William Higgins Uncut Czech Gay Porn Stars Men Fuck Men Radek Bednar Ivan Mraz

Studio: William Higgins Productions
Directed by: William Higgins & staff
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Radek Bednar
Ivan Mraz

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We paired Radek Bednar and Ivan Mraz for this duo. Both are very sexy guys so we were sure of a hot scene. They start off by kissing, with Ivan moving down to suck on a nipple too. Radek takes his shirt off as they kiss some more. Then Ivan’s tee-shirt is removed too, so both chests are now exposed as they grope each other. Ivan goes down on his knees and pushes his head into Radek’s groin. He opens Radek’s jeans and pulls them down, releasing a nice hard cock. Ivan takes hold of the cock and wanks it and then sucks it. His mouth wraps tight around the cock moving back and forth on it, as Radek’s hand guides the back of his head. Ivan licks on Radek’s balls too before standing to kiss him gain. Ivan also pulls his own cock out of his jeans and wanks both dicks. Radek takes hold of Ivan’s cock and wanks it. But Ivan isn’t finished sucking, so he drops to his knees again and works on that dick some more. Then Radek holds Ivan’s head and fucks his dick deep into that mouth. Then Ivan stands a pushes his jeans down with Radek dropping to his knees to suck. He licks up and down Ivan’s shaft and takes the head into his mouth to suck it. He sucks Ivan’s cock a while and then bends him over, sliding his rock hard cock into that hot hole. Ivan’s dick is rock hard too as his ass gets filled. Radek fucks that ass nice and deep. Ivan reaches back and takes hold of Radek’s hand as his hole gets a good workout. Then Ivan lays down on his shoulders, legs up over his head so that Radek can fuck him some more. Radek slides his dick in and out of that eager ass as Ivan wanks himself. Then they move to missionary position with Ivan continuing to wank himself. Radek’s cock is sliding nice and deep into Ivan’s hole as Ivan speeds up his wanking, until his cum squirts out of his throbbing cock. Then Radek pulls out of Ivan’s ass and shoots his cum too. He leans forward to kiss Ivan again to end a very good scene.


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