Raging Stallion Hard Friction INSATIABLE Bryce Star Calvin Koons Charlie Harding Fabio Stallone Jimmy Durano Spencer Fox Trenton Ducati Ty Roderick

Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Chris Ward & Tony DiMarco
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Spencer Fox
Charlie Harding
Calvin Koons
Ty Roderick
Fabio Stallone
Bryce Star

The horny men of Hard Friction are ‘Insatiable.’ Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond direct another group of sexed-up studs as they get it on in front of an online audience. The slick studio production meets the immediate urgency of chemical attraction as eight muscled and inked men, pound eager holes with giant cocks in another high-energy romp in the Hard Friction Live studio.

Raging Stallion / Hard Friction INSATIABLE
SCENE 1: Ty Roderick fucks Bryce Star

Ty Roderick and Bryce Star are both young, hung, inked and horny. Their scruffy beards rub together as they kiss passionately. Bryce shows Ty how he can cram that giant cock down his throat. Loads of spit make it messy fun! Ty shows Bryce how he can eat ass by spreading those muscled mounds apart and cramming his tongue in Bryce’s tasty hole. He stands up and plunges his big tool all the way in and Bryce moans in ecstasy as he takes every inch deeper and harder. Sweaty Ty lays back and let’s his boy, Bryce climb up and ride his meat for a while. Bryce rides, then Ty fucks in a union of increasing intensity until they are ready to blow. As Bryce shoot all over his chest, Ty blasts off a massive load all over Ty’s face, then kisses him, beards mingling with spunk.

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SCENE 2: Trenton Ducati & Fabio Stallone flip-fuck
Extra hung studs Fabio Stallone and Trenton Ducati are a power-packed match of massive muscle and enormous cock! Trenton pulls Fabio to his chest and kisses him passionately, making that thick appendage throb and stand at attention. Fabio sinks between Trenton’s legs and sucks on his big piece of meat, sucking slow and sensual, then choking down on every inch. Trenton can’t wait and in moments he’s thrust his huge cock inside Fabio. They fuck wild and loose, Fabio moans for more and more. Round two, they are back to passionate deep energetic kissing, tongues forced down throats, muscles flexing. Trenton is a pig for big dick and Fabio has one of the biggest. Super-thick, throbbing and extra foreskin serves Trenton up a man-size meal fitting his appetite. Then Fabio takes over, he pulls Trenton’s legs above his head for deep tongue access to that perfect muscle ass. When it comes time for fucking, Fabio pumps faster and faster. He takes Trenton on his back as they face off man to man until both men blow equally messy hot loads all over the Hard Friction studio. Fabio finishes off a milky mouthful all over Trenton’s eager lips and tongue.

Raging Stallion / Hard Friction INSATIABLE
SCENE 3: Charlie Harding fucks Spencer Fox

Charlie Harding and Spencer Fox are hard-bodied, horny men with big meat to share. Charlie feeds his tube steak to Spencer then picks him up, throws him down on the table and dines on Spencer’s big sausage. Muscle man Charlie spreads Spencer’s legs wide, shoves his rod hard in Spencer’s ass and gives him a steady rocking ride on his back and on his knees. The muscle studs finish each other off with two creamy loads for dessert.

Raging Stallion / Hard Friction INSATIABLE
SCENE 4: Jimmy Durano fucks Calvin Koons

Lights up! Body perfect Jimmy Durano and sexy boy Calvin Koons are lip-locked in an embrace. Jimmy stares into Calvin’s eyes as he pushes him down his chiseled abs to reach for his perfect tight butthole. Calvin is so turned on and he pulls Jimmy’s thick curved cock out of his shorts and makes him a meal. He slobbers all over his nob, spitting and pleasuring Jimmy throat deep. Jimmy moves in and eats Calvin’s smooth round bubble butt. Lubing him up and prepping him with spit. Calvin saddles up and rides Jimmy, doing all the leg work. He humps himself on this hung Brazilian! The camera angel plunges you deep into the penetration, thick cock and gaping sloppy hole. Position two has Jimmy dominating from behind, but that doesn’t stop little Calvin from humping on his rod like a dog in heat. In the end, Calvin is the greedy cum guzzler as streams of white heat jet across his face. Calvin face gets creamed as he moans and squeezes out the last of his own juices before he falls into Jimmy’s arms.


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