NakedSword Originals GREASERS JJ Knight Trenton Ducati Kyler Ash Kory Houston Christian Taylor Trent Farris Marco Montgomery

Studio: NakedSword Originals
Directed by: mr. Pam
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Kyler Ash
Trenton Ducati
Trent Ferris
Kory Houston
JJ Knight
Marco Montgomery
Christian Taylor

The guys from the wrong side of the tracks, low-lifes, hustlers, that’s what society called them. But these hotrod driving, skintight leather wearing, punks with slicked back hair and piston pumpin’ cocks call themselves Greasers. When they aren’t working on cars they’re working on each other’s big dicks and greased up holes. Get ready for a wild ride as Trenton Ducati makes his NakedSword directorial debut in Greasers!

NakedSword Originals GREASERS
SCENE 1: Kyler Ash & Kory Houston flip-fuck with help from Trenton Ducati

Horned up grease monkeys Kyler Ash and Kory Houston are hitting the hooch hard and soon they turn their attention to each other’s hard cocks. Right in the middle of the throat-fucking, ass-pounding action the young greasers are joined by boss daddy Trenton Ducati who shows these punks the ins and outs of a hot flip-flop-fuck three way!

NakedSword Originals GREASERS
SCENE 2: JJ Knight fucks Christian Taylor

Falcon exclusive JJ Knight needs a little help in the homework department and Christian Taylor is more then happy to help – as long as he gets some of JJ’s grade-A cock. After demonstrating killer oral skills the Greaser takes the clean-cut tutor to task by jamming his 12 inch prick all the way up inside Taylor’s sweet open hole.

NakedSword Originals GREASERS
SCENE 3: Trent Ferris fucks Marco Montgomery

Trent Ferris suffers a severe beat down and decides to split so innocent Marco Montgomery decides to tag along. Marco wants to lick Trent’s wounds and his nice thick cock. The dirty garage floor becomes the perfect place for these two studs to take out their sexual frustrations on each other. Its not long before both Greasers are shooting ropes of hot jizz.

NakedSword Originals GREASERS
SCENE 4: Trenton Ducati & JJ Knight flip-fuck

It’s the clash of the bulls as superstars JJ Knight and Trenton Ducati go head-to-head in this flip-flop fucking, cum eating Greaser battle. These two horse hung studs try to outdo each other in a battle of sexual wits. Who will be the new Greaser leader and who will be left in the dust? All we know is you’ll be shooting some grease of your own when you take on the Greasers!


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