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Jake Reed
JP Dubois FreshSX REAL COUPLES FUCK Issac Jones
Jake Reed
JP Dubois

Studio: FreshSX
Directed by: Andy O’Neil
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: Great Britain

Kriss Aston
Sam Barclay
Chad Cole
Luke Desmond
JP Dubois
Will Helm
Issac Jones
Jake Reed

All Scenes available for viewing online at FRESH SX

We filmed some of porn’s hottest real life couples and filmed them fucking on camera. They know each other better than anyone else so come behind closed doors and see what goes on in their bedroom when the lights go out!

SCENE 1: Issac Jones and Jake Reed
Interviewing Issac and Jake they explain that they have been together for 3 years and they met on the internet and are getting married next year. They like to have fun in bed and Issac says Jake’s worst habit is he is too messy! They start their scene making out in the shower kissing and sucking each other’s hard cocks. Jake bends over and Issac rims his ass nice and deep before starting to fuck his lover with real passion. As Jake is pressed up against the shower glass we get to see Issac’s huge cock deep inside and Jake’s hard cock bouncing against the glass. Moving to the bed Issac fucks Jake doggy style before pinning him down on the bed and thrusting even deeper inside him. As Jake moans, Issac pounds his fiancée even harder. Issac lies down on the bed so Jake can sit on top of his thick, meaty cock. The couple lay back jacking their hard cocks with Issac cuming first shooting huge loads of warm jizz over his sixpack. Jake follows up with an equally impressive cum shot oozing hot creamy white stuff down his ripped abs.

SCENE 2: Luke Desmond and Chad Cole
In their interviews they explain that Luke is 20 and Chad is 19 and they have been together for 18 months. They met on an internet dating site and they like getting into role-play scenes. The most exciting place they had sex was on a beach on holiday. The scene starts with the guys kissing in the kitchen. Luke is already rock hard and Chad takes it out and starts to deep throat all 9.5 inches kissing and licking Luke’s bulging balls at the same time. Chad lies on the bench and Luke starts rimming his tight ass before starting to fuck him with his monster cock. Luke’s cock is so big it barely fits at the start but as Chad gets more used to it Luke starts to fuck him harder and deeper. Moving onto the couch Chad lies face down and Luke really starts to pound him deeper. Chad groans as Luke’s cock hits just the right spots. They flip over and Luke shoots over Chad’s mouth and face. Luke then sucks off his boyfriend till he shoots in his mouth and we see all his creamy jizz oozing out of his mouth.

SCENE 3: JP Dubois and Sam Barclay
Interviewing JP and Sam they explain that they have been together a year and a half and they met on holiday. They like kinky stuff in the bedroom and the most exciting place they had sex was at a fetish weekend where they had sex on a balcony. They start the scene kissing on the bed, Sam getting out JP’s cock and sucking him off. JP sucks Sam before moving into a 69 so they can both suck each other off at the same time. Sam moves onto his back so JP can get his tongue deep in his ass, rimming him just the way he likes. They start to fuck first with Sam sitting on top of JP riding deep and hard. Sam turns round and as JP thrusts even harder they kiss passionately. Sam lies doggy style and JP balances himself on the headboard to fuck Sam from a great height. Sam groans and they move down and fuck in doggy position, Sam taking the full length of what JP has to give him. Sam flips over and JP fucks him till he shoots over his stomach. JP pulls out and adds to the sticky cream over Sam’s hot body before licking it up.

SCENE 4: Will Helm and Kriss Aston
Will and Kriss explain in their interview that they are from Paris and Will is active and Kriss is passive. They met one night at a party in Paris and they have been together for 1 year. They love working in porn although sometimes they say it can be difficult knowing your boyfriend it having sex with another guy! They start their scene kissing in the bedroom, Kriss running his hands over Will’s hot body and starting to suck him off. Will pulls Kriss’ hard deeper onto his cock. Kirss bends over and Will starts rimming his ass. Kriss bends over and Will fucks him doggy style, deep and hard. Kriss lies down and takes the full length of Will’s cock. Kriss puts on some handcuffs and a blindfold and Will fucks even harder before he pulls out and his cum explodes over his body. Kriss also shoots a great load over his chest.


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