Kristen Bjorn presents FIRST TIME - PART 1 Kristen Bjorn presents FIRST TIME - PART 1

Studio: Kristen Bjorn presents
Directed by: Strongboli
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Spain / E.U.

Mike Colucci
Jake Genesis
Abel Pozsar
Abel Pozsar
Lucio Saints
Mattias Solich
Milos Zambo
Rado Zuska


Kristen Bjorn presents FIRST TIME - PART 1
CHAPTER 1: Diesel O’Green & Abel Pozsar flip-fuck
We are about to give you a whole new perspective on Badminton. Diesel and Abel are demonstrating how to properly serve up a good shuttlecock. Diesel has had many fantasies in the past but refrained from acting upon them. Today, seeing Abel in his tight swimsuit and glistening body makes it impossible to concentrate on where you want your shuttlecock to go. Abel invites Diesel into his home, but Diesel is feeling a rush of emotions, excitement, nervous, passion, fear all swirling around him as Abel does his best to help him to relax. After much encouragement Abel is able to get Diesel to drop his shorts and he soon finds how amazing it is to have a man suck on your cock. The pleasure has consumed him and he can hardly believe he waited this long for such pleasure. Not only has his pleasure peeked so has his curiosity, Diesel wants to know what it is like to suck another man’s cock. He clumsily attempts to mimic Abel but finds that he has much to learn. Abel is very patient with Diesel and encourages him every step of the way. Soon Diesel is catching on. Abel places a condom on Diesel’s fat cock and tells him that he wants him to fuck him. Diesel states that he has never done this before and again Abel assures him that he will tutor him through it. And once again Diesel is overly impressed with the sensation that he is feeling. Not the only one to be feeling great levels of pleasure, Abel’s cock is rock hard and his balls are building up a huge load. Diesel has now worked up the courage to try and be fucked. Abel has positioned himself so that Diesel can sit down on his cock and have full control. Diesel has one last question before they begin, “is it going to hurt” and the reply is the same one that we have all given, “no, trust me”. Diesel begins to descend upon Abel and soon realizes that he must first cross the threshold of pain before he can enter the valley of pleasure. Once he has crossed the threshold he finds that the more he relaxes the more pleasure he finds. Abel has been reading Diesel’s body language and sees that he is ready for more. He begins a slow and deliberate rhythm that continues to build until Diesel is no longer able to hold back. His heavy balls force his creamy load up his shaft while his prostate is being massaged to complete perfection. He erupts his hot, thick load with sheer and utter delight. Abel feels his pleasure and joins him in exploding his hot load as well. Remember the amazing sensations of your first fuck?

Kristen Bjorn presents FIRST TIME - PART 1
CHAPTER 2: Lucio Saints fucks Milos Zambo
Lucio finds himself deeply attracted to Milos, who confesses that he has never been fucked before. Knowing that this is a very special moment in a man’s life, Lucio realizes he will need to be very gentle and affectionate. Lucio takes Milos back to his home and the men begin to expose their perfectly sculpted muscular bodies. Although Milos has never been fucked he has sucked on a few cocks in his day and eagerly attacks Lucio’s fat cock. Milos has found such great pleasure in sucking Lucio’s huge cock that he begins shooting his hot load. He then positions himself on all 4’s and Lucio begins to warm him up and loosen his ass with his hot tongue. Lucio travels from cock to balls to ass and back again as Milos groans with intense pleasure. Beginning with just the head of his cock penetrating into that tight hole, Lucio paces himself until Milos is able to adjust to that huge cock in his ass. Slowly Milos allows Lucio to go deeper. Milos is quickly realizing that the pain does eventually turn into pleasure. Patiently, Lucio takes Milos by the waist and guides him back and forth upon his straining cock. The huge ass muscles have been squeezing more than just Lucio’s cock, they have also been milking his cock for his huge load, which Lucio is no longer able to resist and lets it all fly. Crossing the line between pain and pleasure depends on your level of desire and persistence.

