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Studio: Titan Media
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Ethan Anders
Alex Baresi
Tony Buff
Derek Da Silva
Dean Flynn
Bjoern Giger
Eric Moreau
Francois Sagat
Rocky Torrez
Josh West

SCENE 1: Dean Flynn fucks The Acrobat (Eric Moreau)
SCENE 2: Tony Buff inserts butt-plugs in latex wrestlers Derek da Silva, Rocky Torrez and Josh West, later…
   • Josh West fucks Rocky Torrez while Tony Buff fucks Derek da Silva and then Rocky Torrez
   • Tony Buff gut slugs Derek da Silva
SCENE 3: Alex Baresi dildo-fucks then fucks Bjoern Giger
SCENE 4: Eduardo fucks François Sagat who then both fuck Ethan Anders

Run time: 3:25:00

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the carnival, TitanMen lifts the curtain on another unique fantasy. Starring 11 built studs in nearly 3 hours of footage, Funhouse raises the bar again following the groundbreaking, award-winning Carny and its incendiary follow up, Cirque Noir. Two friends stumble on a dark carnival and can’t resist temptation as they’re beckoned onto a funhouse ride, where scenes of masculine aggression and beauty unfold. Led by TitanMen exclusives Alex Baresi, Tony Buff, Eduardo, Dean Flynn and François Sagat, Funhouse is a dark yet colorful trip you don’t want to miss. Hop on and ride it…hard!
   The first stop finds Dean Flynn engaging in impressive balancing acts with a chiseled acrobat, whose flexibility while bottoming will leave you speechless (don’t try this at home, folks!).
   Tony Buff referees masked wrestlers Derek da Silva, Josh West and Rocky Torrez though tight latex combat. After two rounds of squirts, Derek gets bound in mid-air as a human punching bag in Tony’s “Slug-O-Rama”.
   Draped in black and red latex, Alex Baresi and Bjoern Giger have a wet suck¬and-fuck session. After Bjoern gets pounded, he returns for a second round of punishment from a dildo—and Alex’s fist.
   Riders Ethan Anders and Eduardo wake up with their mysterious, masked host—François Sagat. Featuring two rounds of squirts and bottoming from François and Ethan, it’s a finale you won’t soon forget.

SCENE 1: Dean Flynn with The Acrobat
As friends Eduardo (a TitanMen exclusive) and Ethan Anders stumble upon a dark and mysterious carnival, they are beckoned into a funhouse ride by a muscular masked man. The first stop brings them to an unforgettable show that starts with TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn engaging in impressive gymnastic poses with a taut, chiseled acrobat. Wearing nothing but latex briefs, the two put on a stunning display that serves as a testament to the beauty of the male form. The briefs come off and Dean gets his hard shaft sucked on by his posing
partner, whose own rock hard meat throbs on its own—leaking a huge stream of glistening pre-cum, one of many standout images in the scene. After 69ing, the two let go of their first loads before the acrobat props up his ass up for Dean’s hungry tongue. As Dean laps up the smooth hole, the acrobat stays stiff and strokes his meat in a gorgeous shot.
Dean starts to grind his dick on his partner’s ass, then slips inside for a steady doggie-style fuck that gets the bottom moaning. The two move to a sit-down position that shows off the stunning contours of the acrobat’s back. The limber bottom turns around to show off his toned chest as he smoothly rides Dean’s cock, staying stiff as he bounces up and down. Dean wraps his muscular arms around the bottom in a passionate display, and the two soon hit the floor for another sit-down shot where the acrobat remains rock hard. The fuck culminates with an amazing position where the flexible bottom stretches his legs side-to-side in a split position, continuing to ride Dean. The two let out their loads again and kiss to end a sultry scene.

