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Studio: Latin Heat Productions / Jet Set
Directed by: Chad Donovan
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Argentina / U.S.A.

Michael [Michael Amerika]
Tobias [Tobias Bianco]
Nacho [Oscar Blanco]
Lucas [Lucas Fabian]
Juan Pablo
Max Schutler
Bruno [Bruno Bordas]
Romario Silva [Romario Theazio]

SCENE 1: Lucas and Juan Pablo top and “spit-roast” Max Schutler
SCENE 2: Michael Amerika tops Pierre
SCENE 3: Romario [Romario Theazio] tops Nacho [Oscar Blanco] SCENE 4: Tobias [Tobias Bianco] tops Bruno [Martin Soto]

How would one describe someone with a really large dick? “Well-hung” doesn’t begin to do it. “Mega-hung?” That’s closer, but it still falls far short of describing the amazing sexual performer Romario in BAILANDO TANGO, the new film GAYVN Hall of Fame Director Chad Donovan recently shot in Argentina. “Chokingly humongous” comes close. The title of this four scene movie, featuring nine handsome, smoothly muscular, hot and hung young men, technically means “Dancing the Tango”, but the dance they do is mostly around each other and the city of Buenos Aires. Jet Set Men presents this Latin Heat Production. LATINOLICIOUS and BRAZILIAN OUTBACK were the first titles from Latin Heat. Marina Pacific distributes.

After a visual spin around this beautiful city during the credits, the first scene starts with the three young men (cover) kneeling on a bed, naked except for their underwear, and making out. Max Schutler, the former Mr. Gay Argentina, is the center focus of this trio. It’s never said, but one feels as though Lucas and Juan might be lovers who brought Max, this third hot man, into their love making session to broaden their sex life. Although they each kiss, play and suck each other, Lucas and Juan constantly take the opportunity – when Max is down on one or the other (or both) – to lock lips with each other. Lucas is especially well-hung. Max likes them both equally and devotes time to both, walrusing them together at one point. The two get stacked on top of one another, butts to the camera, so that Max can have a taste of both, first the shaved Juan and then the hairier Lucas, before kneeling down so that Lucas can fuck him while he sucks on Juan. Max then flips over so Lucas can fuck him missionary-style while he deep throats Juan. They all three jack off for a hot finish.

This duo is discovered sitting atop a railing on a street cruising the pedestrians. They see each other and go off together. They head back to a beautiful apartment where, once inside the door, they start making out, kissing and groping. Clothes get dropped and Pierre goes down on Michael. They are quickly in lust and head off to an adjoining room and a daybed where Michael goes down on Pierre. Need I mention that these two are also well-endowed. Pierre moves to rim Michael, kneeling now on the bed, but it’s Pierre who soon gets fucked
doggie-style in the same position. Michael moves to lie down and accesses Pierre from the rear, fucking him hard until he shoots. Then Michael jacks off and cums. Views of life on the bustling streets of Buenos Aires are, once again, seen between the sexual encounters.

A lean and muscular Nacho is found sitting in his apartment at his desk, stripped sexily to his waist. He obviously wants “something”, and the logical guess would be a hot sex partner. He calls a friend on the phone, and by the time he sets the phone down, the stud Romario is in front of him in the room. He unleashes his huge cock, and Nacho goes down on it. One can quickly see that Nacho is going to have his mouth and his hands full. Romario’s dick starts out large and thick and just keeps growing. It begins to resemble a genuine fire hose with a big nozzle atop it. Their clothes totally disappear, and soon Nacho is spread out on his desk, and Romario is starting to push his dick up Nacho’s ass. It is way too big, but Romario keeps working it – out and in, out and in – until he’s finally in up to the hilt. Nacho’s right leg gets thrown over Romario’s shoulder, so that he can get the fucking of a life time. They finally have enough, jack off and cum. Again shots of life on the streets are seen.

After that, where does one go? A saner, but still hot duo are kissing and making out on in still another apartment. Both of the men have little goatees, and Bruno sports a major body tattoo. Bruno pulls Tobias’s dick out of his pants and sucks the shaft and head eagerly. Both manage to get out of their clothes. Tobias stands over Bruno for some more oral adoring, turning around so that Bruno can also rim him. Bruno finally settles on the sofa so that Tobias can thrust his dick up Bruno’s ass and he rides energetically atop it. Bruno own sizeable dick is waving up and down in the air. Bruno then stands, one leg up on the sofa, so that Tobias can pound him from the rear. They both finish themselves off jacking their dicks while lying back on the sofa. Bruno cums on himself, and Tobias shoots on Bruno’s face.

The director Chad Donovan had such a great time filming this video (and its sequel) that he’s already got his bags packed to do more. I can’t blame him. Maybe, by the time he gets back, Nacho will be able to walk normally again. BAILANDO TANGO runs a steamy 1:27. Ole!

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