Raging Stallion HAIRY BOYZ 20 Raging Stallion HAIRY BOYZ 20

Studio: Raging Stallion Compilation
Directed by: Ben Leon, Chris Ward
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Aaron Action
Tag Adams
Brendan Austen
Steve Cruz
Jake Deckard
Collin O’Neal
Roman Ragazzi
Shane Rollins
Tony Serrano
Ricky Sinz
Scott Tanner

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Scenes handpicked by Chris Ward from the following Raging Stallion Studios Hit Movies: Gaydreams2, Plexus, Mirage, GRUNTS: The New Recruits, 4th Floor

GRUNTS: The New Recruits – Ricky Sinz and Roman Ragazzi
After a rough day of training and screaming at hopelessly inept recruits on the obstacle course, sergeants Ricky Sinz and Roman Ragazzi team up for a good game of hide the dick with Roman the happy recipient. Ricky demands an inspection of Roman’s hot bod, admiring his big muscles. Soon Roman is on his knees servicing his comrade. But Roman wants more and offers up his ass to Ricky, who obliges with an aggressive fuck on a pile of artillery shell boxes. Roman shoots with Ricky still inside followed by Ricky who spills seed all over Roman’s hairy chest. Ragazzi, who is one of Raging Stallion’s top stars, gives the finest performance of his career in what will surely be an award-nominated scene.

MIRAGE – Colin O’Neal and Steve Cruz
As they lie there Steve falls into a dream–a fantasy of a tropical beach with wind and water. (This scene was actually shot in Hawaii just for this movie!) As the cool sea breezes caress his body, his dreams bring him a naked Jake! The ocean swells smash into the rocks, covering them both with spray. They go down on each other, only mildly surprised when Collin O’Neal joins them on the rock. A riveting three-way takes place, the blue ocean behind them, the polar opposite of the harsh reality of the desert. It’s a great scene–and Collin O’Neal’s dick never looked bigger!

THE 4TH FLOOR – Jake Deckard and Aaron Action
Jake Deckard emerges and finds Aaron Action grinding down a large metal structure. As Jake approaches from behind, Aaron puts down his tools, strips off his gloves and dives in for a kiss. Both of these men are hairy and muscular and the camera follows them as they attack each other with kisses. Aaron goes quickly for Jake’s hairy stomach and arms and strips him out of his clothes. As these two maul each other, their clothes drop away. In the shadows the men attack each other, worshiping hairy chests. Aaron pushes Jake into a corner and pulls his pants to his ankles to get access to his ass. They switch sides and Jake dives in to eat Aaron’s hole. When Jake turns around and his erection is in Aaron’s face, he swallows it. Jake is anxious to get some dick down his throat and he goes for it. After more cock sucking and more ass-eating, Jake lifts Aaron’s legs into the air and plunges in first with his tongue and then with his cock. Aaron’s hairy hole opens up and Jake thrusts inside. Jake takes his time and works up to pretty heavy fuck, turning Aaron on his side and hitting him from the front. When Jake lays back, Aaron climbs on top and takes control. Jake’s dick slips up and down into the hairy hole. Aaron shoots while riding on top of Jake and as he climbs off, Jake blows his load while they make out.

THE 4TH FLOOR – Steve Cruz and Scott Tanner
In what could be a game of cops and robbers, Steve Cruz is thrown against the wall and handcuffed. He is left alone for a minute in the corner when Scott Tanner returns to force him down on his dick. Steve loves the aggression and dives throat-first down onto Scott’s huge dick. Scott’s sunglasses catch the view perfectly as Steve swallows and spits on the length of Scott’s fat cock. When Scott drags him upstairs, Steve goes back down, swallowing Scott to the balls. Scott sits and lets Steve climb on top, forcing his butt open. Steve rides up and down, eagerly working the entire shaft. Steve then bends over for another round and Scott shoves in deep. With Steve’s dick rock hard Scott pounds away splitting Steve’s butt into pieces. For a final round, Steve lays on his back with his legs in the air and lets Scott use his hole. Steve cums while getting fucked and Scott climbs on top to blow all over Steve’s hairy chest.

GAYDREAMS 2 – Tag Adams, Brendan Austin and Shane Rollins
How better to start a sex vacation than a passionate fling with gorgeous pig boy Tag Adams? Like all the other scenes in this movie, the action takes place after dark, this time in a huge South of Market condo in a room filled with succulent moonlight. Amazingly filmed, Austen and Adams tear each other’s clothes off at a furious pace, revealing two of the hottest male bodies of all time. Austen’s smooth, ripped abs contrast starkly with Tag’s light pelt of pec fur. And when it comes to hot ass–these guys have what it takes! Oral service is followed by powerful fucking–for the fan of the male form, this scene will be an all-time favorite! But then, just as action reaches a crescendo, in saunters Shane Rollins. Our 2004 Man of the Year never looked better! This, his finest RSS performance, propels the scene to an even higher level as Austen and Rollins take turns powerfucking Tag’s puckered ass. Talk about an eager bottom! Tag takes it all and delivers one of the finest performances of his illustrious career. Could this scene win next year’s Best 3-Way Award? You Bet!

PLEXUS – Shane Rollins and Tony Serrano
Tony pounces on Shane Rollins, sucking and rimming him, then doggy-fucking him, Shane’s buttcheeks shaking as Tony pounds into him. Michael comes over, and Tony and Michael fuck Shane in a sling-like position, Shane holding himself aloft by chains hanging from the ceiling. Nice images as they fuck his hole and Shane’s big dick and balls flop around. Tony then sling-fucks Michael, fucking him as if it’s the last piece of ass he’ll ever get. – Butch Harris,



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