SCENE 2: Tony Buff with Derek da Silva, Rocky Torrez and Josh West
Things go from romantic to aggressive on the second stop. Even more macho in his Mohawk hair, alpha top (and TitanMen exclusive) Tony Buff—his muscular bod and huge cock squeezed into a tight uniform—referees three wrestlers decked in tight latex singlets and masks. Beefy hunks Josh West, Rocky Torrez and Derek da Silva takes turns grappling with each other, with the loser of each bout having their ass unzipped as Buff plugs their holes with big dildos. Josh is the first to unleash his mammoth balls and cock, stroking his thick slab. When Rocky pins Derek and finds the loser’s buried butt toy, the action hits overdrive. Buff unleashes his monster cock from his tight latex pants for Derek to deep throat, the huge meat disappearing in Derek’s masked mouth. The masks come off and all the cocks come out, with Josh and Rocky taking turns fucking Derek’s face as Tony strokes. The three fire off their loads, and Derek licks up his own juice off the mat and Josh’s boot.
The four then begin hot side-by-side fucks: Tony pounds Derek from behind while Josh slams Rocky, the two bottoms facing each other as the tops grab onto their singlets and pound like crazy. The bottoms then switch to a 69 position, pleasing each other as they get fucked (with Derek moaning like mad). The tops then switch partners for more frantic fucking, smiling at each other above the action. Derek then sits all the down on Tony, whose huge shaft disappears in the bottom’s hungry hole. Derek and Josh fire off their juice, and Tony lets out a big wad—but he isn’t done fucking, soon filling Rocky’s hole to get the bottom off. The two grunt and smile at the end of this fabulous foursome.
All three return for an aggressive interlude that has Derek bound and suspended in mid-air for Tony’s “Slug-O-Rama”, a hard ride that has the muscular sub getting punched by his three aggressors.

SCENE 3: TitanMen exclusive Alex Baresi with Bjoern Giger
As the voyeurs reach their third stop, beefy TitanMen exclusive muscle stud Alex Baresi and Bjoern Giger—both draped in red and black latex—waste no time getting down to business. Smooth Bjoern drops to his knees to feast on hairy Alex’s thick, hard slab and big balls, which burst out of his tight pants. Alex gets slurped up, a nice flow of spit dripping down his sac. He soon returns the favor as the tattooed Bjoern spits down a few wads while he’s getting serviced—with Alex reaching up to grab his bud’s nipple. Bjoern is excited every second, moaning non-stop as his tongue frequently lashes out in ecstasy.
After a brief interlude that has Alex pissing into Bjoern’s mouth (and all over his body), Alex buries his beard into his bud’s ass, spreading those muscle cheeks before fucking him. Bjoern then gets on his back, grunting as Alex holds up the bottom’s legs and pounds away—spitting down on their cocks as he thrusts. After the two squirt, Bjoern offers his ass for more probing. Alex starts with some licking and fingering before fucking Bjoern with a big dildo, warming up the bottom’s ass for a hot fisting session that finds Alex’s muscular, hairy forearm twisting and grinding its way deep inside. The scene ends with Alex releasing a huge load before the two kiss.

SCENE 4: Eduardo and François Sagat with Ethan Anders
In the finale, carnival goers Eduardo and Ethan wake up in latex jockstraps as their masked host watches over them, jacking his huge, thick, uncut meat—a piece that belongs to none other than superstar TitanMen exclusive François Sagat. Beefy Ethan takes turns pleasing both cocks, and François soon takes his mask off to suck and eat Ethan. The chain is highlighted by Ethan’s enthusiastic oral skills on Eduardo, whose cock drowns in spit—causing the two studs to flash their gorgeous smiles at each other. Ethan shows off his skilled tongue, and clearly loves what he’s doing. The three then let go of their loads on the All-American jock sucker, who can’t stop smiling.
The three then kiss before François—now slurping on Ethan’s meat—offers up his hole for Eduardo’s cock. The versatile stud then takes turns with Eduardo fucking Ethan’s muscle hole, showing off a versatility that has made him one of the industry’s most popular talents. The action heats up, and Ethan shows off his impressively hard boner as he gets pounded by both men (and Eduardo bounces
his boner from side to side as he watches François fuck Ethan). Eduardo then jumps in again to fuck Ethan—who reaches up to grab the top’s hairy chest before Eduardo feeds the bottom his fingers. It’s a heated fuck that causes François’s cock to throb on its own in excitement, and soon they all dump their cum on Ethan, kissing to end yet another unique vision from the industry’s leading studio.

Included is a behind-the-scenes look at the film including Dean Flynn and the acrobat in some gorgeous poses on a hanging ring (and some fluffing action), photo session footage, a watersports sequence between François Sagat and Ethan Anders, bonus footage of the acrobat showing off his skills, trailers and a cumshot compilation.

(NOTE: Fisting and watersports available on director’s expanded edit of DVD and on Blu-ray™, both available at Blu-ray™ includes both director’s expanded edit and retail edit of Funhouse.)


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