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Studio: AMG Brasil
Directed by: Dennis Bell
Year of Production / Release: 2006
Country of Production: Brasil / U.S.A.

Caio Carvalho
Carlos Carvalho
Yago Ferrari
Lucas Ramiro
Mauro Reis
Regis Rodrigues
Junior Ronaldo
Thiago Santos
Joe Ventura

OPENING SCENE: Carlos Carvalho, Caio Carvalho
SCENE 1: Junior Ronaldo and Regis Rodrigues flip-fuck
SCENE 2: Carlos Carvalho and Caio Carvalho top Mauro Reis
SCENE 3: Joe Ventura tops Yago Ferrari
SCENE 4: Lucas Ramiro tops Thiago Santos

Gêmeos is the word for “Twins” in Portuguese and this title stars twins Caio & Carlos Carvalho in 2 hours of hardcore, man-on-man action!
   An old surf board washes ashore on the Brazilian coast, bringing with it a secret sexual power. The native beach boys who discover it are unable to control their sexual appetites. Watch these bronzed Gods transform from innocent playmates into sex maniacs.

When a mysterious surfboard washes up on a beach near Rio de Janeiro, nine Brazilian men will find that something drastic has changed inside of them. As each man comes in contact with the board, they are struck with a sudden, insatiable need for male on male action. Is it a magic surfboard that triggered their desire, or has the Brazilian sun turned up the heat on their libidos?

Junior, a slight Brazilian boy, stands under a hard stream of water in an outdoor shower. Water cascades down his dark brown washboard abs dripping off his long, semi-erect dick. In the distance a red surfboard stands up right, stuck firmly in the sand. A surfer with sun bleached hair (Regis Rodrigues) approaches the shower. He drops a bunch of bananas and hones in on a more life-like phallus. The strangers exchange blowjobs bucking their hips wildly at each other’s expectant faces. Eventually Regis is laid down for the first time ever. Regis contorts his face as the brown pole bludgeons his tight hole. Not to be out done, Regis turns the tables and shows Junior the true meaning of dominance. The scene closes with the boys, inches apart, shooting streams of cum at one another.

Down at the ocean’s edge, identical twins Caio and Carlos Carvalho take a break from intense foreplay. The milky brown brothers have just simulated full on incest through a thin pane of glass. Caio and Carlos truly give new meaning to the phrase brotherly love. They grab the surfboard, which has suspiciously appeared next to them and head for a more secluded venue. Once there, they find Mauro Reis scantly clad and anxious for dick. The twins deliver–double time. First they fuck his face–one and then the other. Then they move to his asshole, fucking him hard in succession. Caio reaches across the boy’s back while Mauro sucks his dick and spreads his cheeks so that his brother might slide inside the boy’s fervent hole. Mauro smiles as the twins glide in and out of him. Finally, they satisfy his carnal lust, shooting two heavy loads across his grinning face.

Yago Ferrari, a twinky Latino, sits poolside catching sun and admiring a pint-sized Adonis showering on the other side of the pool. The boys’ eyes meet and before he can say a word, Joe Ventura has his donkey dick inside Yago’s mouth. The scene culminates in Yago riding Joe wildly as the sun beats down on their writhing bodies.

Lucas Ramiro and Thiago Santos playfully wrestle as the tide comes in. After repeated slaps on the ass and a slippery wrestling match, they make their way to the next destination. Following some heavy petting, Lucas takes Thiago deep into his watering mouth. He has a hunger for this man that he cannot deny. Thiago then pushes Lucas against the now-infamous surfboard and stuffs his dick in his throat. Passion takes over and before he knows it, the previously unwilling Lucas is taking Thiago’s meat like a pro. Thiago fucks him in every possible direction while Lucas cries out, half out of pain and half out of gratuitous pleasure. After an extended fuck fest, Thiago pulls out and the men immediately spray their loads.


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