Raging Stallion HAIRY BOYZ Manuel DeBoxer Ricky Sinz Steve Cruz Raging Stallion HAIRY BOYZ Manuel DeBoxer Ricky Sinz Steve Cruz

Studio: Raging Stallion Compilation
Directed by: Ben Leon, Chris Ward, Tony Dimarco
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Bruno Bond
Steve Cruz
Manuel DeBoxer
Conner Habib
Tristan Jaxx
Angelo Marconi
Ricky Sinz
Junior Stellano
David Taylor

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REAR DELIVERIES: Ricky Sinz and Manuel DeBoxer
Working the night shift can be a drag unless you’re working with Manuel DeBoxer and Ricky Sinz. Ricky, distracted from filling orders, can’t keep his eyes or hands off his sexy co-worker Manuel. Ricky gropes Manuel’s ass and crotch; Manuel complies by dropping to his knees and giving Ricky a blowjob. He sucks Ricky’s hard cock like any good cock-worker would. He licks and sucks Ricky’s shaft with his hot mouth and pierced tongue. Ricky wants more than just a blowjob…he wants his tongue in Manuel’s beautiful, hairy ass. He bends Manuel over the workbench and eats out his sweet hole, getting it ready for his rock hard cock. He fucks Manuel hard, grabbing his hips for better thrusting. Ricky fucks him furiously then flips him onto his back so he can pound Manuel’s hole even deeper. Manuel moans in pleasure as Ricky’s cock pulsates in and out of his ass. The pace quickens and Manuel spews a huge load all over his perfectly formed, hairy chest. Ricky pulls out and adds to the load, spewing his cum all over Manuel’s stomach and chest. If your DVD arrives a bit sticky, it may not be from the adhesive tape.

FOCUS: Cole Streets, Conner Habib & Tristan Jaxx

MENACE: Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond
Real life boyfriends and Raging Stallion Exclusives Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond swap spit on top of a stack of stereo speakers that pump out a deep drum and bass track as they have sex for the first time, on film or off. Their deep kisses turn quickly to Steve trailing his spit into Bruno’s mouth before he dives in for another passionate kiss. Bruno plays with Steve’s ass as Steve savors Bruno’s armpit, inhaling his musky man-scent. Steve grinds his ass into Bruno’s crotch, wanting more. Bruno wants more too as he reaches to get Steve’s hard cock into his mouth. Steve arches forward, filling Bruno’s eager mouth with his manhood. Steve fucks Bruno’s face, thrusting his hips into his rough, bearded, stubbly face. Bruno sucks Steve’s cock with gusto, slurping every inch. It’s not long before Steve is straddling Bruno’s face so Bruno can get full access to Steve’s hot hairy ass and hole with his tongue. Bruno devours Steve’s hole as Steve sucks Bruno’s hard, stiff cock, the two engrossed in each other as they form a horny, hairy yin/yang. Steve gets Bruno all worked up with spit before he impales himself on Bruno’s throbbing cock. Steve rides Bruno, taking him deep inside his warm hole. Slowly, Steve’s grinding motion picks up to a thumping and bumping pace as he rides Bruno’s cock hard and deep. These two are so into each other it’s as if we are peeking into the private lives of the new power duo. Bruno then stands and fucks Steve’s hole; the hairs of Steve’s ass caress Bruno’s cock as it pounds in and out. The pace increases and, in a quick move, Bruno climbs on top and sits down on Steve’s throbbing cock. This power top instantly turns into a power bottom as he rides Steve’s hard cock with determination. After riding for a while, without breaking stride, Bruno climbs back down and resumes fucking Steve. The two switch back and forth with ease before Steve pounds Bruno to a fevered climax, spilling his sperm all over his hairy stomach. Bruno gets to his knees and takes Steve’s load all over his hairy, powerful chest. If this is the couple’s first time at sex, you can image them have amazing sex for years to come.

