Hot House Entertainment GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR Hot House Entertainment GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR

Studio: Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
Directed by: Steven Scarborough and Christian Owen
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Doug Acre
Josh Bangs
Andrew Fitch
Alexander Gustavo
Connor Kline
Lucas Knight
Connor Maguire
Armond Rizzo
Jimmy Roman

Hot young gym dudes tricked out in athletic wear take center stage in Get Your Ass In Gear! We’ve stripped away all distractions to focus on the fetish of chiseled hung hunks in jockstraps, shoulder pads, football helmets, knee pads, and protective cups getting it on like pros. These guys swallow hot cocks and fuck big bubble-butts like they’re going for the gold! Put on your favorite singlet, jockstrap, or whatever it takes to get you off and Get Your Ass In Gear!

Hot House Entertainment GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR Connor Maguire fucks Alexander Gustavo
SCENE 1: Connor Maguire fucks Alexander Gustavo
Alexander Gustavo slurps and gags his way to the win for ‘Wettest Deep Throat Blow Job’ on Connor Maguire’s rock-hard cock. The young athlete has obviously been training for quite some time and his hard work has paid off; this is the best blow job we’ve seen all season! Connor shows his appreciation by getting Alexander on all fours and burying his hot tongue in his buddy’s ass. The juicy rim job is all just foreplay for the main event: Connor mounts Alexander and fucks him hard! The towering ginger hunk pounds Alexander’s hole while the tanned trim bottom boy begs his teammate to ‘Stretch that ass out.’ Connor switches it up and kicks back with his giant tool in the air, inviting Alexander to hop on for a wild ride. Alexander bounces up and down on Connor’s dick and jacks off until he blows a hot load. Connor pulls out and pulls a wad out of his own thick dick, leaving both athletes sweaty, spent and ready to hit the showers.

Hot House Entertainment GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR Jimmy Roman fucks Armond Rizzo
SCENE 2: Jimmy Roman fucks Armond Rizzo
Co-captains Armand Rizzo and Jimmy Roman have a lot in common. They’re both chiseled, handsome and horny with great big juicy uncut cocks and firm bubble-butts. Their favorite thing about being on the football team happens after practice when they strip down to their jockstraps and shoulder pads and go one-on-one. Armand can’t resist sucking Jimmy’s rock hard cock, licking the shaft and balls like a pro. Jimmy spins Armand around and shoves his tongue deep in Armand’s tight end, getting his hole good and wet to receive his thick cock. Jimmy fucks the young jock like a maniac then pulls out and shoots his load all over Armand’s cock and balls. Armand pulls a load out of his own meaty dick and they hit the showers!

Hot House Entertainment GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR Andrew Fitch & Josh Bangs flip-fuck
SCENE 3: Andrew Fitch & Josh Bangs flip-fuck
Andrew Fitch and Josh Bangs take a time-out to work on each other’s hard cocks. Fitch goes down on Bangs’ extra-long dick then stands up so Bangs can bob his head on his teammate’s thick tool. Bangs goes for the gold, delivering one hell of a wet blow job, leaving a trail of spit dripping down Fitch’s giant baseball-size nuts. Unable to resist his buddy’s hot ass, Fitch turns Bangs around and shoves his cock deep in his hole. He pounds the kid like a jackhammer until Bangs wants his turn at bat. He and Fitch switch places and Bangs inserts his huge cock in the shortstop’s tight ass. Bangs pounds him hard then pulls out and leaves his load all over the young athlete’s ass. Still in need of release, Fitch kicks back and jacks a load out his own thick cock and it’s back to the dugout.

Hot House Entertainment GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR Doug Acre fucks Connor Kline
SCENE 4: Doug Acre fucks Connor Kline
Pumping iron makes Connor Kline’s dick hard. Tricked out in athletic gear and a jockstrap, the young stud does his curls with his raging hardon standing straight up in the air. Little does he know that his buddy Doug Acre is watching him from the shadows, stroking his own big fat cock. Doug approaches Connor and takes his big meat in his mouth. The muscular jock swallows Connor’s cock to the base then kicks back so Connor can worship his monster cock. Connor takes his time licking and sucking Doug’s cock until he can’t wait any longer; he needs that fat rod up his ass. Connor jumps up and lowers his giant bubble-butt down on Doug’s dick. He bounces up and down on his teammate’s cock then lies back so Doug can get in there and really pound his hole. Doug fucks a load out of Connor then pulls out and shoots a thick stream of cum straight up into the air.


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With extensive additional photography from every scene.

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