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Studio: Arena Entertainment
Directed by: Michael Zen
Year of Production / Release: 2006
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Kyle Adams [Kyle Aames]
Trent Atkins
Josh Carter
Adam Faust
Brocke Hart
John Marcus
Lee Walters
Park Wiley

After middle-aged stud Marcus rudely interviews charming crewcut Atkins about early erections and how he liked cumming, Atkins reaches over the table and plants a kiss on Marcus that Marcus will never forget.
   Then all of a sudden, a “Twilight Zone” voice says, “You are about to enter dreamland, where you will confront yourself and your sex drive,” and a caption reads, “Deep inside each of us lies a desire to watch ourselves engaging in the act of sex.”
   Then Atkins and Marcus are sitting far apart in a movie theater watching themselves onscreen in a semi-military scene. They then have sex in the audience simultaneously with having it onscreen. Onscreen hairy-chested Marcus fucks hairless-holed Atkins. They spray shiny loads on Atkins’ smooth stomach, but keep necking passionately, spitting into each other’s faces, romantically photographed like Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak in “Vertigo.”
   Cover models! Next, in the movie house, red-blond Faust and butch bottom Hart watch onscreen Faust in chaps give orders to nude cocksucker Hart, then shove first a huge, inflexible, black dildo into him, then a huge, inflexible, hard, pink cock. Hart drops clots of wad just below his hairy belly. Faust adds to them.
   Almost girlishly beautiful, but Mack-truck-built Wiley watches Carter blow him onscreen, and lets him blow him in the audience while they watch Wiley rim and then ram Carter’s eager asshole onscreen, both spilling slimy seed on Carter’s cock and balls. Cater onscreen looks poignantly out at Carter in the audience.
   Both in cowboy hats, Walters gets right to his fantasy of squatting on Aames’ big fat cock on a theatre seat and riding up-and-down like a merry-go-round pony. Then Aames actually appears, ready to swap cocksucks right then and there. But it’s Walters who stays down longest, and who then gets Aames’ erection stuck in him for a brutal fucking over a theatre seat. Then Walters rides that rod again, slowly and happily, his own long dong waving and whirling. Yet he’s still sitting alone in the theatre dreaming as in fantasy he cums his own navel and gets his chest cummed.


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