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Studio: Raging Stallion / Screaming Eagle
Directed and Produced by: Jake Deckard
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tober Brandt
Aitor Crash
Steve Cruz
Jake Deckard
Cory Koons
Jon Matthews
Damian Rios
Dominic Sol

SCENE 1: Damian Rios and Aitor Crash flip-fuck
SCENE 2: Jon Matthews solo
SCENE 3: Steve Cruz fucks Cory Koons
SCENE 4: Aitor Crash and Tober Brandt flip-fuck
SCENE 5: Jake Deckard fucks Dominic Sol

So here’s the deal. Captain Deckard loses the game, and has to pay the price. The rule is “You throw the game, you get fucked.” After an extended ass-mauling, Deckard gets decked. Sprawled out on the locker room floor, his mind wanders into a phantasma of hot fuckos in cool gear, gettin’ it on. His dream state has slowly moved into an aggressive fucked up nightmare, the rules are off, and things are hotter and meaner by the minute. It’s balls to the wall excitement as Deckard’s mind runs off the rails!
Batter UP!

SCENE 1: Damian Rios and Aitor Crash flip-fuck
Aitor Crash and Damian Rios are two uber-cool rocking studs in a dugout waiting for their next play. But the sport turns out to be with each other. In a flash they are on their game, kissing, pawing and working each other into a heated frenzy. Aitor finds convenient access to Damian’s ass through a zipper in the back of his pants. Aitor chows down, eating his ass real good before beating on it with a baseball bat.
   These two sporty piggies find all ways to work around their gear to get access to each other’s manly parts, sucking cock and eating bung. “Aitor” means dog in Spanish, and this Latin stud is all canine. He’s a hotter, friendlier version of Dred Scott, all marked up through his rib cage, built like a shit-house, and sexy and fun as any tournament you’ve ever been to.
   When Damian’s ass is good an’ red from all the beating and chewing, Aitor mounts him from the rear and fucks him nice and hard from the back and the front. This ain’t Damian’s first time at the rodeo and his pucker takes the packing like a fucking pro! After Damian has been nailed on the bench, under the bench and across the astro-turf, they dick-splash each other and call it a day.

SCENE 2: Jon Matthews solo
A hard game can make a guy horny. Jon Matthews is a manly stud with a horse cock and an attitude. He steps into the locker room and slowly undresses from his sports gear, knowing that you are watching and giving a good show. This cocky SOB beats his jock-piece and shoots a Herculean jizz spray across the bench and into his jock before retiring into the showers. Good job stud!

SCENE 3: Steve Cruz fucks Cory Koons
Steve Cruz and Cory Koons make for a sexy pairing as two hot as fuck street punk queers messing around in a locker room after the game. Cory provokes Steve into punching him in the chest, putting his gear to the test. Steve throws Cory down and fucks his throat. Cory plants his face in Steve’s hairy crack and Steve wipes it up and down Cory’s tongue, putting this bad-boy in his place. Cory has one of the sweetest little asses in the business, and Steve tongues out his fuck hole, getting it good and slippery before sliding into home.
   Cory is prime pussy-boy and Steve really serves it up. This Latin fucker is all machismo when he’s on top, and the locker room is a good place to prove your manhood. As Steve steps it up on Cory’s rosebud, the action intensifies. Captain Jake’s dream state is rollicking into an all-out fever! Steve’s hot hairy ass bounces as he wails on poor Cory. This guy fucks hard and mean like a “Ratfink” jackrabbit. He pumps Cory into a frenzy, pulls out his pecker, and scores!
SCENE 4: Aitor Crash and Tober Brandt flip-fuck
Things are taking a turn toward all out aggro mayhem as Twisted Tober Brandt suits up for the match with Aitor. He puts on his fightin’ gloves, pulls a rubber dog mask over his face and comes out of the darkness and into the cage. These two gigantic rudos (bad asses) wrestle each other down and beat each other into submission. Aitor is a trained fighter in his real life, and Tober is just a mean fucker with heart. They go at each other with full force, brandishing skill and occasionally weapons.
   After a few rounds of full throttle takedown they rip each other’s masks off (an ultimate insult in lucha libre wrestling, never mind being the guy that gets his ass fucked!) and gear off to get down to some heavy duty fucking. During the filming these two were so into each other they couldn’t have been pried apart. Aitor is a skilled cocksucker and he pins down Tober for a good round of deep-throatin’. Tober flips Aitor over in the course of a good asshole chow down and does his best to climb into Aitor’s chute headfirst. Aitor returns the favor like a good dog and licks Twisted Tober’s cornhole spotless.
   Slimed up and ready Tober jumps Aitor, holds him down, and nails his ass. This is one thrill-kill-fuckfest, and these big shitheads are playing for keeps. First Tober mounts Aitor like the dog he is. His action is at once full of passion and menace. Twisted Tober has a beer can cock and Aitor’s shithole rides and slides in and out over the assault on his big culo. Dog boy Aitor flips Tober of off him and dives into his ring. Aitor is a biter, and he chews Brandt right up while he pounds away mercilessly. Tober wails and tries to crawl out of the ring and away from Aitor, but he’s having none of that. Soon Tober goes for it and shoots some all in dog-boy’s fur. Soon Aitor blows his own cock snot and the two slowly disappear into darkness…

SCENE 5: Jake Deckard fucks Dominic Sol
Team player and super sweet love boy Dominic Sol finds Captain Deckard laid out on the locker room floor with a black eye. When Jake wakes up, he’s sporting a full-on boner from his lusty dreams. There ain’t no better way to reclaim your manhood than by fuckin’ another guy in the ass, and Dominic is givin’ it up for the team. Or at lest for Captain Deckard.
   First Deckard fucks his throat good an’ deep. Then he gets the hot little fucker up on all fours on the bench and pile-drives the sweet thing puppy-style. Deckard need more tho’ and flips the winsome man onto his back so he can see his sweet eyes while he tears up his sweet ass. No man is really an angel though, and Dominic is a classic good boy with a bad side. He’s just a horny pig looking for a locker room shag. Soon Dominic throws his baby gravy all over his own stomach with the Captain’s dick buried deep inside of him. Jake pulls out and shoots, redeemed.

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