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Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tony Buff
Dean Flynn
Gio Forte
Adam Knox
JR Matthews
Will Parker
Ryan Russell
Tyler Saint

SCENE 1: Tony Buff fucks Adam Knox
SCENE 2: Dean Flynn fucks JR Matthews
SCENE 3: Gio Forte force-feeds dick and fucks Will Parker
SCENE 4: Tyler Saint dildo-fucks and fucks Ryan Russell
SCENE 5: Dean Flynn pisses on and fucks JR Matthews

Are you man enough for the mission? Your assignment…to engage in some tactile outdoor maneuvers in Folsom Maneuvers, the latest from TitanMen’s award-winning line of co-branded Folsom films. The motto is “go hard or go home” for eight officers—led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews and Will Parker—who load their guns, take aim and let the bullets fly in some combustible cock combat. Folsom Maneuvers is calling…do you have what it takes? Taking a break from his outdoor duties, tattooed grunt Adam Knox starts to stroke his weapon—and gets more than he bargained for when voyeur Tony Buff takes command.
   While out for a run Dean Flynn and JR Matthews continue to sweat after a rest becomes raunchy as JR turns into a dirty dog on all fours.
After leaving his post to take a piss, guard Will Parker gets more than a mouthful of piss and cock from angry superior Gio Forte. Tyler Saint gets distracted by Ryan Russell’s cargo of illicit dildos, turning their routine task into a scorching secret assignment that ends in a steaming golden shower..
   Finally, Dean Flynn has some unfinished business with JR Matthews, tying him to a tree for more disciplinary measures.

(NOTE: Watersports and bondage only on DVD director’s expanded edit and on Blu-ray™, both available at Blu-ray™ allows the option of viewing either the director’s expanded edit or the retail edit of Folsom Maneuvers.)

SCENE 1: Tony Buff fucks Adam Knox
Unaware that he’s being watched in the woods, officer Adam Knox takes a break from his menial task and whips out his stiff slab. He starts to stroke, bringing a smile to gun-toting voyeur Tony Buff—who creeps up behind his buddy and fires down a spit bomb. The wad is a welcome distraction; Knox turns around and is greeted by Buff’s huge shaft standing at attention. Knox goes in for the kill, diving down for a deep suck that has his own dick throbbing in excitement. Buff heats things up by spitting down on his pleaser, whose expert attention gets the aggressive hunk breathing harder. Buff returns the favor, engulfing his fellow officer’s cock and balls.
   Buff feeds Knox again, grabbing him by the dog tags and pulling him closer to soak him in cum. After Knox lets out a load, Buff marks his territory by pissing all over his eager-to-please underling, soaking his shirt and face.
   After wrestling each other to the ground, Buff takes command again by bending his dirty buddy over the trench for an ass-eating session. The alpha dog dives his tongue inside, warming up Knox’s hole for a fuck. “Take that fucking cock!” yells Buff as he slides in and out, rubbing the bottom’s body as he plows away. After turning over for more, Knox sits his sweet ass down on Buff’s missile and soon fires off his own huge stream of spooge—which is gloriously suspended in the air before falling to the ground. Buff then squirts on Knox’s chest before the two fall down and embrace in a romantic closing shot.

SCENE 2: Dean Flynn fucks JR Matthews
As tight shorts cling to their muscular asses, shirtless officers Dean Flynn and JR Matthews jog through the woods during a break from battle. When they reach a clearing and stop for a rest, Matthews can’t contain his impulses, dropping down to slurp on Flynn’s already twitching dick. With the threat of being sent back to basic training, Matthews wraps his expert lips around his comrade’s shaft, reaching up to rub Flynn’s chiseled body. The two then kiss before Matthews bends over, offering his smooth hole for some tongue and finger fucking—and a steady stream of piss.
   After dousing Matthews, Flynn starts a steady fuck from behind that gets faster along the way. “Back up on it!” commands Flynn—whose defined muscles tighten up as his toned body is captured in amazing side shots. Dean crouches down for a faster doggie-style fuck that ends with a load on the bottom’s back. Matthews then fires off an impressive load that lands all over his muscular body (and beyond!) before collapsing into Flynn’s arms in another amorous ending.

