISTICUFFS Billy Cochran Rik Jammer Christophe Keller Cutler X Mario Ortiz Nick Savage

Studio: Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
Directed by: Wolfgang Bang
Year of Production / Release: 2004
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Billy Cochran
Cutler X
Rik Jammer
Christophe Keller
Mario Ortiz
Nick Savage

After the wild success of the HandPacked Trilogy, Director Wolfgang Bang returns to Club Inferno with Fisticuffs. Starring Rik Jammer and Billy Cochran, Fisticuffs scorches the screen with action so aggressive and so outrageous, it just might lead to some bad behavior! These muscled-up bad boys were cast for their slamming bodies, enormous dicks, and holes that know no limits. So grab a copy today of the latest wild ride from Club Inferno and settle down for some unbelievable thrills that’ll leave you pumped up and ready for action!

Hot House Entertainment Club Inferno FISTICUFFS
SCENE 1: Mario Ortiz fists and fucks Nick Savage

Horse-cocked Mario Ortiz sits at a bar waiting for the last patron to leave so he can have a chance with the bartender (Nick Savage). Nick wastes no time after closing and comes around the bar to make out with the waiting top man. He climbs up on a bar stool and sticks out his big round musclebutt framed by a white jock. Mario gingerly opens up his hole with a dildo on a stick. First he slides it in Nick’s ass, then he sticks the buttjuice-covered toy in his mouth for cleaning.
   Next, he pulls out his big trophy dick and bends Savage over the bar stool for some afterhours ass-pumping. But even Mario’s big nine-incher isn’t enough for this butch stud. He rolls over and presents his hole for some deep dildo action, first with a fat black dong then an oversized buttplug. Finally, Mario gloves up and pops his grease-covered hand right into the sloppy hole. As Mario explores his insides, Nick pulls his throbbing cock out from the jock and begins to jack. Mario continues grinding away and watches as Nick’s muscles begin to seize up, spraying a load on his stomach. Mario follows right behind, dumping his seed on the barstool.

Hot House Entertainment Club Inferno FISTICUFFS
SCENE 2: Rik Jammer and Billy Cochran flip-fist

Rik Jammer walks into his office on a Saturday and finds Billy Cochran there catching up on some work. Billy’s wearing a tie and dress shirt and Rik insists that he looks way to formal for a Saturday. As he tries to unloosen his tie, Billy protests that he’s straight – but Rik promises to help him move up the ladder if he’ll just kiss him. Cochran begins to relax a little and the two start to make out. After some initial cock-sucking, Billy rolls back on the desk and readies himself.
   Jammer coats his hands with grease and works away at the virgin hole until his hand disappears inside. Billy takes the hand like a pro, easily accommodating the left-right punching. Rik pulls up onto the desk next and throws his legs back for Billy to get into. The two continue fisting each other as the Saturday wears on until Billy finally shoots his load.

Hot House Entertainment Club Inferno FISTICUFFS
SCENE 3: Mario Ortiz fucks then Dildo Fucks (with Baseball Bat) then fists Billy Cochran

After screwing around with his boss, Billy just can’t seem to get enough up his hole. He shows up next cruising in an alley and holding a baseball bat. He propositions Mario Ortiz and promptly bends over to get screwed in the graffiti-covered backstreet. Mario mounts him from behind and fucks him down with his giant uncut cock, drilling the muscled butthole without mercy. Next, Billy climbs up on the garbage container and offers his hole up for some deep drilling with the baseball bat he brought.
   Mario slides the greased-up bat in his hole and begins to pump, watching in disbelief as the butt lips pull in and out with every thrust. Billy is anxious to relive the deep fisting scene from the office and gets Mario to oblige. Ortiz aims for his tonsils as he drives his straightened arm up the studs’ hot canal. The action has Mario beating his meat furiously and when he gets ready to pop, he orders Cochran onto his knees and splatters his hot jizz on his chest.

Hot House Entertainment Club Inferno FISTICUFFS
SCENE 4: Cutler X (top; anal & fist) Rik Jammer (bottom; anal and fist), Christophe Keller (top; fist), Nick Savage (top; fist / bottom; fist / self-fisting)

Rik Jammer returns in scene 4 and drops to his knees to service the unbelievable mammoth black dick of Cutter X. This has to be one of the biggest cocks in the business but Jammer, true to his name, manages to get every last inch of it jammed in his mouth. With his nose in the stud’s black bush, Jammer’s eyes begin to water – and his hole begins to twitch. Cutter moves behind him and begins to tease his ass with the monster meat. Rik’s hungry hole opens up immediately and devours the 11-incher to the balls. Cutter pulls the cock all the way out of his ass and slams it back in repeatedly.
   Christophe Keller shows up and makes out with Jammer as he continues to get pummeled. Next, Jammer rolls back and lets Keller put his hand in him while he feasts on Cutter’s giant cock. The two studs continue to stuff Jammer from both ends, occasionally leaning over to suck his throbbing cock. Nick Savage shows up and adds yet another hot muscle-butt to the mix. Christophe moves over to the newcomer and drops his hand in with no resistance, just one big slopped-up wet hole. The two bottoms lay back side-by-side as their respective owners take charge of their holes. The filthy action continues as Christophe sprays Rik down with a hot stream of piss.


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