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Raging Stallion HE Raging Stallion HE

Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tony Buff
Samuel Colt
Bo Dean
Cavin Knight
Wilfried Knight
Angelo Marconi
Erik Rhodes
Damien Stone

SCENE 1: Erik Rhodes and Samuel Colt flip-fuck
SCENE 2: Damien Stone fucks Wilfried Knight
SCENE 3: Bo Dean fucks Angelo Marconi
SCENE 4: Tony Buff fucks Cavin Knight

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Packed with hard-driving, masculine sex, He’s Got a Big Package is about big-dicked warehouse stiffs, who give a different meaning to packing, unloading and delivering goods. This movie has choice fun moments that light the loads, and it’s busting at the seams with muscle, brawn and super-sized portions of groinage. These “big packages” need to be taken care of and the co-workers help each other out…in more ways than one. Bottom line, this is a hot movie that gets you off in a serious way— but never takes itself too seriously!

SCENE 1: Erik Rhodes and Samuel Colt flip-fuck
Studly Samuel Colt is working in the porn stock room preparing shipments, when big, beefy Erik Rhodes appears, bringing some boxes. Samuel says, “Damn, that’s a big package!” Erik puts down the boxes and says, “you have no idea.” But Samuel quickly finds out, as Erik opens up his jeans to reveal his huge “package.” Needing a break from his boring work, Samuel doesn’t think for a moment before he goes down on Erik gagging himself willingly with Erik’s tool for an all-star blow job that should go down in the record books. How could Erik not return the favor? He quickly gets on his knees – ass out – and services his work buddy. Erik wants more time with Samuel’s talented mouth and he mounts the table so Samuel can work his hole, burying his face deeply in Erik’s wide, round ass. Having tasted it well, Samuel wants to fuck it. Muscled man pounding into muscled man the grunt and groans grow louder as Samuel lays Erik’s back on the table and puts his leg in the air so he can really slam him deep. Turnabout is fair play, and Erik flips Samuel on his back and pounds him the same way, and Samuel wants more of the huge man deeper inside him stretching his hot hole. So turned on by the way Samuel took his huge tool, Erik sprays all over Samuel’s balls and crotch and Samuel burst a shot of cum.

SCENE 2: Damien Stone fucks Wilfried Knight
Damien Stone is unpacking XXX DVDs from some boxes and the covers turn him on so much, he needs to take a jerk off break. This perfectly bearded and furred stud lubes up his tool and strokes it well. Little does he know that his coworker, Wilfried Knight is watching from behind the shelving. It doesn’t take long before Wilfried wants in on the action and approaches, first making out with Damien, and then licking, sucking and swallowing the giant package that got him excited. After blowing the ripped stud, Wilfried wants to ride him, and Damien lies back on some boxes allowing Wilfried to sit his hairy ass down on Damien’s pole in reverse cowboy to receive every inch. Damien pushes up as Wilfried rides grunting and moaning, giving his hole freely to the hot stock man. Squatting down, Wilfried allows Damien to jolt his hard parcel in and out, until Damien takes full control standing up with Wilfried on his back. Damien’s hard body and stiff cock punish Wilfried’s receiving dock until he pushes out a huge load, which in turn, sends Damien over the edge to unloading all over Wilfried and the boxes.

SCENE 3: Bo Dean fucks Angelo Marconi
Inked maintenance man, Bo Dean, and warehouse manager, Angelo Marconi, can’t keep their hands off of each other, making out when the other workers aren’t around. Angelo loves gulping up Bo’s huge cock, lapping at it with his hungry mouth and taking it deep in his throat. Angelo can’t get enough cock and he takes it any way he can, allowing his saliva to coat the massive tool nearly gagging and looking up to be assured that he’s pleasing his employee. Angelo lifts his boot up on some boxes asking for that cock to fill another hole, and Bo takes his chance to give it to his boss, every last inch jabbing into Angelo’s tight, sweet hole. Bending over, Angelo wants more, and Bo grabs on to his hips and starts ramming. “Yeah, deeper!” moans Angelo, and Bo spreads those cheeks and drives his dick further. Up on the boxes, Angelo lies on his side to take that meat every way possibly and Bo delivers his package express style as far as he possible can, motivating Angelo to deliver a shipment of cum as Bo pulls out to cream Angelo’s perfectly round ass.

SCENE 4: Tony Buff fucks Cavin Knight
Tony Buff is working on some lights when Cavin Knight comes by to see if he can help. Asking Cavin to hand him his gloves, Tony exposes his thick, massive cock, while Cavin’s not looking. Cavin rises up with Tony’s gloves only to have a huge, stiff package staring him in the face. “Go for it!” urges Tony, and Cavin can’t resist gulping it down immediately. Sliding his throat around Tony’s tool, Cavin gets rock hard and Tony knows it’s time to give Cavin a rim job he will never forget, probing deep with his tongue, spitting on the tight hole and spreading it wide and ready for the package that Cavin is about to receive in his loading dock. Cavin’s jockstrap is framing his huge ass mounds and Tony wants to deliver bringing him down off the step ladder and having him hold on tight. Alternating between Cavin rocking back on Tony’s wide load and Tony driving it home, the two of them please each other totally. Laying back to let Cavin ride, Tony enjoys the tight hole wrapped around his cock until he wants to drive and he wrestles Cavin around to the floor on his back, spreads his legs and starts slamming with rhythmic strokes, spreading Cavin wider and wider until he unleashes a shower of cum on his chest and abs, and Tony shoots a bullets of cum that hit Cavin in the face.




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