Kristen Bjorn presents FIRST TIME - PART 1
CHAPTER 3: Valentino Porto, Mattias Solich, Rado Zuska
Your first 3-way is a big step in your sexual evolution. Rado is a mechanic working on a broken down tractor when Mattias comes in and offers a helping hand. Of course that hand wanders to everything but the tractor. The mechanics are soon removing each other’s uniforms to reveal their perfectly sculpted muscular bodies and rock hard cocks. Mattias goes down on Rado first and Rado quickly picks up the tempo and begins fucking Mattias’ face. Valentino admits he is no angel, but there is one thing he has not yet experienced. He stumbles across our two mechanics and decides it is time to learn to suck two cocks at the same time. Although he has never done this before, you have to give him credit for the great effort he puts into it. Our mechanics then treat Valentino to another first, having his cock sucked and his ass eaten at the same time. The sensation of being pleasured from both sides of his body drives him mad with desire. Our mechanics now treat Valentino to another first, being in the middle. Valentino takes Mattias from behind while Rado takes Valentino from behind. Valentino never knew such an amazing sensation could exist, fucking and being fucked at the same time was just so incredible to him. Finding his rhythm in the middle takes a little time, but once he has it there is no turning back. Who knew your cock and ass could be pleasured so perfectly at the exact same time. Mattias is not missing one beat of this action and is soon delivering his hot load as Valentino and Rado continue the fucking. Valentino loves the sensation of Mattias’ ass milking his cock while his ass is being pounded and releases his load onto Mattias’ thighs. Rado is the next to erupt his huge load that his heavy swinging balls had been building up. A 3-way can be the hottest experience of your life, as long as you know where to line up in the train.

Kristen Bjorn presents FIRST TIME - PART 1
CHAPTER 4: Jake Genesis fucks Mike Colucci
Jake takes Mike out to the river to learn how to fish, nothing like seeing a couple of hot guys in thigh high waders. Mike is quickly over fishing and hot on Jakes raging hard on. Mike’s wet mouth makes Jake groan with intense pleasure. Jake leads Mike out of the river and props him up against a tree and begins pounding his tight ass. Mike’s cock stays rock solid as Jake pounds away at his huge muscular ass. Taking control, Mike starts fucking himself on Jake’s straining cock. The guys lay down on some boulders and Jake takes Mike from behind. Mike pumps out a huge load as Jake continues pounding his ass until he erupts his own creamy load all over Mike’s ass and balls. Was your first fishing experience this hot, this wet?

Kristen Bjorn presents FIRST TIME - PART 1
CHAPTER 5: Diesel O’Green, Abel Pozsar, Milos Zambo & Lucio Saints
Abel and Lucio are very experienced and want to share their new finds with each other. Lucio invites Diesel and Abel over and assures Milos that he is in for a treat. Your first orgy can be very intimidating. Just like a 3-way you need confidence and a thirst for cock and an insatiable hunger for a hot, humid hole. Diesel and Abel arrive and the get right down to pleasure. Of course the couple changes at first, because that is the rule of the game, to sample all the goods presented to you. Our tops start out orally pleasuring Milos and Diesel. Lucio is taking great pleasure in Diesel’s fat cock, spitting on it, sucking on it and then swallowing all of it. The guys switch up and Milos gets to pleasure Diesels fat cock while Able is busy swallowing Lucio’s monster piece of meat. The guys then switch back and Lucio is quickly exploding his creamy load as he devours Diesel’s wet cock. Milos feels the sensation of pleasure rippling though his body as Abel brings his load erupting onto his chest. Lucio has continued sucking on Diesel and his balls have engorged to an enormous size filling up with hot cum that Lucio milks from his huge cock. Let’s see what Abel and Lucio are going to teach our novice, sex hungry guys next.

Kristen Bjorn presents FIRST TIME - PART 1
CHAPTER 6: Jake Genesis, Abel Pozsar, Milos Zambo, Valentino Porto, Mattias Solich, Rado Zuska
Group sex: the gathering of more than 3 people for sexual pleasure. This is and can be a very intimidating encounter for a lot of people. The secret to any encounter is your level of confidence. Although Valentino and Mike are new to all this they remain open to new adventures and experiences. Jake is at home relaxing at the pool and gives Mattias a call and invites him over. Mattias informs Jake that he has a couple of friends with him, of course this sounds like a great party to Jake. The guys arrive and start playing around in the water, holding one buoyant while the others suck his cock or rim his wet ass before moving to the edge of the pool. Mattias and Jake are sitting on the pools edge as Valentino and Rado savor their hard cocks as Mike exposes his luscious hole for Rado’s pleasure as well. While Rado is tongue fucking Mike’s perfect pink hole Valentino is working his way back and forth between Jake and Mattias’ hot cocks. Valentino is running his hungry tongue up and down Mattias’ rigid shaft that he cannot withhold his load any longer and erupts all over Valentino’s face. Jake has been so turned on watching Valentino sucking on his buddies cock and feeling his own cock buried in Rado’s mouth that feels like a hot tunnel of pleasure that he releases his creamy load all over Rado’s face. Jake and Mattias are then working over Mike and Valentino’s balls with their tongues as they unleash their loads on Jake and Mattias’ faces. Take a deep breath, and allow the pleasure to flow through you in your next group.


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