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Raging Stallion HEAT OF THE MOMENT Andres de la Serna Andres Angelo Marconi Austin Wilde Pedro Andreas Petter Fill Sebastian Gola Raging Stallion HEAT OF THE MOMENT Andres de la Serna Andres Angelo Marconi Austin Wilde Pedro Andreas Petter Fill Sebastian Gola

Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Ben Leon
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Pedro Andreas
Andres De La Serna
Petter Fill
Sebastian Gola
Angelo Marconi
Austin Wilde

When Raging Stallion brings together a group of hot men sex is bound to happen. With a small cast of six each man is a star. In the beautiful South American sun these six studs, suck and fuck in wild abandon!

Pedro, Andres, Sebastian and Felipe are hanging out by the pool when the Austin Wilde and Angelo Marconi arrive. Austin strips and jumps into the pool and when he leaves the pool he’s not alone. Andres de la Serna follows Austin to the back of the house and gets onto his knees. Austin is beautiful and dark skinned with an amazing muscular body. As Andre sucks him off another pair arrive and then another. Soon all six men are sucking dick. Each man with a dick in his mouth or in his hand. This lineup is stunning with muscles and hard cock in every direction.

Pedro Andreas grabs Angelo and takes him pack by the pool for around of dick sucking and ass fucking. Angelo is thick and built and Pedro is a perfect match. These two kiss and fuck with passion as the afternoon begins.

Peter Fill takes a turn sucking and fucking with Pedro. Peter is big and bulky with wide shoulders and a fat uncut cock. Pedro clearly adores him, kissing passionately and fucking aggressively.

Andres de la Serna and Sebastian Gola find sometime alone on the porch. Sebastian is an impressive man, tight and mucsley. His fat dick dangles between his legs covered with foreskin. Sebastian gets on his knees and services Andres enthusiastically working the cock deep into his throat before it goes deep into his ass.

Austin and Angelo sneak off for a fuck in a nearby bedroom. These boys know each other well and get it on aggressively. The oral is just a quick warm up to the butt fucking. Austin fucks like a Raging Stallion pro, pushing deep and hard into Angelo.

Austin then meets up with Sebastian for a round of sucking and fucking. The two studs eat each other up. Sebastian again is on his knees and working Austin’s massive dick down his throat. Austin eats Sebastian’s ass before pushing his dick deep into him.

As Sebastian is getting fucked the other boys show up and a fuck fest begins. Each man has picked a partner and they go at it hard. Austin and Angelo are fucking on one end while Sebastian is getting fucked by Andres on the other side of the table. In between them Pedro and Peter are fucking hard and deep. The pairs watch each other as each man is fucking away. The bottoms watch as their buddies take it up the ass and the tops compete with hard fucks.


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