SCENE 3: Gio Forte force-feeds dick and fucks Will Parker
While guarding an entry gate in the woods, officer Will Parker can’t control his urge to piss, heading near the woods to relieve himself. Before he gets a chance, the angry voice of commander Gio Forte shocks Parker into submission: “You’re worthless, Parker!” shouts the beefy mound of tan and hairy muscle. Sickened by his soldier’s carelessness, Forte handcuffs Parker and ties him to a tree, forcing him to piss into a canteen—a huge stream unleashed from his big cock, a true vision surrounded by beautiful bushy pubes and a sizable, low-hanging sack. Not finished with his lesson, Forte pours all of the piss back onto his captive’s mouth and body—then unties Parker for a face fuck that has him gasping for air. Forte spits down on his cock, whipping it onto the submissive soldier’s mouth as spit dangles down. Forte then fires off a big load, drenching Parker’s chest and dog tags in an unforgettable shot. The superior then positions Parker on the roadside hill, his dog tags clanging together as he pounds Will from behind. The bottom’s big bicep bulges as he braces himself on a tree, his cock getting harder with each thrust. Will then sits down on the top, getting his balls and shaft to frantically bounce as he rides. Will soon coats Gio’s hairy stomach with jizz, followed by a super-sized squirt from Gio that drenches his own face and chest—one of many Hall of Fame loads captured in the feature.

SCENE 4: Tyler Saint dildo-fucks and fucks Ryan Russell
On a mission to retrieve cargo in the woods, Ryan Russell follows his superior’s orders and heads out to investigate the drop-off spot. But Tyler Saint is more concerned with another package, rubbing his boot against Russell’s ass. Already on his knees, the officer turns around and plants his face in Saint’s groin. The muscle stud whips out his mammoth meat, his boner bursting out of his brown military-issue boxers. Russell opens wide and gorges himself—and what follows is one of the most memorable oral scenes ever shot, a lengthy masterpiece; the clearly excited Russell can’t get enough of Tyler’s body, devouring his cock as he rubs the stud’s pecs (their hands clasped at one point in a gorgeous shot). Russell is a cock-hungry man on a mission, his insatiable appetite making for an unforgettable scene; he excitedly feasts on Saint’s balls and cock, teases the shaft, sniffs the groin and barely comes up for air, constantly whipping his tongue out as he begs for more. It brings out the best in the already stellar Saint, who gets equally excited—spitting down on his own dick and whipping in on Russell’s face.
   The two work themselves into a frenzy that continues with ass eating—Saint drives his tongue inside moaning Russell’s hole, then lets out some piss before firing his first round of spooge. Now suspended from the air in a paratrooper harness, Russell gets deep-fucked by a few dildos—a warm-up for the real prize, Saint’s big boner. The top delivers a hot and fast fuck, eventually swaying Russell on and off his cock and altering the tempo. Two more loads follow, and Russell grabs on to his bud’s body as Saint lets out another round of piss to end the spirited scene.

SCENE 5: Dean Flynn pisses on and fucks JR Matthews
Realizing he never got to feast on JR Matthews’ impressive meat, Dean Flynn leads him to another spot in the woods and issues an order: “enjoy”. After tying Matthews to a tree, Flynn drops down and gets to work, deep-throating his broad-shouldered bud. The slow and steady suck is highlighted by copious strands of shiny spit that form almost instantly, connecting Flynn’s lips to Matthews’ meat. As the strands dangle and drip, Flynn looks up at Matthews and rubs his muscular body. He stands up for a kiss, and the two soon unleash simultaneous streams of piss on each other. Flynn then orders Matthews to the ground, tying the bottom’s hands to a stake for another round of fucking. “Just relax,” whispers Flynn, who slides in and out with a sultry rhythm that leads to two more squirts—including a doozy from Matthews that lands on his face and over his shoulder, a lasting image that ends the unforgettable action.

A feature takes a look at the danger behind the scenes, and includes interviews and photoshoot footage (for the latest behind-the-scenes action, check out Also included are a trailer, cumshot compilation and a look at TitanMen Tools and Lube.


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