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Studio: COLT Studio / Olympus
Directed by: Roland Dane
Country of Production: Hungary
Year of Production: 2006

Alex Chandler
Fredy Costa
Giovanni Floretto [Fred Fele]
Lucio Maverick
Mario McGabe [Mario McCabe]
Akos Piros
Danny Roddick
Julian Vincenzo
Matt Stefan

SCENE 1: Lucio Maverick fucks the cum out of Alex Chandler, Danny Roddick flip-fucks with Matt Stefan
SCENE 2: Fredy Costa tops Mario McGabe, who cums 3 times.
SCENE 3: Giovanni Floretto, Julian Vincenzo and Akos Piros gang-rape Alex Chandler
SCENE 4: Giovanni Floretto, Julian Vincenzo and Akos Piros gang-rape Danny Roddick

Roland Dane’s Gay Porn remake of Hostel may his best film to date. Alex Chandler is a true power-bottom in the first scene where Lucio Marerick literally fucks the cum out him. Mario McGabe cums 3-times with Fredy Costa pounding away in the night-club scene. The cast looks and performs great. The “Behind the Scenes” will be of interest for those who want to see a more candid look at Giovanni Floretto, Lucio Maverick and the rest of the cast. An excellent first release from Colt’s new Olympus line.


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  1. Michael

    I absolutely love the International Men/Boys/Guys of Pacific Sun, Csaba Borbely, Kristen Bjorn/sarava, Studio 2000, Bel Ami, etc., from Hungary, Italy, Russia, etc., : Lucious Lucio “The Maverick”, the Jewels of Julien Vincenzo, devastatingly beautiful Austin Rogers-Mouthwatering, Sergio Foster gives me a surge in my shorts, Fabulous Fabrice Felder, the Mangiatti twins towers of ooooziing sex erupting everywhere and making you wish you were there, Thom Barron-can steel my d**k/*ss/mouth anytime he wants, etc., etc., but Ted Colunga (I like the name Colunga because it fits his big ol’ d**k)/Fred Fele/Giovanni Floretti is probably my all time Fave… because it seems he just can’t get enough pleasure and he is one of the Best Looking Guys anywhere!