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AlphaMale Media British Men sex gayporn Nick North Bruno Fox

Studio: AlphaMale Media
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2015
Country of Production: Great Britain

Bruno Fox
Nick North

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Having has a shower after his post-workout jerk-off, smooth muscle man Nick North is about to get dressed just as hairy tattooed hunk Bruno Fox walks in. In his tight briefs, he’s obviously got the hots for Nick, as his famously thick dick bursts from under that cotton and into Nick’s mouth almost instantly! Devouring every inch, Nick’s throat is stretched wide to take it down, but that’s nothing compared to what his ass is about to endure!! After lapping the sweat from his balls, Nick can’t wait to get his ass ploughed, something Bruno is equally urgent for! After a soft slide in first of all, Nick’s appetite is only just getting started as he pushed Bruno onto the bench and rides him like a man possessed by the need for dick! Bruno’s muscular hairy body starts to sweat once more as Nick pours with the stuff, working himself further onto his cock until he shoots yet another load, this time over Bruno, who repays the favour, literally soaking Nick’s sweaty chest in gallons of pure muscle man spunk!

AlphaMale Media British Men sex gayporn

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