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Falcon Jocks Studios KNOCKOUTS & TAKEDOWNS (JVP-154) Jimmy Fanz Dylan Roberts

Studio: Falcon Studios / Jocks Studio
Directed by: Andrew Rosen
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Devin Adams
Jimmy Fanz
Spencer Fox
Michael Keys
Evan Mercy
Tucker Phillman
Dylan Roberts

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KNOCKOUT & TAKEDOWNS packs a powerful sexual punch. The guys in this kick ass gymnasium keep your blood pumping and cock throbbing. This team of wrestlers and boxers get horned up with all the intense action in the ring, and they use each other to relieve their pent up sexual energy. New Exclusive, Jimmy Fanz makes his DVD debut as he’s joined by stunning JOCKS Spencer Fox, Evan Mercy, Dylan Roberts, Michael Keys, Devin Adams and coach Tucker Phillman. These studs are suited up for sport, but they get dressed down for the hottest, sweaty, sporty JOCKS action you’ve seen in a long time. These four hard hitting scenes, filled with intense athletic action are assured to work you out.

Falcon Jocks Studios KNOCKOUTS & TAKEDOWNS (JVP-154)
SCENE 1: Evan Mercy fucks Jimmy Fanz

Bulging in his wrestling singlet, the stunning Jimmy Fanz eyes the enticing, Evan Mercy during his boxing warm up. After noting the come-hither stare Evan seems eager for a real work out. Jimmy doesn’t hesitate pulling down Evans shorts, pulling his jock strap to the side and hungrily servicing Evan’s gold-medal cock. Jimmy continues his oral expertise on Evans backside, while he arches his ass outside the ropes of the ring. These hot studs showcase stellar skills in a vertical 69, Evan standing upright and Jimmy upside down with both jocks bobbing on boners while weaved within the boxing ring ropes. Jimmy and Evan take the match to the floor, as Jimmy rides Evans cock. Jimmy’s on his back with legs to the sky as Evan dicks down the newbie butt hole with a ferocious attack. Pounding and panting until pulling out and pouring his dick juice on the crack of Jimmy’s ass using the head of his dick to spread and smear his jizz all over Jimmy’s fuzzy ass. Jimmy still on his back yanks himself to the finish filling his own mouth as he spews his cum shot downward in a self-facial.

Falcon Jocks Studios KNOCKOUTS & TAKEDOWNS (JVP-154)
SCENE 2: Spencer Fox & Dylan Roberts flip-fuck

You can hear the crowd outside the locker room waiting for the next match, but Spencer Fox has a problem: his huge woody has made a tent out of his spandex wrestling singlet. When Dylan Roberts enters, it’s not long before he offers to help his teammate take care of the situation. He’s quickly on his knees deep throating Spencer’s gigantic, thick dick. Spencer is now in the classic, on-all-fours wrestling position allowing Dylan to take it to the rear and spit coat Spencer’s tasty, hairless hole. In a show of team spirit, Spencer returns his teammate’s favor by swallowing Dylan’s stiff, uncut cock, paying special attention to his foreskin. Dylan’s muscled; milky bod with Spencer’s tan and toned frame sets the stage for a featured match of flip fucking. Dylan’s face reads of agonizing pleasure with Spencer’s steadily surging into his ass doggie style, and delivering the occasional smack to Dylan’s white ass. After the flip, Spencer’s on back with his legs on Dylan’s shoulders, groaning with a grin as Dylan delivers ball-slapping hole punching. Finally both lean lads unleash large locker room loads. Spencer spurts on his stomach while Dylan still inside him and Dylan pulls out, shooting his jizz in the same spot.

Falcon Jocks Studios KNOCKOUTS & TAKEDOWNS (JVP-154)
SCENE 3: Michael Keys fucks Devin Adams

Hot boxers Michael Keys and Devin Adams are wrapping up a workout directed by Coach Tucker Phillman. As soon as the coach is out of sight, Michael and Devin get down to some intense pole sucking and ringside rim jobs. Michael’s so turned on by the sparring that his wide cock is out quickly and he dick feeds Devin mercilessly. Devin’s shorts are off soon and he dips his huge rod deep down Michael’s mouth, guiding him with his hand firm against the back of Michael’s head. After this swap of oral pleasure, Michael delivers a mouth-watering ass eating to a fully spread Devin, who then takes Michael’s cock in his ass like a champion. Devin has his hands on the mat and his ankles resting on the ropes while Michael grinds at his gripping hole leaving Devin’s prize -winning bubble butt bouncing back with ever stroke. Devin turns around and holds onto the corner of the ring as Michael continues to relentlessly slam his cock deep into the accepting hole. The jocks complete this round with Michael holding Devin’s head in place as he delivers a face full of jizz. Devin yanks on his chain and drains his package coating the center of the ring in cum.

Falcon Jocks Studios KNOCKOUTS & TAKEDOWNS (JVP-154)
SCENE 4: Tucker Phillman fucks Jimmy Fanz

Coach Tucker Phillman has summoned his newest wrestler, fresh and sexy Jimmy Fanz, to his office. Jimmy arrives in his wrestling gear, and he knows why Coach Tucker asked for him. Instantly they are chest to chest lip locking. While kissing Tucker reaches under Jimmy’s singlet to grope his sexy goods, and Jimmy handles Tuckers stuff as well. Jimmy drops down to the floor giving grade-A head. Proving a committed cocksucker, Jimmy gazes up at Tucker who is eyeing his desk for potential game play positioning. Asserting authority, Tucker picks Jimmy up and places him on his desk so he can lean over and blow Jimmy’s rock hard dick. Tucker then turns over his newest stud, featuring Jimmy’s fuzzy ass. Fingering and slowly slobber soaking Jimmy’s sweet hole, Coach preps Jimmy for the real intense training. Jimmy’s ready for the final workout his ass is about to receive, and he delivers gasps and awes as Tucker breaks him in from behind. Tucker maneuvers Jimmy onto his back, and guides him down the homestretch, getting tougher and pounding his cock deep into Jimmy, showing him how to take one for the team. Jimmy jerks out a load onto his stomach with Coach Tucker deep inside him. Tucker follows suit adding to the creamy cum mess.


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