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Studio: Studio 2000
Directed by: Danny Ray
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Thomas Lee [Marian Borovy]
Mickey Coolio
Justin Corner
Fernando Kruz [Mark Federico]
Aaron Garrett
Daniel Gero
Lewis Grant [Colin Reeves]
Tom Hawai
Setty King
Carey Lexes
Manuel Martinez
Gery Owan [Gary Owan]
Richie Rich
Nico Sideropulus
Casper Wats [Casper Watts]

SCENE 1: Carey Lexes and Justin Corner flip-fuck
Humpy Justin Corner (in the red shorts) stretches his sinewy muscles and shadow boxes for a bit as castmate Carey Lexes (in blue) lustfully watches from afar. He’s invited to join the workout and the two men playfully box even though it’s clear flirtation is more the order of business. Soon they’re swapping spit-soaked blowjobs and jacking each other to climax. A rimjob sets the stage for Justin riding Carey’s boner until he turns the tables and stuffs his cute costar with cock until they both shoot their loads a second time.

SCENE 2: Mickey Coolio tops Nico Sideropulus
Next up is adorable Nico Sideropolus, shirtless in tight jeans, as he cleans up and watches the sweat drip from Mickey Coolio during his own turn at the punching bag. Mickey eventually catches Nico’s eye and invites him to suit up, but right away the two young bucks are kissing and jacking each other’s stiff boners. Nico drops to his knees for deep-throat sucking that produces a big load from Mickey, who returns the favor and sucks off his eager costar to orgasm, and then cums a second time! He’s not done yet, though: Mickey rims Nico, who then rides Mickey reverse-cowboy, his erection flopping up and around, then again bent over the boxing ring ropes. Nico pops a second load, while Mickey shoots his third!

SCENE 3: Fernando Kruz [Mark Federico] and Richie Rich flip-fuck
Scene three features Richy Rich, mocha skinned and lithe, sparring with blue-eyed sex-on-a-stick Fernando Kruz, all hunky muscle and sweat. Richy takes a swing at Fernando and knocks him out cold. He immediately drops to his knees to tend to his pal and drinks in that lickable body and bulging crotch. Richy furtively decides to suck off his “unconscious” pal (whose infirmity is just a bit of a fake-out) and thoroughly enjoys every second of it. Fernando quickly comes back to life as he cums and thanks Richy with a deep kiss and an aggressive face-fuck to call his own, resulting in a wet no-hands cumshot. Fernando then pulls Richy to his feet for a deep-plunge fuck and later allows himself to be bent over the ropes as Richy returns the favor. Both shoot more ropes of cum to end their sizzling duo.

SCENE 4: Manuel Martinez tops Daniel Gero
Burly muscleman Manuel Martinez is supposed to be sparring, but instead he’s got his eye on fellow hotbod Daniel Gero, who is perched high atop a ladder fixing a ceiling panel. Neither stud has his mind on the work at hand. When Daniel drops his screwdriver, that’s all the provocation Manuel needs. He pulls Daniel gently down the ladder and takes the muscular young buck’s already-stiff cock into his mouth for a spirited blow. Daniel spills his seed and drops to his knees to suck down Manuel’s excitingly long, thick, snaking cock. His flickering tongue and warm mouth bring Manuel to orgasm, who then follows up by rimming Daniel and stuffing all of that imposing cock into his plush buns in two positions. They hump until both pop more loads of the wet, sticky stuff.

SCENE 5 – Orgy: Casper Wats [Casper Watts] tops Fernando Kruz [Mark Federico], Aaron Garrett tops Lewis Grant [Colin Reeves], Setty King tops Tom Hawai, Gery Owan [Gary Owan]
The final scene begins with a seven-man sparring session. These hunky, athletic young men trade kicks and punches under the watchful eye of an instructor, who soon decides a little nude practice is in order. The horny dudes readily comply and resume their training as the instructor guides them, first through a series of sparring matches and then into an oral daisy chain in the middle of the ring as each boxer sucks off the guy next to him, with their teacher moving among them, sticking his stiff erection into any waiting mouth. Each of them cums one by one, then flip over for a spit-soaked rim session, also in a daisy chain. Soon they break off into three sets of two, with their teacher again moving among them, jacking his students and keeping them motivated with his own smoothly muscled physique. The bottoms ride their tops energetically straight through another series of seven cumshots, including a few splattery gushers. Just another day at the gym!



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