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Bijou Video HEY TONY! WHATS THE STORY? Cory Monroe Jim Hunter Johnny Rahm Kevin Taylor Rick Bolton Sam Houston Steve Lipariti Steve Regis Tony Lattanzi

Studio: Bijou
Directed by: David Babbitt
Year of Production / Release: 1993
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Rick Bolton
Sam Houston
Jim Hunter
Tony Lattanzi
Steve Lipariti
Cory Monroe
Johnny Rahm
Steve Regis
Kevin Taylor

Non-Sexual Role:
Hilda Hagen

This provocative and moving biilsdungroman centers around Tony Lattanzi, his cast of neighbor friends, his brother, and his search for a comfortable sexual identity. Tony’s older brother, Sal, in what clearly is a tradition, sneaks into Tony’s room late at night for a little man-to-man sexplay.

Tony, in keeping with his proscribed role, “plays possum” (pretends to be asleep) as Sal rims the hairy, perfect ass of his little brother and then rolls him over to suck his long, pretty, thick member. Sal even tries to enroll Tony in his game, picking up Tony’s lifeless hand to try to get him to jack Sal’s cock, but true to form, Tony feigns sleep. Whacking Tony’s cock, Sal causes him to spurt gobs of his man cum before Sal offers his honey, which he dutifully cleans with Tony’s red bikini briefs. It is only after Sal leaves that Tony feels comfortable enough to open his eyes, and lie awake contemplating his experience. Tony gets together with his regular crew to play a game of strip poker, but shies away when the game becomes overheated and ass is on the line. Nonetheless, his three buddies continue, and when tall and studly Rick Bolton wins lean and defined Johnny Rahm’s plump cookies, Johnny obligingly plops his big bootie on the card table for Rick to rim. Johnny sucks muscular, tanned hunk Steve Lipariti, then rims him as Steve sucks Rick. In a very hot and versatile three-way, each gets to screw and be screwed as they all never stop touching, kissing, licking, rimming, and/or fucking one another. Director David Babbitt is at his best here as he offers us fabulous overhead shots as Steve kneels before his seated buddies and slurps from one bone to another before turning them around for similar rim and fingering action. Ricky and Johnny blow their second loads onto Steve’s face, giving him a cum facial as they bathe his pretty mug in their seed and massage it in.
   Meanwhile, Tony’s out, walking and meandering, contemplating the sudden revelation and enormity of all the male energy and humpy homo sex surrounding him. A discarded flier brushes his gym shoes, and it seems to contain the answer to his dilemma: phone sex. Later, lying in bed, he phones the number and jacks off to the expert ministrations of big-dicked Jim Hunter, who guides Tony into the netherworlds of his own desires. As ordered, Tony slaps his thick sausage against the receiver, plays with this puckering hole, and he even tries to autofellate as Jim so expertly does. Jim slips his juicy dong between his legs and in his hole and strokes and sucks himself in a hot, hot, hot solo. Tony cums a thick load, as does Jim, who shoots in his face, eats it, and licks it off his fingers. Tony seems to withdraw from the ground he’s covered; staring off into space, he quietly hangs up.
   Asleep at night in bed, he enters a shadowy land of fantasy, where in black limbo every door he opens reveals another sexual desire. Sam Houston, a tremendous black man with a huge pole, seductively urges Tony to join him a leather fantasy; another door opens on lean Cory Monroe slurping on redhead Kevin Taylor’s long cock in a jail cell. Tony enters this one, biker shorts down, to be fondled by the duo before he scampers away from their grasping, lascivious hands. Another door shows buxom Hilde Hagen, Tony’s former girlfriend, clad only in a leather bikini bottom, as she rubs her ample bosoms while looking in a mirror. They kiss, but Tony’s heart really isn’t in it, and when Same and the caged duo reappear to taunt him, he wanders about confusedly.
   Kevin bangs Cory’s exposed ass on a sawhorse before Cory and Kevin both vie for Sam’s schlong. Mr. Babbitt is at his best here as these three perform unfettered by an inhibitions or misgivings; they romp like they want it! Tony finds himself on the horse with Cory and Kevin holding his legs to give him a righteous screwing.
   Suddenly, Tony awakens to his brother ready to plunge into Tony’s tight hole, legs akimbo. This time, Tony speaks out against their nocturnal incestuous relationship, which hurts, humiliates, and offends his brother, who grumpily leaves. Tony is left to deal with the ambiguities of his situation and his feelings, and decided to call Jim again, this time just to talk. Thankfully, Jim is as nurturing as he is libidinous, and gets Tony to at least some resolution of his conflict. One month later, Tony reappears at the basketball court where Johnny is shooting hoops alone. Johnny admits to missing Tony, and questions whether the poker game overwhelmed him and caused their rift.
   Tony questions Johnny’s participation in the sex game, asking him if he likes that; Johnny draws out a significant distinction: “Do I like that or am I like that?”, which he wanders for himself with a resounding yes! Johnny invites Tony over to his house, and here is where Tony’s inner turmoil is finally breached. Reluctantly going, hanging back, dawdling, Tony joins Johnny in his bed, nude. Tony admits to his ignorance, and with suredness Johnny instructs the virginal hunk in the fine art of cocksucking.
   Tony sucks Johnny before they sixty-nine, and Johnny gets the pleasure of rimming Tony’s sluicy manhole. Both shoot huge loads and we get to see fantastic close-ups.
   Tony withdraws, shutting himself off from his experiences, but Johnny is not content to leave him there. Tony stares at himself in the mirror, and Johnny tenderly holds him and questions him about their lovemaking. Tony says he doesn’t know, and they kiss passionately. For realism alone, this video is a masterpiece; its poignancy is only surpassed by its immediacy and its superlative creative (photography/script/acting) values. Here’s hoping for a sequel.


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