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Jack Kross Fucks Rocky Vallarta Badpuppy

Studio: Badpuppy
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2020
Country of Production: USA

Jack Kross
Rocky Vallarta


Jack Kross and Rocky Vallarta have a little debate during the interview as to who will be on bottom and who will top during the shoot. They quickly decide that Rocky wants to experience the huge piece of meat that Jack has hidden in his pants. As they lean over to kiss, Jack unzips Rocky’s jeans freeing his already plump cock. Rocky reaches over and pulls Jack’s thick, uncut dick from his pants and immediately swallows the whole thing. Our two studs quickly ditch their clothes and Rocky shoves his rock-hard cock in Jack’s face. Of course, Jack can’t resist and he deep throats Rocky’s huge piece of meat. Rocky kneels on the sofa, spreads his ass wide open and Jack buries his face. Jack lubes up Rocky’s hole with his tongue, all the while jerking his thick, hard cock. Rocky is soon begging for Jack’s cock and Jack is ready to oblige. He stands up behind Rocky and pushes his huge cock deep into Rocky’s ass. Jack starts power-fucking and the moans coming out of Rocky’s mouth would indicate he’s enjoying every single thrust. They flip things up and Jack sits down on the sofa. Rocky climbs on top and sits straight down on Jacks cock. He begins riding fast and hard almost seeming to try and get Jack’s dick as far inside him as possible. Rocky winds up on his back with his legs pushed back and Jack continuing to pound away at Rocky’s tight hole. Rocky grabs his cock and starts jerking as Jack continues burying his own dick deep into Rocky’s ass. Rocky can’t hold back and he explodes a thick load of white jizz all over his perfectly sculpted abs. The site of all that cum sends Jack over the edge. He pulls out and starts squirting stream after stream of creamy cum all over Rocky.


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