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Titan Men HARD AND FAST 122478 117053 Leo Alarcon Adam Knox Spencer Reed Adam Russo Dante Sabel Shay Sean Stavos Titan Men HARD AND FAST Leo Alarcon Adam Knox Spencer Reed Adam Russo Dante Sabel Shay Sean Stavos

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Leo Alarcon
Adam Knox
Spencer Reed
Adam Russo
Dante Sabel
Sean Stavos

SCENE 1: Spencer Reed fucks Adam Knox
SCENE 2: Adam Russo and Dante Sabel flip-fuck
SCENE 3: Sean Stavos fucks Shay with Leo Alarcon assisting

How do you like it? The hot and hung studs of Titan have two rules: Hard and Fast. So hop on board and strap yourself in as TitanMen exclusive Leo Alarcon leads a team of trained professionals on a wild ride that will leave your head spinning—and your mouth begging for more.
   Driver Spencer Reed picks up stranger Adam Knox, leading to a heated outdoor encounter highlighted by an amazing sit-down fuck.
   Movers Adam Russo and Dante Sabel have time to kill. What better way to stay sweaty than with a heated flip fuck?
   Dark, handsome and hairy trio Leo Alarcon, Shay and Sean Stavos get connected in an unforgettably intense threesome that sparks off the screen.

SCENE 1: Spencer Reed fucks Adam Knox
Cruising in his pickup, Spencer Reed issues a command to stranger Adam Knox: “Get in.” At a secluded patio, their boners throb in the air. Muscular Spencer towers over the toned and tan Adam, pushing him against a post as they kiss. Adam feasts on Spencer’s juicy slab, soaking the stud’s knob and spitting on his own dick. Adam works up a wet mess as spit strands drip from his chin and Spencer’s cock. The alpha male fucks Adam’s mouth, slurp sounds filling the air. With wet pubes clinging to his shaft and balls, Spencer whips his meat on Adam’s face before sucking him back. A hot low shot looks up at Adam’s tight stomach and vein-bulging bicep as he gets serviced. The two squirt, kissing as their cocks grind. Adam bends over, his ass warmed up by Spencer’s tongue and fingers. The top slides his dick inside, his beefy bod plowing away. Spencer leans down for a kiss, shoving his meat all the way in and out as a great close-up captures Adam’s puckering hole. Then with his gorgeous cock hard as a rock, Adam sits down on Spencer in a stunning sit-down fuck. The bottom rides like a champ, sitting all the way down and grinding in an impressive display of strength and stamina, his own boner practically bursting. Adam gets on his back for another deep fuck before the two unload on each other again.

SCENE 2: Adam Russo and Dante Sabel flip-fuck
Movers Adam Russo and Dante Sabel have an hour to kill, which gives hairy Adam an idea. With his ass peaking out of his jeans, Dante moves in for a kiss. The shaved-headed Adam gets his cock worshipped, his big chest filling the screen. Adam gets hungry, unzipping Dante as the stud’s already-hard cock bursts out. The scruffy-chinned Adam deep throats Dante, his slab slick with spit. After snapping up Dante’s cock and licking his balls, Adam gets a face fuck as his own dick throbs. Dante sits down on Adam’s tongue, getting eaten as the two shoot their loads. The dark-skinned stud then sits down on Adam’s thick meat, jacking his own stiff slab as he bounces up and down. The two whisper to each other as they fuck (“You like riding my fuckin’ dick?”), the bottom’s cock bobbing on its own. The moaning Adam then gets on his back as the two switch positions, taking Dante’s dick deep as an overhead shot looks down on his beefy body. The bottom’s hairy muscle pecs quiver as he gets rammed, Dante’s balls slamming his hole. The top squirts, then licks Adam’s balls as the bottom comes and flashes a hot smile as the two kiss.

SCENE 3: Sean Stavos fucks Shay with Leo Alarcon assisting
As their toned and hairy chests soak up the sun, Leo Alarcon and bearded Shay kiss outside. Shay licks Leo’s pit, prompting a smile from the dark and handsome hunk. Their bristly chins graze as the kiss, the two wrapping their arms around each other. Leo works his way down Shay’s bod, planting his face on his bursting briefs. Leo soon wraps his lips around Shay’s shaft, smiling as he looks up. That turns on voyeur Sean Stavos, who shows off his super-stiff shaft as he watches—a hot profile shot capturing his pulsing meat as the two play in the background. Sean moves in and rubs his dick against Leo’s shoulder, the sucker now taking turns on the cocks as his feeders kiss above him. The three squirt, leaving Leo’s bod coated with cum. Shay gets on his back for an intense fuck from Sean, whose masculine moans heat up the scene. Leo massages the bottom’s chest, feeding him dick as Sean continues his sultry fuck. Shay smiles and stares into Sean’s eyes, pulling him down for a kiss as the three continue their passionate encounter. Leo then gets rammed from behind by Sean, who kisses Shay above the bottom. Leo’s hard red cock is splayed underneath his legs, his wet ass hairs shining. Shay’s boner throbs in Leo’s face, both of his holes soon stuffed. Sean then gets on his back and stays stiff as he gets fucked deep by Shay. The threesome’s chemistry explodes, including a huge Leo stream that flies across Sean’s hairy bod—and a gorgeous gusher from Shay that coats the bottom’s balls and drips down his ass.

Bonus Features:
Photoshoot footage includes some boner-bursting fluffing, while trailers, a cumshot compilation and a look at TitanMen Tools and Lube complete the bonus offerings.


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