Smutjunkies Film Library Broke Straight Boys

Studio: Blu Media / Broke Straight Boys
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Rob Ryder

On-Line Only Presentation

Smutjunkies Film Library Broke Straight Boys

Today marks the second appearance of Rob Ryder, who, along with Kodi, will be sure to participate in an extra hot display of man on man action. Right from the start, as the two boys sat side by side on the couch, it was easy to see that they were getting along like a house on fire. As Kodi has never fucked another guy before, he is a little nervous but then, who wouldn’t be with Rob Ryder’s ass up on offer? However, Kodi was confident that he could do the deed. Kodi and Rob stood up, stripping off their clothes and throwing them on the floor as they revealed lean but toned bodies. The boys turned around, showing off their asses to the camera, their round ass cheeks almost brushing against each other. Kodi turned around and, at my suggestion, gave Rob’s ass a hearty slap which only made Rob grin.

Another harder slap to Rob’s ass and the boys sat down. With a dollop of lube each, Rob and Kodi worked their cocks into pavement cracking hardness in record time and virtually a minute after the wank session started, Rob leaned over and took Kodi’s long dick in his mouth. Right away, it was easy to tell that Rob was a porn professional as he swallowed Kodi’s cock all the way down from the very beginning. Slowly but surely, Rob bobbed up and down, all the while, Kodi relaxed back and enjoyed it. As he came up for some much needed air, Rob asked Kodi if he liked getting his dick sucked, Kodi replying that it felt pretty good. Rob dived back down, flicking his tongue around the head of the cock when it was nestled in his hot, warm mouth again. As he gave the shaft a few hard pumps, Rob decided to lick Kodi’s nipple before going in closer for a kiss. Kodi was a little surprised but decided to lock lips and experiment some more. Wrapping a hand around his own dick, Rob jerked himself off as he lavished attention Kodi’s heavy, low hanging balls. Rob gave Kodi a quick peck on the lips before settling back against the couch, his legs spread as he waited for Kodi to show off his cock sucking skills.

Kodi dove down on Rob’s dick, confident in his skills right from the start. Sliding the thick cock in and out of his mouth with ease, Kodi showed Rob that he wasn’t the only one who was a natural with a dick in his mouth. It was only a minute or two before Rob was breathing hard, obviously loving what Kodi was doing with his cock. With his dick in one hand, Kodi leisurely stroked his shaft even as he lavished Rob’s dick with attention. All Kodi’s efforts at getting Rob to relax worked wonders and it wasn’t long before Rob was ready and raring to get fucked. Getting themselves prepared, the two boys moved into position. Kneeling on the couch, Rob groaned as Kodi worked his cock into his ass, Kodi immediately setting a fast pace once he was comfortable. Panting, Rob moaned as Kodi fucked him. Kodi grabbed hold of Rob’s shoulders, pulling him back so that he could get all the way. Rob was obviously feeling every inch of Kodi’s cock, not to mention, the heavy balls slapping at his ass on each thrust.

The boys flipped themselves around, Rob on his back with legs spread wide while Kodi drove right back into Rob’s ass hole. His legs up around Kodi’s ears, Rob fisted his dick and gritted his teeth as Kodi’s cock found all the right places. Kodi’s hips snapped back and forth in a fast and hard rhythm and by now, both boys were sweating from all their hard work. Soon enough, Rob announced he was cumming and a moment later, he spurted cum all over his stomach, the cum dribbling down his hip. This was Kodi’s cue to pull out. Kneeling beside Rob, Kodi wanked himself off at a furious pace before depositing a huge load of cum onto Rob’s outstretched tongue.

Smutjunkies Film Library Broke Straight Boys


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