Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Tony Buff
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tony Buff
Race Cooper
Leo Forte
Tommy Rawlins
Alessio Romero
Preston Steel
Kyle Wood

SCENE 1: Tony Buff, Chris Yosef, Preston Steel and Race Cooper
SCENE 2: Leo Forte, Chris Yosef, Alessio Romero and Tony Buff
SCENE 3: Race Cooper and Tommy Rawlins
SCENE 4: Alessio Romero Kyle Wood

DVD Compilation of online presentations.
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Being institutionalized has never been so hot. These incarcerated pigs take their “Institutional Encounters” to another level with loads of hardcore fetish and SM play, including fisting, enema play, watersports, and brutal hardcore sex. The setting, a steel and concrete facility where boys are abducted, institutionalized and trained to be world class bottoms, transports you to another world where only the filthiest and raunchiest fetish play is a reality.

SCENE 1 – INTAKE: Tony Buff, Chris Yosef, Preston Steel and Race Cooper
Race Cooper has Preston Cooper ball gagged, handcuffed and locked in the hole where Steel proceeds to piss himself. Cooper then stands over the hole and wets the boy down with a heavy dose of his own piss before escorting him to the wet room. Cooper instructs him to “do exactly as he is told” and take off his clothes before handing him over to Tony Buff and Chris Yosef who have more in store for the piggy bottom – time in the wet room for a lesson in Enema play. Yosef fills Steel up repeatedly with the enema as both Buff and Yosef work Steel’s ass instructing him to “let it all out.” It’s not long before Steel, still in cuffs is hard and sucking on Buff’s monster cock giving Yosef an opportunity to piss all over the boy. Yosef’s cock gets hard before he’s finished pissing on him and has his way with Steel’s mouth. Steel takes turns swallowing both cocks before Buff and Yosef decide the lesson is over and both shoot loads over the boy’s face. Buff shoots another load right after Yosef. Excited by it all, Steel still in cuffs, strokes a hot load onto himself and the wet room floor. Both Yosef and Buff finish the boy off by washing his cum off with their piss.

SCENE 2 – FORTE’S TEST: Leo Forte, Chris Yosef, Alessio Romero and Tony Buff
Alessio Romero hands Leo Forte over to Tony Buff who tells the pup detainee, “It’s time to test your fisting skills.” Buff uncuffs Forte and sends him into the dungeon to a rugged and sling bound Chris Yosef. This isn’t your typical passive bottom gets fisted scene. Yosef may be the one in the sling but it’s very clear from the start he is topping from the bottom and commands and instructs Forte’s hands and cock through every second of this amazingly hot scenario. Forte is being tested and right from the start aims to please Yosef. The Latin pup shows us why he’s become famous for his superhuman spit production and he uses it to open up Yosef’s hungry hole. Forte gets a little out of line by trying to fist Yosef without a glove and humorously puts him in his place instructing him to glove up. Forte follows his orders and proceeds to fist Yosef. Forte takes a break to let Yosef piss in his mouth then continues to fist, swap spit with and fuck Yosef to his liking until the pup works a hot cum load out of him. Forte immediately follows by shooting over Yosef’s balls and cock.

SCENE 3 – INCARCERATION: Race Cooper and Tommy Rawlins
Race Cooper is the mean warden of the institution in this intense scene. Cooper enters the cell block to teach Tommy Rawlins a lesson for mouthing off. Cooper brutally dunks Rawlins head in the jail cell toilet several times before whipping out his big cock and forcing it down Rawlins throat. Cooper face fucks the inmate until he is choking and gasping for his breath. It’s not long before Rawlins’ throat surrenders and really starts taking Cooper’s cock like a pro. Rawlins proceeds to take everything Cooper gives him including being sodomized by Cooper’s knight stick. Cooper gets naked to fuck the beefy inmate first on all fours then flipping him on his back for a prison style ass pounding. Cooper finishes up by dumping a huge load over Rawlins and leaves before the inmate can get off.

SCENE 4 – PIG’S EVALUATION: Alessio Romero Kyle Wood
Alessio Romero evaluates newcomer Kyle “the Pig” Woods progress at the institution, and at first glance Romero think he’s gonna break the fair skinned ginger who possesses a twink like physique. But after he spots the “PIG” tattoo on his neck and “faggot” tattooed across his stomach, Romero assumes he’s already been broken in. With this revelation, Romero gives Woods a no-holds-barred evaluation and the pig loves every minute of it. Woods gets smacked around, pisses on himself and in Romero’s mouth. Romero teases the pig by sucking him off a bit, but the real fun begins when Romero wipes the sweat off his chest and uses it to work open Woods talented hole. Romero fists the Ginger pig till he produces the sweetest rose bud then pulls the boy out of the sling like a rag doll and rough fucks the cum load right out of the little oinker, then Romero grabs the boy by his Ginger Mohawk and shoots all over his face.



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