Raging Stallion Hairy Boyz Raging Stallion Hairy Boyz
Studio: Raging Stallion Compilation
Directed by: Various
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tag Adams
Shane Alexander
Ivan Andros
Jay Black / Jason Diaz
Eric Evans
Dirk Jager
Collin O’Neal
Pierro Sias

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Handpicked classic scenes from Roid Rage, STUDS, Centurion Muscle, Passport to Paradise, Lords of the Jungle, and Bedroom Eyes.

ROID RAGE: Piero Sias, Shane Alexander, and Huessein
In a room filled with bare light bulbs, steel, mud and timber we find our three heroes reflecting in each other’s mirror of masculinity. HUESSEIIN sits high above PIERO SIAS and SHANE ALEXANDER and considers which tasty piece to go for first. Piero is already on his back with his legs spread and his dick hard. Shane sits in the back corner with his hands in his jock. Huessein’s dick is rock hard as he climbs down to join Piero and with a kiss these three massive men collide in the middle of a spillage of male hormones. From ass-eating to fucking, these three studs climb and crawl all over each other fighting for more dick. Huessein brings enough top energy for ten bottoms and dishes it out first to Piero and then to Shane. Piero takes his turn at bat pounding Shane, pumping deep up inside Shane’s massive muscular body. With Huessein’s big cock providing the force, the action shifts constantly for every fuck position three people can find and ends with a climax of huge proportions.

Now we come to HUESSEIN, the dark, sultry newcomer exclusive from Istanbul whose beautifully fur-covered, gym-sculpted body is only matched by his deep, seductive bedroom eyes and perfect uncut cock. He is here, in jockstrap and boots, solo pleasuring himself in a scene so intimate that you feel like a peeping tom drawn in to watch each dirty detail. You will find yourself mesmerized by his almost supernatural sensuality as his hands explore each amazing inch. From his coconut shoulders to his great hairy chest and all the way round to the fuzzy mounds of his magnificent gravity-defying butt, this is the kind of man that you would sell your mother to Russians for. We dare you to keep your hand off your crotch while his image is on your screen.

PASSPORT TO PARADISE: Ivan Andros and Gerald
Ivan Andros tops Cadinot superstar Gerald in a two-part scene that features some of the most beautifully filmed cock sucking ever delivered on DVD! After a furious, throat-choking blow job which leaves Ivan’s 9 inch cock thick and throbbing, the two men get to the point. Ivan delivers a fuck so stunning that even the video crew had to stop to cool down. This is a fuck like only Raging Stallion can deliver, and Ivan’s sweaty, hairy pecs and GQ-gorgeous looks provide a classic image of the ideal top. This scene is one for the record books and will stand the test of time as one of the year’s finest erotic moments

LORDS OF THE JUNGLE: Collin O’Neal and Jay Black
“I smell barbeque!” says Jay Black as they emerge from a dense forest onto an empty field. “You are crazy,” replies Collin O’Neal. They have been searching for something to eat for almost an entire day. They found a few coconuts and bananas, but nothing else. Jay knows he is hallucinating, and the two trudge on, climbing a small mountain as they continue their search. After several more hours they end up on a point on a ridge overlooking a fertile valley. The beauty of the scene distracts them from their dire situation.
   Together they gaze out across the rugged landscape, slowly noticing each other. The scent of sex is in the air and their cocks both respond instantly. Collin quickly takes out his big dick and feeds it to Jay Black–it may not be barbeque, but it is probably the next best thing! Collin allows Jay to service him (wait until you see this footage!!!) before turning him over and fucking him silly. In what is probably one of the most dramatic fucks ever filmed for gay porn, these guys get into each other on a level rarely seen in adult movies. The fucking is astounding and the footage we present is some of the best that Raging Stallion has ever offered! And wait until you see the cum shots–could these be the best cum shots of the year!? We say yes, but you will have to decide for yourself!

STUDS: Eric Evans solo
In a stunning solo we have Eric Evans in his FINAL movie. That’s right, he has now retired from the industry. And what a shame! He never looked better, and we here at Raging Stallion are all thankful that we had the chance to work with Eric over the years. He is one of porn’s greatest performers!.

BEDROOM EYES – DINNER AT EIGHT: Dirk Jager and Tag Adams
You saw him on disc one–Dirk Jager, our new superstar discovery. We knew you would not settle for one scene with this stud, so we brought him back for another one, this time paired with superstar Tag Adams! Tag is one of our favorite guys–great looks, fabulous chest, fun smile, and an ass that can take a pounding! Tag is one of the greatest porn stars of all time (he was named GayVN Performer of the Year!) and who better to cast him with than the guy who we think will be the hottest new model of 2006?
   We found a great location for this shoot–a kitchen in an expensive apartment building. Nice new appliances, good lighting, etc…it’s the kind of place that should be on TV. Tag comes home from shopping and starts to put away the groceries. As he bends over the refrigerator, Dirk sneaks up behind him. You can guess where the plot goes from there! Tag is a serviceman, and he gives great service to Dirk. Dirk’s body looks like a million bucks, standing tall, muscles flexing (you must see his abs!!!). He lives for enjoyment–and Tag does his best to keep his stud happy! Tag is known for taking a good fuck, and Dirk delivers right on cue. There is something about sex in kitchens–whenever we have filmed there we really get great scenes! Remember that great Jack Ryan / Michael Soldier pairing in Terms of Endowment? Anyway, if you are a fan of muscular hairy boyz, this scene is right up your alley! Don’t miss it!



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