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Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production: 2006
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Alex Baresi [Alex Corsi]
Tober Brandt
Damien Crosse
Derek Da Silva
Brendan Davies
Darius Falke
Joe G.
Lee Hayford [Lee Heyford]
Vin Nolan
Patrick O’Connor [Toby O’Connor]
Francois Sagat
Steve Trevor
Diesel Washington

SCENE 1 – Snared!: Patrick O’Connor gets kidnapped by Vin Nolan, Steve Trevor and dogboy Derek da Silva
SCENE 2 – Serving the Masters: Alex Baresi services Diesel Washington, and Brendan Davies dominates Lee Heyford
SCENE 3 – Sex Slave: Patrick O’Connor at the hands of Vin Nolan, Steve Trevor, and Derek da Silva
SCENE 4 – Serving the Masters, continued: Alex Baresi and Lee Heyford topped by Diesel Washington and Brendan Davies
SCENE 5 – The Lair: Darius Falke, RJ, and Damien Crosse serve Francois Sagat
SCENE 6 – Sex Slave, continued: Vin Nolan, Brendan Davies and Derek da Silva discipline Patrick O’Connor
SCENE 7 – Serving the Masters, continued: Diesel Washington fists Alex Baresi; Brendan Davies plugs a dildo up Lee Heyford, Alex and Lee fist each other
SCENE 8 – The Lair, continued: Francois fucks RJ in a sling, and RJ, Darius and Damien gang-bang Francois’ muscular ass
SCENE 9 – Servants piss play: Alex Baresi and Tober Brandt get into some raunchy piss and assplay, while Darius Falke observes
SCENE 10 – Dogboy discipline: Steve Trevor manhandles Derek da Silva, with Vin Nolan’s help. Rope work by N. Loquillo
SCENE 11 – Sucking it up: Tober Brandt digs deep in Alex Baresi’s ass
SCENE 12 – Flogged by a Master: Joe G. gives Patrick O’Connor the whipping of his life, and Steve Trevor wields some massive toys

This truly lives up to the title. It is fascinating, repulsive and may even be arousing for some.
NOTE: watersports, whipping and fisting scenes are in the director’s expanded edit, available only from Titan Media.


“Filthy? Check. Depraved? Uh-huh. Brutal? Yup. Outrageous? You bet! This is director Brian Mills’ envelope-pushing ode to a street synonymous with leathermen sex in San Francisco, and this tribute does that legacy proud. Folsom Filth is a fetish masterwork made with extraordinary skill, a flick that is unapologetic and completely hard-edged, not a soft touch to be found.”

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