Studio: Diamond Pictures / Pacific Sun
Directed by: Csaba Borbely
Year of Production / Release: 2004
Country of Production: Hungary

Renato Bellagio
Tim Brewson [Tim Brensen] Jim Danielson
Dean Edwards
Fabrice Felder
Sergio Foster
Fred Goldsmith
Rick Perry
Ray Phillips
Brian Wells

On the beautiful Greek isle of Capri, two equally hunky men (coverboy Fred Goldsmith, with Fabrice Felder) watch from the terrace of a beautiful villa as a plane arrives at an airport close by. Three more hunky men, one with an attachÈ case, leave the airport minutes later, taking a boat to the island . . .
   Meanwhile, Fred and Fabrice get naked on the terrace, Fred servicing Fabrice’s cock like a $500 whore, Fabrice returning the favor as Fred fucks his mouth and swears in Greek before the two whack off some nice loads on the stone steps of the villa. We ain’t done yet, though, as the boys proceed to a hot 69 session, Fred taking a rubber dong up his ass as he slurps Fabrice’s cock like an ice cream before both he-men blow their sizeable loads again . . . before heading upstairs, where Fabrice finally fucks Fred’s big, sexy ass in a few positions. There’s something about sexy he-men, masculine hunks, taking it up the butt that is hot, the boys here grunting – although overall the scene is boring, more acted out than truly felt, though Fred has a nice, very felt orgasm while still riding Fabrice’s baloney pony.
   The three hunks from the airport are shown walking throughout the island, a definite destination in mind . . .
   As in another part of the villa, two hunks (Sergio Foster, Renato Bellagio) and their boy-toy (the skinny but cute, young Tim Brewson) get the young babe on his knees to service them, cocks already hard as they jerk down their linen pants. These macho hunks kiss as their toy sucks some mean dick, all three of the guys built as – whoa! Suddenly the these very straight-acting slabs of beef drop to their knees to fight over servicing the boy, Sergio especially enjoying young prick although the older Renato gets a good mouth-fucking, too. The baby-boy really likes to fuck some throat, the men all getting into each other, all three exploding with tons of jizz shooting out their cock in streams . . . as the scene changes and Sergio – cock still hard – gets dongs up both Renato and Tim, as the daddy and son types kiss, the beautiful Mediterranean in the background, the bigger dildo up Tim before Sergio get Renato’s feet up in the air and fucks the muscle-man’s big hairy ass as Tim jerks off with a condom on nearby . . . before the two take turns fucking the older, muscular Rick’s glorious hole, sharing his ass until all blow creamy loads a second time before some juicy 3-way kissing and then – in another part of the villa, Renato and Sergio take turns pounding the young Tim, Sergio especially plowing hard up the young boy’s holiest of holies. Much hotter than the first scene – especially when Renato blows his load all over Sergio’s perfect ass as Sergio still fucks Tim – before Sergio splatters his load on Tim’s butt cheek as well.
   The three dudes with the briefcase continue their walk through the island, passing under what looks like an ancient stone archway . . .
   As, at the villa/brothel, crime syndicate-types await the delivery of the money (assumedly in the briefcase) . . . the leader, Dean Edwards, takes aside a thin, boyish aide (Jim Danielson) and – when the two are alone – orders the boy to suck his foreskin-covered dick, which is already granite-hard. Jim complies, happily, getting his face stuffed with big bone as Dean fucks the boy’s throat before having a taste of the kid’s uncut cock himself. Both jack-off to decent-sized loads before Dean fucks the snot out of the handsome young Jim, standing in an open doorway, the boy’s pants down around his ankles, shirt still on his body. Giving that ass an equal workout with an oversized dong, Jim’s peach-fuzz-covered ass takes it all in stride (for real, the dude doesn’t even break a sweat!) until Dean blows a second blast of mancream on Jim’s butt cheek. Fucking again in a bedroom tinged in a yellow light that makes the guys seem jaundiced, both totally nude now, Dean shows Jim who’s the boss for sure, plunging into the boy’s ass until he busts another nuts on the sexy, skinny dude’s ass – Jim, of course, blowing his wad again, as well.
   The three airport dudes (Brian Wels, Playgirl man of the year-quality Rick Perry, and the juicy, Latino-looking Ray Phillips) FINALLY show up at the damn villa, showing the briefcase of cash in order to be let in. Tim takes the money to Dean, who proclaims it counterfeit and tells Tim to take it back. The three men freak when discovering it’s fake, the hot as fuck Ray Phillips angrily telling the young Tim, “Tell your boss he can suck my dick!” – then thinks about it and tells Tim he can suck it, too – and all three of the guys whip out their meat for Tim, who’s taking his own meat out and chokes that chicken like he wants it dead. Soon the guys are mostly naked and everyone is servicing everyone, again with the macho Ray and Rick making out as Brian and Tim suck some big dick, Tim especially having a delicious sword fight in his mouth. Everyone shoots their globs of man-snow on Tim’s face and chest before the fuckathon starts, Tim and Brian taking one end each of a double-headed dong up their assholes as Rick blows the sexy Ray. Hot beyond belief, one macho hunk sucking the other as the two boys fuck each other by shoving their butts toward each other, all the guys moaning like bitches in a straight film, until the circle jerk where everyone shoots again, moans nearly turning to yells. Next it’s time for Tim and Renato to take some real cock up their ass, as Rick and his buddy plow sine boy-pussy, the two hunky tops switching off their younger, sexy bottom boys, all four men shooting some nice loads in the end – before crime boss Dean calls another crime boss, telling him he’ll get the statue when he gets his money. The plane takes off again with the three men and their fake money.


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