PORT OF ENTRY: David Taylor and Bruno Bond
In a small dank dusty office, rugged wharf boss Bruno Bond goes over the day’s receipts when in walks disgruntled longshoreman David Taylor. Six four with massive shoulders, David’s tattooed muscles contrast his striking good looks. He is a man who demands attention and when Bruno doesn’t deliver, David takes the situation into his own hands – sweeping the desk clean, grabbing his boss by his tie, demanding that Bruno takes notice. Shaken but resolute, Bruno keeps a cool even stare, waiting to see if David will pound him or kiss him. Pushing Bruno to his knees, David wordlessly decides to take what Bruno wouldn’t give. He wants to stop working on the dock and start working on some cock. Bruno sucks voraciously with David pulling the back of Bruno’s head, making a tight lip lock and before long, David’s balls demand Bruno’s attention as well. This muscle man came in for some good head and gets it. No longer discontented, David pulls Bruno up for a passionate kiss, then pushes him down into his chair for a chance at Bruno’s dick. This isn’t a disgruntled employee situation anymore; it’s a torrid office affair. They’ve come to a give-and-take compromise – with Bruno taking it first. Ditching the last of his suit, he works up David prick. David complies with his boss’s desire and bends him over the desk and giving his all to Bruno’s hairy hole. David grabs Bruno’s hips and rides his boss, pounding him hard and long. David then lies across the desk so that Bruno can sit on top of his big hard cock. Bruno rides his worker stud, then flips on his back until he unleashes his cum all over his hairy stomach. Then it’s David’s turn to unleash his pent up load all over his kneeling boss’s chin and chest – an explosive, tension-releasing ending to a week of hard labor at the Port of Entry.

THE VISITOR: Logan McCree, Angelo Marconi & Junior Stellano
Seeking out vibrations, Epoc (Logan McCree in a non-sexual role) combs the streets of the city, invisible to humans. He is pulled to the San Francisco’s Castro. As day turns to night, Epoc comes upon two guys outside a local bar. The two muscled men are heavily making out and as their lust builds, they decide to take it a step further in a side alley. The two hot studs, Angelo Marconi and Junior Stellano, enter the alley unnoticed…or so they think. They kiss passionately as their hormones rage, with Epoc studying their every move. Shirts come off revealing Angelo’s large, smooth chest and Junior’s hairy, Italian body. Their kissing evolves and soon Angelo is on his knees sucking Junior’s fat cock…insatiable for Junior’s man meat. Angelo sucks this stud’s cock, sending heat waves up Junior’s entire body. Junior moans in ecstasy, enjoying the sensation, but that’s not enough. Junior pushes Angelo to the wall in this tight alley and unleashes Angelo’s uncut beauty. Junior works Angelo’s cock, the heat building with no sign of subsiding. Angelo becomes the aggressor and pushes Junior back to the other side of the narrow alley, fucking Junior’s mouth. Junior continues to suck Angelo’s meat then turns him over for what he’s really after…Angelo’s hot smooth ass. Junior buries his face between Angelo’s ass cheeks and devours his hole, getting it worked up and ready for his engorged cock. Junior gets up and rubs his hard and ready cock against Angelo’s hot ass. Angelo grinds back in eager anticipation. Junior fumbles with a condom from his pocket, rolls it over his tool and, in no time, is deep inside the Latin stud’s tight hole. Angelo moans in pleasure as Junior fucks him against the brick wall. Junior fucks him deep and hard, fast and slow, and Angelo begs for more. Junior bends Angelo over a garbage can and continues his banging. Angelo takes it and only wants more. Junior turns Angelo onto his back and, with his legs lifted, enters him deeper. Junior picks up the pace and fucks Angelo till he cums all over his own sweaty, smooth stomach. Junior pulls out and releases his white spunk all over the Latin stud. Epoc, standing inches away, feels the intense vibration, almost cumming himself. The two men dress and hurry out. Angelo turns to look back at the alley. He sensed that he was being watched but no one was there…



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