Kristen Bjorn presents STRANGERS IN PRAGUE European Gay Porn Stars Kristen Bjorn presents STRANGERS IN PRAGUE European Gay Porn Stars Kristen Bjorn presents STRANGERS IN PRAGUE European Gay Porn Stars

Studio: Kristen Bjorn presents
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Spain / Czech Republic

Just Angelo
Fernando Torreta [Radim Hajek]
Ivo Kerk
Diego Lauzen
Lukas Pribyl
Marco Rubi
Adam Rupert
Wagner Vittoria
Saxton West
Milos Zambo

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Kristen Bjorn presents STRANGERS IN PRAGUE European Gay Porn Stars
SCENE 1: Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Radim Hajek, Lukas Pribyl
Wagner and Diego are playing tourists in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague. Meanwhile, Radim and Lukas are at home enjoying some intimate time together watching one of Wagner and Diego’s films. Radim suggests that they invite Wagner and Diego over so that his lover, Lukas can “try other cocks” and “keep sucking”. Wagner and Diego receive a text invitation and head over to their hosts apartment. Wagner and Diego strip down and Lukas quickly begins trying other cocks. As Lukas flips back and forth between Wagner and Diego’s hot cocks, Radim positions himself so that Wagner can suck on his huge cock. Diego wants a piece of that huge cock as well and moves in and deep throats Radim as Lukas continues sucking on his raging hard cock. Radim opens up Lukas’ perfect pink hole so that Diego and Wagner can tag team his lover’s ass with their rock hard cocks. Diego and Radim sit down on the sofa so that their perspective partners can sit down raw on their hungry cocks. Lukas and Wagner ride their lover’s cocks with grinding pleasure; cocks flopping as each thrust drives deeper. Lukas rides the full length of Radim’s straining cock, allowing his cock to exit his ass as he keeps his ass open and Radim penetrates him deeper and harder every time his cock is presented with that open hole. Radim is unable to resist the teasing any longer and bangs away at Lukas’s open hole as his cock releases his hot load; Lukas redirects his cock back into his ass for greater pleasure. Wagner takes control and fucks his ass hard with Diego’s throbbing cock. Diego quickly erupts his heaving load and then re-enters Wagner’s hot hole. Lukas stands up and feeds Wagner his huge load as it drips from Wagner’s lips, tongue and chin. Wagner loves the taste and sensation of Lukas’s hot load that he unleashes his creamy load as well. Pack your bags and book your flight, we are heading to Prague!

Kristen Bjorn presents STRANGERS IN PRAGUE European Gay Porn Stars
SCENE 2: Marco Rubi, Saxon West, Radim Hajek
Marco and Saxon are out and enjoying the breathtaking views of Prague when they turn a corner and find a hot sight not in any tour book. Radim decides to give Marco and Saxon a private tour. The tour quickly takes the guys back to Radim’s apartment. Marco, Saxon and Radim quickly strip down revealing their perfectly sculpted muscular bodies. Saxon and Marco begin sucking on Radim’s huge uncut cock, tag teaming his hot cock. Radim is so hot with both men sucking his cock that he begins fucking both of their throats until he explodes his load and feeds it to both men. Marco and Saxon are then treated to Radim’s oral skills. Marco then offers up Saxon’s ass for Radim to fuck as Marco begins fucking Saxon’s throat. Radim discovers Saxon’s true talents and moans and groans with pleasure as he pulls out completely then penetrates Saxon’s ass fully and continues to repeat this as both men’s pleasure mounts. Marco has become so excited with Saxon sucking on his rigid cock and watching Radim plow his friend’s ass that he unleashes his hot load all over Saxon’s face, lips and tongue. Saxon laps up the cum dripping from Marco’s throbbing cock as Radim continues fucking his ass. Marco squats down onto Saxon’s cock as Radim takes him from behind. Marco loves the feel of two hot bare cocks rubbing together in his wet hole. Radim pulls out and strokes a huge load out of Saxon that shoots a mile high into the air. With Saxon’s cock covered in cum Radim guides his wet cock back into Marco’s dripping ass. Marco continues to ride Saxon’s cock and suck every last drop of cum from his cock. Now that is a tour worth taking!

