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Studio: All Worlds
Directed by: Dirk Yates
Country of Production: U.S.A.
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Brandon Stewart
Brian Austin
Gino Piazza
Chase Thomas
Franco Toti

Dirk Yates turns his camera on athletic young men who build their bodies to perfection and know exactly how to use them when it comes to sex.

SCENE 1: Italian muscle man Gino Piazza is working out in a private poolside gym wearing just a black jockstrap. His body is pumped up from the workout and his cock is eager to be stroked. After getting himself worked up, Gino moves outdoors to finish things off with a pool side jack off.
SCENE 2: Latin stud Franco Toti hits the shower in his white jock. His big dick is on full display as he rinses down his body and massages every muscle with his hands. Franco steps out of the shower and drops to his knees to finish what he started. Franco gets worked up until he can’t hold back anymore and shoots a load all over himself.
SCENE 3: Chris, a college stud, hits his dorm room after spending the day surfing in the hot sun. He gets on his computer to check out some internet porn. Before long his hands are in his shorts and he is working his uncut cock hard. Chris finishes up jacking off on a sofa and spews a huge load all over his tight abs.
SCENE 4: Marine buddies Joe and Brian Austin are running on the beach. Afterwards they hit the locker room and strip down to their jocks and begin massaging their bodies. The two military jocks take the action into the showers where they soak their bodies. They finish up jacking off and covering their sweaty jocks in sticky loads of cum.
SCENE 5: Brandon Stewart is working on his car in an abandoned garage. He may be covered in grease and oil, but that doesn’t stop him from getting his hands in his overalls and pulling his cock out of his dirty jockstrap. Brandon shoots a huge load all over his work bench and then heads off to clean up.
SCENE 6: Chase Thomas is getting ready to do some laundry when he comes across one of his sweaty jockstraps. The smell of it gets him turned on and he rubs it all over his body. Chase slips into the sweaty jock and it pushes him over the edge. He jacks his dick until he shoots a huge load and then he slips his cock back into the jock to rub his creamy load into it.


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