Raging Stallion / Hard Friction ALL THE WAY Raging Stallion / Hard Friction ALL THE WAY

Studio: Raging Stallion / Hard Friction
Directed by: Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Morgan Black
Micah Brandt
Heath Jordan
Jason Michaels
Shay Michaels
Derek Parker
Spencer Reed
Logan [Logan Stevens]

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The men of Hard Friction go ‘All The Way’ with intense, rugged passion to every creamy climax in the latest release from Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. Horny studs are matched up with eager bottoms and filmed live before an online audience. The chemistry is real and the action is hot. These fit and furry, muscled and inked men turn their viewers on as they watch from the first passionate kiss to the hard-driving, ass-pounding explosive conclusion of scruffy faces covered in spunk. These eight sexy men want you to watch as they go ‘All The Way.’

SCENE 1: Derek Parker & Shay Michaels
Shay Michaels and Derek Parker are evenly matched. Both men are tawny and stacked with muscle, only Derek is covered in a storyboard of tattoos. They kiss with a masculine hunger and strength. Aggressive and playful, they take their passion all the way. Derek drops down at Shay’s feet and swallows Shay’s cock deep for a while, then Derek gets a hummer. Derek’s super stiff rod bounces on Shay’s tonsils as he groans like an animal, flexing his inked biceps and showing off his muscle pits. Shay lays Derek’s ass open sucking on his hole like a beef buffet. He slides his fat pole into Derek’s hole and humps him like a mad dog. Muscle on muscle they go at it until both men blow huge white loads.

SCENE 2: Morgan Black & Jason Michaels
Tan, furry boy Jason Michaels is very happy to be making out with the very sexy man Morgan Black. Morgan is happy about Jason’s hairy ass and can’t wait to get at it with his tongue and cock! He decides to make Jason work for it and lies back so the boy can service his big, curved cock. Jason works happily to make his Daddy’s cock rock hard and wet for his ass. Morgan then warms up the boy’s hole with his tongue as Jason loosens his hole with his fingers. Morgan pushes the boy down and fucks him from behind, making his bubble butt bounce in rhythm to his pounding. Then, he flips Jason over and pounds him some more as Jason looks up at him greedily with lust. Morgan pulls out to blast the boy in his face with a giant load with sets off Jason with his own electric explosion.

SCENE 3: Heath Jordan & Spencer Reed
Two bearded studs stand lip locked, giants of fur and muscle. Both are rock hard and way into each other. Heath goes down on Spencer, eager to gag on it. Spencer moans and writhes in pleasure. Soon they are both ’69’, Heath throat deep with Spencer’s engorged hog and taking a seat on his face. Spencer is all too happy licking that fuzzy pink hole. Spencer flips Heath on his back and stuffs him right! Looking deep into each other’s eyes, Heath gets a good pounding from his top daddy. Spencer is ready to plunge deep doggy style. Heath gets on his knees and takes it like a man before taking a white hot face load of sperm! Both men unload milky white cum shots and collapse in an embrace of their own man sweat and jizz.

SCENE 4: Logan Stevens & Micah Brandt
Bearded blond, pale Logan and smooth, brown Micah may look very opposite, but they both love sex and sucking cock. They take turns gagging on each other’s meat in a sloppy, spit drenched start to this non-stop romp of energetic man-sex. Micah gets so excited deep-throating Logan’s giant, uncut cock that he blows his first load. Micah rims Logan, then plays with his own hole before he rides Logan, who then rims his stretched-out hole before fucking another load out of Micah followed by his own hot blast.



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