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Fred Bisonnes / Dennis Forbes ADVOCATE MEN LIVE 1

Studio: Advocate Men
Directed by: Fred Bisonnes / Dennis Forbes
Year of Production / Release: 1986
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Christopher Benson
Tony Bravo
Tom Mann
Scott O’Hara
Jim Steele
Samuel Steward

“Advocate MEN Live! The Video Magazine”
1986; 60 Minutes
Conceived, directed & edited by Bisonnes
Videotaped by M.E.N. (Male Entertainment Network)
Featuring Advocate MEN cover models
Tom Mann, Jim Steele, “Sonny,” & Tony Bravo & Christopher Benson (duo)
in j.o. performances; an interview with friction-fiction hero Phil Andros;
plus the erotic art of Olaf Odegaard, Donelan cartoons &
three Advocate MEN “Face Men”

This mixture of spoken and visual erotica, like the magazine that spawned it, is slick, sophisticated and sexy. An unseen man (Scott O’Hara in a cameo) opens his mailbox and takes out the new issue of Advocate Men, thus opening this video, while pulling on his meat. Centerfold men Sonny (rugged, handsome, hairy as hell, an obvious popular star), Tom Mann (blond, skinny and smooth) and here-mustached Jim Steele (in a hot tub) come to life and jack off in unusually intimate sessions, interspersed with photos of them posing in magazine stills. Unfortunately, Sonny and Jim’s solos are dead-pan boring, though Tom is interesting and erotic while talking to the viewer and stroking off! Christopher Bensen and Tony Bravo make safe sex sizzle in a series that includes assplay, finger-fucking and masturbating in the shower. Also included are such features from the magazine as Face Men, Donelan cartoons, a series of stills with Dan Man (live outdoors), Chuck Kirkwood and Albert Wyss, and erotic poetry and prose accompanied by music. The art of Olaf Odegard is presented with a brief history, including his beginnings in the late 1970’s. Of special interest is an interview with pioneering gay writer Phil Andros (a.k.a. Samuel Steward, a Chicago English professor turned tattooist/artist Phil Andros) and his images of the cock, buttocks, asshole, anal intercourse, erotica for magazines, and “friction fiction.” A great idea a little overdone with too many images, less than perfect editing and cutesy narration that is either all together fascinating or all together sappy. A direct-to-video “electronic magazine” conceived and directed by Fred Bisones. A Malibu Sales release from Advocate Men and produced in cooperation with the Male Entertainment Network. 1986, 60 min. No Condoms

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