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Studio: EuroCreme
Directed by: Simon Booth
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: Great Britain

Kallum Ash
Troy Bolton
Greg David
Jeremy Delaube
Damien Esco
Brice Farmer
Jordan Lewis
Marco Parelli
Steven Prior
Bradley Roberts
Johan Volny
Charles Webber

Running Time: 115 mins
Gorgeous Gallic ass pounding, deep throating massive cocks and spit roasting young twinks; The French Foreign Legion has more things going for it than thought! Bradley decides to join them and finds it’s the perfect place to explore his sexuality.

Scene One: Lead star Bradley and his fuck buddy Jordan are hard at it at his home in London, Bradley bent over the sofa as Jordan uses his nicely thick dick to push deep into his hole. These boys know how to turn each other on and their throbbing cocks prove how horny they are. Feeding his cock into his ass the smooth dark haired Jordan works his cock perfectly inside Brad, getting him to orgasm and both spunk all over his cock and balls, soaking them with hot cum. Without time to relax after, Bradley’s dad bursts in cursing and shouting, throwing his queer-boy son out and Jordan doing a runner.

Scene Two: Horny French Fuckers!! These horny young stars give a fucking of a lifetime in the French countryside. Damien and Jeremy get hot for one another and are naked before you know it and getting themselves ready for a cock throbbingly horny fuck. Damien uses Jeremy’s delicious looking hole, lubing it up with his spit, fingering him, so he’s prepared for the rock solid cock about to be thrust inside. If the fucking is as hot as this, then I’m joining the Legion right away!!

Scene Three: The new boys arrive, and the Sergeant can’t wait to see how well they suck cock!! After a hard training session new recruits Johan and Marco need to release all that built-up tension and a great fuck in the meadow is perfect. Slicking up their thick cocks with saliva, these defined soldiers make each other throbbing hard just as the Sergeant walks past and makes the most of the free show. Johan teases Marco’s hole with his stiff cock and slowly pushes it in, making both Marco and the Sergeant’s cock quiver uncontrollably. The horniness of this scene is unbelievable, and when Marco shoots, the Sergeant joins in the cumfest and his absolutely huge dick explodes in load after load of tasty jizz.

Scene Four: Midnight threesome!! Huge dicked Steven Prior and super sexy Brice Farmer wake up, both with raging hard-on’s and decide the best way to get them down is by having some dirty sex in the dorms. Lead star Bradley is disturbed and sure as hell doesn’t complain at the sight he’s seeing. Soon joining in, the threesome is hornier than ever, each cock getting a real tongue worshipping from everyone before dark haired Brice lubes himself up and rams his handsome dick into Bradley, spit roasting him between the two. Looking so horny, Brice slaps his balls against Bradley’s peachy butt, Steven then gets a turn feeling Brice inside him, having his enormous dick swinging in motion!!

Scene Five: Questioning his loyalty, the Sergeant tests out muscled Johan on how much he cares for his fellow Legionnaires. Ordered to his knees, Johan laps up the Sergeants massive piece of meat, loving every inch of it and is then pushed against the beams and fucked solid, having absolutely all of his dick rammed up into his hole, filling him completely full of hot hard cock!! Both men are muscled studs and enjoy the hard sex as only loyal soldiers can!! Shooting his hot load over Johan, the ripped abs get covered in both loads, mixing together so you just want to lean in a lap it up.

Scene Six: Hard ass pounding action on the balcony!! Troy deep throats his mate Kallum in such a great way you’ll be rock hard in seconds. His thick cock slides down his tight throat without even a gag and throbs in his neck as it gets even harder!! The ass fucking here is the hardest pounding any smooth young twink could take, and Troy takes it like the cock hungry hottie he is. Wanting every last inch of Kallum’s cock inside him and the amount of spunk he shoots soaks his back and then shares it in a kiss, fucking horny!!

Scene Seven: After being worked harder and harder by the Sergeant, Bradley finds himself and sweet, sexy Damien getting closer and closer. Taking a walk into the countryside, they find themselves alone and the hormones take over. Bradley’s soon on his back and Damien got his legs over his shoulders and is fucking him like a man possessed. Pushing his dick into his new found friend, they are both loving the feeling of cock in arse, Bradley taking all Damien has to give, staying rock hard, the blood pulsating through his shaft building to an immense orgasm, leaving both smooth young fuckers breathless.


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