Studio: Troy XXX / AlphaMale Media / EuroCreme
Directed by: Maxwell B (Maxwell Barber)
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: Great Britain / Argentina

Michael Amerika
Pedro Andreas
Juan Blas
Daniel Marvin
Paul [Paul Alba]
Trojan Rock
German Rojas
Diego Santos
Leandro Silver
Bruno Bordas

Packed full of the hottest, horniest, tanned Latinos; the setting is Argentina, and the sex is hotter than the sun itself. Muscle-bound hunks and defined athletic fuckers take cock and ass like the steamy lovers they are, spraying their spunk for miles around, sucking ceaselessly on throbbing meat and they feel each inch slide deeper into their peachy, well-licked butts.

SCENE 1: Sneaky Fuck
Hunky Daniel and defined Juan sneak around the house, eager to get their huge dicks serviced by one another before Trojan returns. Both studs are handsome, tanned Latinos, Juan has a lean body to die for, ripped abs and chest, whilst Daniel is a huge hunk of a man, bulging muscles beneath his tight skin. As Juan’s stubbled face reaches up to lick Daniel’s peachy butt, you might think this hunk is going to take dick, until the fingers are in the other ass!! Slowly sliding down as he squats over Daniel, the athletic Juan holds himself as his man thrusts up, making the bouncing the most enjoyable as balls slap against his fucked ass, hard a close-up, Juan’s hot ass gets covered in spunk as Daniel gets a faceful himself!!

SCENE 2: Dream men
Dreaming of hunky men, Daniel shows us his deepest fantasises, with Pedro and Andreas enjoying a slow face fucking on the porch, these tattooed beefcakes show off their smooth sun kissed skin, macho tattoos and meaty dicks getting the full throat treatment in sweet 69’s and ass licking. Taking charge, Pedro flips Andreas double, working his hole first with his tongue some more, then what we’ve all be waiting for, his cock is pushed down inside his fuck buddy, forcing him to take it all as his own cock dangles over his face. Spraying his juice over the freshly fucked ass, Pedro slaps his spunk around as Andreas lets loose his thick jizz, coating his abs.

SCENE 3: Threesome Fun
Pedro is back and this time in the middle of two smooth studs, knelt down and sucking their dicks, going back and forth taking their shafts inside his gorgeous lips. Taking turns being the centre of attention, it’s a cock sucking craze that’ll make you wish you were there with all three servicing your dick. Focusing on the buff Diego, Pedro’s sweet, sweet butt gets licked out as Diego has his ass ploughed by Bruno in a hot twist on the spit-roast. Keeping him in the middle, Pedro takes his aching dick and slams in inside, working deep into the already well-fucked butt

SCENE 4: Phoenix Rising
Stunning Leandro is next with handsome Paul, Leandro’s the one with the phoenix tattoo on his shoulder, and the dark features that makes every discerning man weak at the knees!! A first class Latino, Leandro has it all, buff body, tanned skin, black hair and eyes that could produce a hard-n and 50 paces. Paul’s a gorgeous man, well chiselled features and a suckable cock that Leandro seems permanently attached too!! Sheathed up, Paul jerks his dick next to Leandro’s ass, showing him just what’s going to be inside him in a few seconds… backing onto it, the horned up Latino starts grinding hard and fast, making sure he doesn’t miss out on an inch of meat. Watching Paul’s stubbled body thrust deep into him, as they both work up a sweat under the sun it’s a cumfest waiting to happen!!

SCENE 5: Tight Fucker
Tanned German and pale skinned Michael get hard at it under the sunshine, playing with their huge dicks and hot butts. Eager to have his dick devoured as he takes his friend’s; Michael turns himself over and thrusts his thick cock into German’s face, who’s more than happy to take it past his hot lips as his dick gets ready to plunge into Michael. The pale ass getting fucked by the tanned fucker is an awesome contrast that has dicks throbbing everywhere, and as Michael proves himself to be a real cock hungry bottom lad, pushing back and feeling German pulsate inside his tight ring. Pleasing his mind as well as his body, Daniel Marvin jerks off, flooding himself with his spunk, running across his abs!!


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