Studio: Cazzo Film Berlin
Directed by: Hans Peter Hagen
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: Germany

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With the gloves off — a road movie full of fast-paced chase scenes and perverse sex.

After ”ARTIFFIC ATTACKS” and ”DEVIANT DETOURS” cult-director Hans Peter Hagen lets us have it with his fifth film ”IMPRESSIVE IMPACTS” yet another harsh attack on the viewing habits of the hardboiled porn-watching audience.

At street intersections in Berlin not every car driver likes being annoyed by punks who first clean the drivers’ windshields and then hold out their hands expecting a donation. It’s tough luck for Zach who ends up encountering the aggressive boxer Asimo. Asimo kidnaps Zach, takes him to his gym and then punishes him with a brutal fuck while punching him around.

At first Zach’s friends are successful in finding the kidnapped punk, but they themselves soon become victims of whack perversities. First the gym boss interrupts his training on the punching bag to break up the boxers in the middle of a brutal group fist fuck. What follows is a series of breathtaking chase scenes — on the street, on the rails, over water and in the air. There is every imaginable form of transport involved — cars, a truck, refrigerated truck, ship and plane. And they aren’t only used for locomotion — the fisting scene set on a train as it tears across the rails is surely one of the highlights of the film.

Each new encounter between these piggy men leads to further hard punishments and taboo-breaking sex rituals. Asimo fights with a monstrous army truck for supremacy on the road – and loses. He has to give up his ass to the trucker. The others are forced to submit as well. After being knocked out Will finds himself belted onto a skydiver on a plane. While swimming Stephan gets abused by a skipper and his mechanics. Ole ends up in a bog in the forest captured by obscure industrial rubber monsters who mercilessly fist him. Ralf must undergo an SM ritual led by a firebug who in the end then shoves his burning fist into Ralf’s ass. When these groups meet each other all the conflicts dissipate into the ultimate orgy.


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  1. Cameron

    Who is the guy that gets fist fucked on the boat in the lake. That is the HOTTEST fisting scene I’ve ever seen. This guy is fucking hot hot hot and takes a piston pumping punch fucking. Man what a hot guy with a hot hot man cunt. What is the guy’s name that is getting fisted? Does he have any other videos where he take a fist pounding like he does in this scene.