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Studio: Jet Set / Latin Heat Productions compilation
Directed by: Chad Donovan
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Andres Serpico [Andres De La Serna]
Arcanjo [Joey Angel] Angel
Diego Arroyo
Tobias [Tobias Bianco]
Bruno Bordas
Alejandro Bravo
Rod Daily
Lucas Fabian
Yael Morrantes
Nickolay Petrov
Dominik Rider
Max Schutler

To say things sizzle south of the equator is to wildly underplay the steam that rises when two or even three insatiable uncut Latin guys decide to hook up. Some of the hottest caballeros and city slickers roaming throughout South America show you how to do it with wild passion that only they can provide. Superstar Max Schutler and Texan Rod Daily (himself wandering far south of the Lone Star state) lead a mouth-watering cast of hotties who (lucky enough for us) just never seem to cool off in the tropical heat.

Bruno and Andres are relaxing on a couch and making out. First their shirts and then their pants come off. Bruno sucks on Andres, and Andres immediately reciprocates. They both have generous big cocks and enjoy the action. Bruno leans over the convenient arm of the sofa to let Andres access his ass. Licking and sucking, he’s getting Bruno warmed up for the main event. He pushes into Bruno and fucks him kneeling right there. Bruno then lies back and spreads his legs to allow Andres to slide it in and fuck in the missionary position. Bruno loves to have a big dick shoved all the way in. They each have another go around, sucking each other’s dicks and get ready to cum. Bruno gets a final push from Andres’ fingers up his ass and spurts his load. Andres jacks off and lets loose on Bruno.

Luau is a long haired, tanned and lightly tattooed young man who is tending a fire in the middle of an open field. He yells to his friend Arcanjo, who is at a distance, taking a break in the shade of a bamboo grove. Luau saunters over to join him. Taking his shirt off, he lies down with him and kisses him. Both young workers are muscular and soon totally naked. Arcanjo sucks on Luau’s dick for a long time, getting it gradually harder and bigger. Luau pushes his dick deep into Arcanjo’s mouth and throat, and probes his hole with his spit-slicked fingers. Arcanjo turns the tables on his friend Luau, sucking his dick and inserting his fingers in his hole. Then he sits on Luau’s dick – now with a condom in place, and we see his big dick sliding into his ass. They continue to fuck lying with Luau going at him from the rear, then up on their knees doggie style and finally on his back missionary-style. Arcanjo jacks off as he’s getting fucked. Luau stands and cums on Arcanjo’s tattooed shoulder. Arcanjo kneels, cums and the two kiss. They wander back to the fire, hand in hand, their break over.

Lucas and Alejandro are shirtless, and it’s only minutes before Alejandro goes down on the now naked Lucas’s thick dick. Lucas sits on a little sofa, so Alejandro can suck some more. Then Lucas turns around to provide Alejandro access to his butt for some deep rimming. Alejandro takes a turn sitting then and sucking on Lucas who is now standing before him, and jacking himself off at the same time. It is unsure at this point just who’s going to top whom, but as it turns out, it’s going both ways. First, Lucas pounds Alejandro’s butt as he kneels ass-out on the sofa. Then Lucas sits and rides on Alejandro, shoving his dick up Lucas’s ass as he caresses his body and tweaks his nipples. Alejandro finally jacks off and cums on himself. Lucas then kneels, jacks off and cums on Alejandro.

Detective Ryder detects Angel sucking Nickolay’s giant hard cock in a prison cell and pushes back his next appointment to fit these guys in. He then commands his way into the action, managing the situation more like a CEO than a private dick. Ryder and Angel share Nickolay’s cock in various positions, then it’s onto an anal investigation of Angel’s ass, which Nickolay handles with great skill as Ryder watches him pound the tight Latino butt until he can stay on the sidelines no more. He then fucks Angel, and soon Nickolay and Angel shoot big creamy loads, followed by the detective, who busts his own nut to close the case.

Max and Rod are kissing and tonguing each other. Max goes down on Rod. He drops his shorts and strokes himself as he sucks. Rod (a perfect name for his stud) goes down on Max and jacks off at the same time. Rod then sucks on Max who kneeling on the sofa. Max bends Rod over the arms of the sofa to lick and work his hole. One, then two fingers slide into Rod’s hole and Max eats some more. Eventually, Max fucks Rod over the other arm of the sofa, then on his back, with Max’s big dick in and out with them both getting off on it. Max craves some dick up us ass as well, and settles very carefully down on Rod, almost fucking himself on Rod’s dick. Max pushes harder and harder and finally shoot a load. Rod then sits back, jacks off, and cums.

As this scene from Bailando Tango begins, tattooed Bruno pulls Tobias’s dick out of his pants and sucks the shaft and head eagerly. Both manage to get out of their clothes. Tobias stands over Bruno for some more oral adoring, turning around so that Bruno can also rim him. Bruno finally settles on the sofa so that Tobias can thrust his dick up Bruno’s ass and he rides energetically atop it. Bruno’s own sizeable dick is waving up and down in the air. Bruno then stands one leg up on the sofa, so that Tobias can pound him from the rear. They both finish themselves off jacking their dicks while lying back on the sofa. Bruno cums on himself and Tobias shoots on Bruno’s face.

In this bonus flashback scene from the classic hit Latin Twinks, Yael, a hot young twink from Guadalajara, tinkles the ivories in a lavish public lobby only to find himself drifting away in memory (or is it fantasy) to a small bedroom hideaway where he gets to fuck Diego Arroyo, another dark haired hottie twink, in a tender yet ultimately hard pounding that would break the best asses around — and certainly all 88 keys on the piano!


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