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Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex 110° IN TUCSON Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex 110° IN TUCSON

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Joe Gage
Year of Production / Release: 2005
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Ivan Andros
Devon Cade
Taurus Dean
Damon DeMarco
Ray Dragon
Andy Hunter
Hunter James
Tyler Kane
Blu Kennedy
Matt Majors
Luke Pearson
Bryce Pierce
Spencer Quest
Daxx Reed
Jacob Riley
Nathan York

Off to the west, the Tucson Mountains shimmer. With the intense heat beating down, the policemen parked on the side of the road wonder why Andy Hunter would be out jogging. We’ll find out where he’s going later….

Police Officers Ray Dragon and Ivan Andros. Desk clerk Devon Cade.

When they check into a cheap motel for a little lunch hour jack off, cop buddies Dragon and Andros think there are no snares. “It’s just a beat off session, two buddies jacking off to release the tension.” They haul out their monster meat, size up eachother’s tools, and eyes locked together with a heat that only men can understand, get into some serious jackin’. But when the motel’s desk clerk catches sight of the scene, they’re snared. Lust simmers as clerk Devon Cade gets a taste of Dragon’s solid cock, and grows when Cade fucks his throat with Andros’ fat, uncut slab of meat. And when Cade kneels on the bed and fingers a smooth and hot asshole, passion boils over. Andros storms it, splitting the pristine pucker wide with his thick arrester. Dragon storms Cade’s ass, too, ramming so hard the kid sprays a cumload across the men. When Andros lies back on the bed, he doesn’t have to beg for his buddy’s blaster up his butt. Dragon crams the cop’s cooze, and blasts his hot policeman’s spunk onto his partner’s face.

The boss, Spencer Quest. His apprentice, Luke Pearson.

When his apprentice finds some old porn in the home they’re remodeling, bossman Quest thinks they should knock off work for the day. He’s thinking he can help his assistant knock off some cream, too. Quest slowly draws the shy but obviously horny young man out. Pearson hesitantly gets his first taste of manmeat and soon has Quest’s stubbled face roughing up his cherry butt cheeks, until finally the kid’s takin’ a joy ride on Quest’s strikingly hard boner, suckin’ up every inch and crying for more. He’ll be a journeyman in another day or two.

The driver, Hunter James. His friend, Jacob Riley. The night watchman, Matt Majors.

As night falls, Hunter James is cruising around town with his straight friend, Jacob Riley. James’ father has a warehouse they stop in to knock back some booze. Night watchman Matt Majors has other plans, forcing them to get their dicks out, get ‘em hard and beat ‘em. Is James getting his secret wish when the guard forces him to blow his buddy? He’s sure eager to work on Majors’ monstrous, uncut cock, and the sight gets Riley hot, despite his hesitation. Little by little, Riley allows himself to become surprisingly nasty. When James bounces on Majors’ blunt-ended battering ram, Riley wants some too. The novice bottom rocks slowly as he eases the giant cock up his cherry butt, but turns quickly savage and blasts a torrent of boyjuice over his belly.

The son, Blu Kennedy. The prowler, Taurus. The father, Nathan York.

Blu Kennedy can’t pay attention to his homework. He’s so boned up and into his jack-off session that he doesn’t see prowler Taurus climbing through his window and pulling out his cock. When Kennedy does notice, all he wants is his mouth on that throbbing, uncut hunk of dark meat. Taurus chows down on Kennedy’s long and creamy cock, deep throating it to the flaming red bush at its base. Taurus rims Kennedy’s hairless pink asshole, slides a dildo into the easily yielding chute, and replaces it with his own hot brown poker. They’re so into the fuck they don’t even see Blu’s father come in—or the hard-on that pokes out of his open robe. But the son is soon hypnotized by his father’s cock, as well as the punishment that stud daddy York deals Taurus. Turned on by his son’s sexuality, York urges him to take a crack at the burglar’s ass that he’s just loosened up. Every inch of Kennedy’s ivory-colored wonder whips up the abused butthole, and a hypnotic, nearly sinful scene unfolds as father and son enact doing eachother from opposite ends of the crook they’re plugging. Eyes locked on his son’s, dad blows a fatherly load. And with dad urging him to jack it out, Kennedy looses his steamy spunk. Think they ever did this before? Think they will again? Thinking about it will get both of them hard.

The DJ, Bryce Pierce. The night crew, Tyler Kane (dark hair) and Daxx Reed (brown hair). The pizza boy, Damon DeMarco (he delivers). The runner, Andy Hunter. The motel desk clerk, Devon Cade (he’s off duty now).

Here’s a classic all-out orgy in Gage’s best legendary “Closed Set” tradition. Six over-heated guys, locked in a room and blistering the night with double penetrations, multiple orgasms, and sweaty, scummy sensation. Damon DeMarco takes on the dare to show the night crew what he’s got, and soon everyone’s stripped and sucking. Pierce gets sloppy over DeMarco’s fiercely hard bone, and Hunter’s foot-long meat marvel becomes the centerpiece of a circle jerk. DeMarco plants himself on Hunter’s all-night ass prod, and Pierce rides DeMarco’s overheated poker. Hunter’s jackrabbit thrusts into Cade’s fresh rosebud blast a fusillade of pearls farther than believable, and pig bottom Reed shoots three amazing loads while riding every cock he can conquer, before Pierce finger fucks yet another burst from the insatiable slut.


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