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Pride Studios / Men Over 30 Matthew Rush Braxton Bond GOLD RUSH
Studio: Pride Studios / Men Over 30
Directed by: Pride Studios
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Braxton Bond
Matthew Rush

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This episode was filmed on his 37th birthday as Matthew Rush brings his handsome face, incredible body, and powerhouse cock in his scorching, toe curling, orgasm building debut. He is appearing with the answer to the lost gay Baldwin brother, oh so sexy Braxton Bond, who premiered last week. Neither can keep his hands off the other as they continue to kiss and explore their inked bods. “Fuck, that feels good” Matt groans, as he starts face-fucking Braxton. Braxton works his cock all the way to the hilt as he takes every inch of Matt’s extra thick meat. Matt holds Braxton steady as he starts to suck his cock deep. He slowly pumps Braxton’s cock down his throat before he decides he wants more attention on his own dick instead. Braxton is soon bent over as Matthew starts to shove his fat cock deep inside. “You like that cock”, Matt grunts “give me that fuckin’ sweet hole!” Matt is taking Braxton’s ass hard as he pounds into him. Braxton, who confessed he loves a guy who can toss him around, is getting just what he wants. These two fuck like animals as they grunt and groan, grinding against each other. It isn’t long before Matt’s pounding cock pushes Braxton over the edge, causing him to explode all over his smooth abs. Once Braxton is done cumming, Matt pulls out and pumps his own thick load all over Braxton’s cum-covered balls. Well it may be Matt’s birthday; but it looks like Braxton, and the rest of us got the better present! Now for that birthday spanking…

Pride Studios / Men Over 30 Matthew Rush Braxton Bond GOLD RUSH


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