Kristen Bjorn presents STRANGERS IN PRAGUE European Gay Porn Stars
SCENE 3: Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Ivo Kerk, Milos Zambo
Prague is a city that offers its visitors a 1,000 and 1 things to experience. Wagner and Diego get caught out in the rain when they spot Ivo in the window, who warmly welcomes them in from out of the rain. No sooner are they in the door that the shirts are off and the kissing and groping begins. Jeans are dropped, hard cocks are released and the next Prague adventure begins. Wagner begins by sucking on Milos’ hard cock as Diego works over Ivo’s perfect, uncut cock. Milos is no match for the talents of Wagner’s’ talented mouth. Milos releases his hot load into Wagner’s hungry and awaiting mouth. The guys switch up positions as Milos begins working on Wagner’s fat cock and Ivo services Diego’s hard cock. Diego lubricates Ivo’s cock with his saliva then slides it into Milos’ awaiting hole. Ivo is in need of more lubricant and Diego applies more saliva to Ivo’s cock by pulling it out and sucking on it then pushing it back into Milos. Finding himself in a great position of having a mouth and ass to fuck and a hot cock to suck at the same time, is this a dream? Wagner then moves into position as Diego squats down on his cock all the way to his balls. Ivo moves in and sucks on Diego’s cock as Wagner continues to pound away at his ass. Wagner then positions himself on his back and Diego penetrates his hot ass with the full length of his cock. Wagner moans with complete desire as Diego fucks away at his ass and he sucks on Ivo’s cock. Diego delivers his hot creamy load all over Wagner’s balls and then fucks the rest of his load into Wagner as he releases his hot load in unison with his partners pumping. Ivo has become so turned on by this sight that he erupts his load all over Wagner’s chest and then feeds the remainder of his load into his mouth. How do you spend your rainy days?

Kristen Bjorn presents STRANGERS IN PRAGUE European Gay Porn Stars
SCENE 4: Ivo Kerk & Adam Rupert fuck Marco Rubi
Adam and Ivo are working out at the gym when Marco comes in and starts drawing a lot of attention by flexing his perfectly sculpted muscles. The pumping of so much muscle has raised the testosterone levels in this gym. The guys drop their shorts and Ivo steps up on a bench so that Marco can suck on his cock as Adam sucks on Marco’s cock. Adam and Marco flip back and forth on Ivo’s cock as well as each other’s hard cocks. Marco braces himself on a bench as he sucks on Adam’s cock and Ivo penetrates Marco’s huge muscular ass dry. Ivo and Adam continue fucking away at Marco’s hot hole and hungry mouth. Marco lies down on the bench and Adam now penetrates his hungry ass as deep as he can go while Ivo fucks Marco’s mouth. Adam begins a rapid fire assault on Marco’s ass, which only takes Marco to a higher level of pleasure. As both men continue fucking away at Marco, he takes his cock into his own hand and squeezes out a hot creamy load onto his ripped abs. Adams pounding of Marco’s hole has not let up and with the clenching of Marco’s ass muscles around his cock he pulls out and explodes his milky load all over Marco’s hole before using his load as lubricant and penetrating his hole one more time. Ivo has also continued his fucking of Marco’s mouth and unleashes his load all over Marco’s lips and tongue as he swallows every last drop. Now that is a workout Marco is not soon to forget.

Kristen Bjorn presents STRANGERS IN PRAGUE European Gay Porn Stars
SCENE 5: Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen & Angelo flip-fuck
Wagner and Diego are truly enjoying their holiday in Prague. While out seeing the sights they spot a hot guy on the street and exchange extended glances with this hot guy. Trying to find their way on the map Angelo offers some assistance and directs them straight to his apartment. How convenient. Soon the jeans are undone and the massive pieces of meat are set free. Wagner is the first to taste the musk of Angelo’s 9 inch uncut cock and is very eager to share this monster cock with his partner. Both men devour and swallow Angelo’s cock as it fills their throats and mouths completely. Sucking away at Angelo’s huge cock individually and together, Wagner and Diego worship this huge cock as an idol of great pleasure. Angelo then takes pleasure in sucking on his guests huge, uncut cocks, each eager to feed their host with all that they have. Wagner climbs onto the bed on his hands and knees as his partner Diego mounts him from on top with his hard cock grinding against his hungry hole. Angelo jumps at the opportunity and begins fucking Diego’s hole with his wet tongue. He works his way from Diego’s tight hole to his cock and back to his awaiting hole. Angelo then mounts Wagner and pounds his huge cock deep inside of Wagner as Wagner moans in approval. Diego is then treated to the mammoth cock penetrating his hole and filling his ass with total pleasure. Angelo goes back and forth from one lover to the other, filling each with the same passion and pleasure. Wagner lays Diego on his side and takes him from behind as the lovers share the pleasures of sucking on Angelo’s throbbing cock. Angelo spews his huge load all over Diego’s face and lips and then feeds his juicy cock to Angelo. Wagner explodes his hot load all over Diego’s tight balls as Angelo continues sucking away at his cock. Wagner then takes his cum drenched cock and penetrates Diego again as Diego shoots his load all over Angelo’s face. A 3-way we all pray to have!


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