Studio: Falcon Studios / Mustang
Directed by: Steve Cruz & Leif Gobo
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Beaux Banner
Samuel Colt
Erik Grant
Drake Jaden
Nash Lawler
Chad Manning
Luke Riley
Alessio Romero
Zak Spears

SCENE 1: Zak Spears fucks Luke Riley
SCENE 2: Samuel Colt fucks Alessio Romero
SCENE 3: Beaux Banner services Erik Grant who fucks Chad Manning
SCENE 4: Nash Lawler fucks Drake Jaden


SCENE 1: Zak Spears fucks Luke Riley
Luke Riley is one eager beaver, anxious to get beyond the Green Door. But the doorman is not impressed. Zak Spears refuses him entry, but then quizzically changes his mind. The young man rushes in to show he’s indeed worthy enough to be there. He falls to his knees to suck Zak’s cock, feeding on the big man’s meat and earning praise for his efforts. And Zak wants his meal too. He chows down on Luke’s sausage and balls, then runs his tongue in, out and all around his pink sphincter. The tight puckered hole is screaming for more attention, so Zak fucks Luke from behind, driving his rod deep and hard inside. Luke then skewers himself onto Zak’s cock and bounces up and down the thick shaft; next he lays back to get screwed even more. The action comes to an explosive end with both men blasting wads of cum.

SCENE 2: Samuel Colt fucks Alessio Romero
Something heavy’s going down between Samuel Colt and Alessio Romero, making them tussle with each other. It’s pure sexual tension that has both men scuffling for domination. But the two studs look pretty well matched as they manhandle the other with fierce, bold moves. They’re rough, tough and confident as they slowly but surely make their lusty desires known. The excitement between them is palpable as they punch, kiss, grapple and grope each other. Alessio goes down on Samuel’s cock and quickly sucks it down his gullet. But Samuel turns out to be the more assertive and forceful competitor as he hungrily fellates, rims, then fucks Alessio into total sub

SCENE 3: Beaux Banner services Erik Grant who fucks Chad Manning
Stuck behind the bar, Erik Grant is forced to watch sex-starved doughboys Chad Manning and Beaux Banner making out like a pair of horny teenagers. But the envious barkeep is feeling so flustered that he’s ballsy enough to jump into the fray, making this a 3-man playdate they’ll long remember. As Chad and Beaux continue sucking face, Erik pulls Beaux’s trousers down and rims his hole. Then Beaux travels south onto Chad’s cock to nurse on it. Before long, both soldiers are doing double duty on Erik, sucking his knob, nibbling his tits, and slobbering manly kisses all over, their tongues wandering over every inch of his sinewy bod

SCENE 4: Nash Lawler fucks Drake Jaden
Loitering outside the Green Door, Drake Jaden looks dangerous, yet so appetizing. Nash Lawler is definitely interested; he knows the young man with all those piercings and tattoos, reeks of spirited adventure. They kiss and fall into each other’s arms. Then Nash gets down on his knees, pulls Drake’s romper stomper out and starts to suck it. The punk’s cock is big and long, but Nash manages to stuff his mouth full. They switch positions and Drake slurps Nash’s cock down his throat. Out of the blue, Nash starts having second thoughts about succumbing to this carnal entanglement like it’s a forbidden fruit and he tries to leave. Drake beckons him to follow him inside, beyond the Green Door and he does. Safe inside, Nash drapes himself over a chair so Drake can slide his tongue deep inside his manhole. Invigorated and feeling bold, Nash rams his dick up Drake’s ass and fucks him like a madman, grinding his dick in and out until they both climax and cum.



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