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Hot House Entertainment SURE THING Mark Anthony Kyle McKenna Kurt Stefano Sam Crockett Cliff Parker Hot House Entertainment SURE THING Mark Anthony Kyle McKenna Kurt Stefano Sam Crockett Cliff Parker Hot House Entertainment SURE THING Mark Anthony Kyle McKenna Kurt Stefano Sam Crockett Cliff Parker

Studio: Hot House Entertainment
Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Year of Production / Release: 1997
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Mark Anthony
Sam Crockett
Dax Kelly
Bruce Matthews
Akos Matyas
Kyle McKenna
Patrick O’Rourke
Cliff Parker
Shane Rockland
Kurt Stefano
Jim West

“Hot House cracks open the vault and releases a batch of true stories sent in by their loyal viewers. Introduced by host Sam Crockett, Sure Thing is a reenactment of five real-life experiences.
In our first episode, “Gone Fishin”, sent in by R.H. Arden from Des Moines, IA., mega-hunk Cliff Parker goes trawlin’ for a man and lands (and expertly stuffs) a trophy – flaxen haired Dax Kelly. Our own version of “On Golden Blond”!

M. Veddar of Hackensack, NJ, slipped us a little scenario of solicited sexual harassment that we call “Hard Day’s Work”. Supervisor Patrick O’Rourke is pushed to the brink by the high-jinx of office lackey Kyle McKenna and is forced to dole out a session of corporate punishment (most administered to Kyle’s perfect pooter).
   Getting “Caught in the Act” of jerking off seems to be a common theme – we chose a story involving roommates forwarded from Anonymous in Kamloops, B.C. Kurt Stefano has his salami slamming session interrupted by his roommate, newcomer Shane Rockland (the big and very endowed brother of the famed Vince and Hal), and Shane’s man of the moment, Bruce Mathews. When the trespassing Stefano is discovered cowering under the bed all hell breaks loose in a frenzied three-for-all of sucking, butt-munching and hole-hammering.
   In our fourth ditty, “A Hole Lotta’ Swellin’ Goin’ On”, narrator Sam relates one of his own experiences. Good samaritan Sam once went to the aid of an injured jogger only to find himself servicing more than a twisted ankle. The jogger, internationally renowned Kristen Bjorn model Akos Matayos, performs some awe inspiring anal acrobatics has he impales himself on Sam’s engorged man-meat.
   J. Senense from Padre Island, TX writes us about something that recently happened to him. Mr. Senense, portrayed by Jim West (Mr. Ever-ready), goes into a detailing shop for some quick body work and ends up getting his drive shaft professionally lubed and mounted by the sensational and fucking hot cover model Mark Anthony (from Bjorn’s The Anchor Hotel).
   Frantic mad-dog sex, slabs of sweaty, perfectly formed muscle, 11 throbbing cum-engorged cocks and 5 sizzling stories – all based on actual incidents. What are you waiting for? Put the Jergens in the microwave and shrink-wrap the remote: this is a Sure Thing.”

Hot House Entertainment SURE THING
SCENE 1: Cliff Parker fucks Dax Kelly
Cliff Parker is gone fishing … Hot House style! Blond boy-next-door Dax Kelly chases a dollar bill attached to a fishing line into Parker’s apartment, only to find Parker standing in the hallway with the real bait hanging between his legs! Kelly immediately goes down on Parker’s rock hard tool. Parker throws Kelly on the stairs to return the favor. Parker sits down on the stairs and Kelly climbs on in a reverse cowboy that spins Kelly’s cock helicopter-style with each thrust. Parker brings it home and they both explode all over Kelly’s tight stomach. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Hot House Entertainment SURE THING
SCENE 2: Patrick O’Rourke power-fucks Kyle Mckenna
Annoying co-worker Kyle McKenna gets taught a lesson by his well-hung office mate, Patrick O’Rourke. O’Rourke thrusts McKenna to his knees and shoves his growing rod deep into his mouth. McKenna hungrily takes the monster to the base. O’Rourke smacks McKenna’s fat white ass until it’s bright red, then shoves his tongue deep inside. Mckenna’s hole is ready for punishment, and O’Rourke throws him on his desk and power-fucks the hell out of him. Finally O’Rourke jacks his 10 incher off into McKenna’s face, covering him with cum.

Hot House Entertainment SURE THING
SCENE 3: Bruce Matthews & Shane Rockland fuck Kurt Stefano
Alone and horny, Kurt Stefano decides to invade his roommate’s porn collection. He immediately strips down and begins to stroke and hump the bed. He rolls over to blow his load and passes out. Awakened by the sound of his roommate and a buddy returning home, he hides under the bed. Bruce Matthews and Shane Rockland strip out of their clothes and begin to wrestle. Matthews discovers Stefano under the bed and thrusts him to suck Rockland’s huge uncut cock while he eats his ass. Rockland turns Stefano over and fucks his face with his gigantic meat while Matthews sucks Stefano’s cock and primes his ass. Matthews is first to fuck Stefano and all three blow their loads. Then Rockland takes over, fucking Stefano while he sucks Matthew cock. Rockland shoots another huge load!

Hot House Entertainment SURE THING
SCENE 4: Sam Crockett fucks Akos Matyas
Sam Crockett is enjoying the San Francisco Marina when Akos Matyas’s jogs by and twists his ankle. Crockett comes to his rescue, carrying him back to his apartment to administer a little TLC. Ma’Tya’s ankle is all but forgotten when Crockett gets his mouth wrapped around his patient’s long, thick cock. Crockett gives him sloppy, deep throat service, then stands up and shoves his own giant tool down Ma’Tya’s’ throat. Crockett really gives him what he needs when he fucks him deep and hard, his big balls slapping Matyas’ ass. They both moan and shoot hot loads.

[jwplayer mediaid=”62583″] SCENE 5: James West fucks Mark Anthony
James West is pissed when he’s told to wait for his car to be detailed by Serviceman Mark Anthony. West watches the muscled mechanic work on his car and begins working on his own huge tool. Anthony joins West in the waiting room and gets his face fucked, hungrily inhaling West’s massive cock. Stroking his uncut cock, Anthony offers his chiseled ass up to West, who fucks him with jackhammer speed, all over the garage. Anthony blows his load while West is deep in his ass, then West finally pulls out and shoots his own hot white cum all over Anthony’s gym-toned torso.


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