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Studio: All Worlds
Directed by: Rafael
Year of Production / Release: 2003
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Brad Benton
Braeden Casey
Jon Eric / Jon Erik
Cameron Fox
Jason Hawke
Barrett Long
Chip Nicolas
Marco Paris
Trey Rexx
Sledge Sawyer
Anthony Shaw
Justin Wells
Richard Wells

Channel 1 / All Worlds members can watch this presentation online.

When Cameron Fox has the family home to himself, he and his friends waste no time getting the hot action started!
   The sex begins right away with Cameron and his buddies frolicking in the pool. The group of guys go down on each other’s stiff cocks and we see beautiful underwater footage of steamy oral sex. As the group breaks up and moves to other areas of the house, Cameron pairs off with super hottie Jason Hawke.
   Jason goes down on Cameron’s thick stiffy and gobbles it all the way down his throat. He sucks the shaven man-sack and goes back to deep throating the fatty. Mr. Fox turns around and offers up his sweet ass for Jason to munch on. He works his hungry mouth back and forth between the succulent manhole and the big prick. Cameron then has his turn and goes down on the sexy German’s weenie and low hanging balls. Jason bends over the side of the pool and Cameron face dives between the smooth, muscular ass crack. He darts his tongue in out of the pink pucker causing Jason to moan with pleasure.
   Cameron takes advantage of the loosened manhole and pumps his cock in Jason’s tight ass. Jason rocks back and forth and milks the big hard on with each thrust of his hips. Cameron sits on the deck and Jason has a seat as well, on Cameron’s cock. Jason continues to ride the man piston until he dumps his man caviar with the stiff cock still rocking inside him. Cameron finishes up and shoots goo-gobs of his own boy butter on Jason’s face.
   Marco Paris, Brad Benton and Anthony Shaw sneak up to Cameron’s parent’s bedroom for a three-way. Outside on the balcony the three smooch and caress each other’s muscular bodies. Brad gets it from both sides with Marco eating out his ass and Anthony sucking him off. The three heat up the scene with man lust as the two work over Brad’s beautiful cock and fuck hole. Marco then works his magic and blows both Anthony and Brad like a greedy cocksucker.
   Brad moves behind Anthony and tongue dates his asshole while he face fucks Marco. The three then move into the bedroom and go for more dick tasting before Anthony gives up the goods to Brad. Brad pumps him from behind with Marco coming behind Brad in a the three-sandwich fuck before moving on to the bed with Brad getting rammed by Marco. Anthony climbs on top of Brad and dumps his load. Brad shoots and scores with Marco’s cock in him and Marco christens the lovemaking with his own sacred cum.
   Down in the living room, baby faced Braeden Casey sucks off newcomer Richard Wells. The young pup swirls his tongue on the man sack and bobs up and down on Richard’s woody before doing some butt licking. Richard then goes down on Braeden’s throbber and works it with his wet mouth. Braeden bends over the sofa and Richard sticks it to him doggy style before plugging him some more in front of the fireplace. Richard then dumps his load on Braeden’s smooth body.
   Cameron is lying by the pool when the doorbell rings and it’s another group of guys ready for the pool party. Then pool guy Niko shows up, and the guys hide and watch the dark and muscular hunk clean the pool. Niko then strips out of his jeans and shows his magnificent body and begins to masturbate his uncut cock. He goes in the whirlpool and wets down his heavenly body and continues to whack off his boner. He then climaxes with a gush of white cum.
   The new pool party boys get all heated up after watching the hunk that they can’t hold back any longer and begin to go at each other. They all go out to the pool after Niko leaves. Cameron directs Trey Rexx, Sledge Sawyer, Jon Erik, Justin Wells and Barrett Long by having each of them line up on the rim, showing their asses as Cameron begins to eat out each and every hole. Trey joins him with the butt munching and soon the six-way begins with blowjobs.
   The guys then switch dicks and the cock sucking continues. Then Trey, Justin and Barrett take a seat on the cock of their choice and get fucked. The bottoms switch tops again and this time the three lie on their backs to get penetrated deeper. Trey shoots first with Sledge pounding away at his ass followed by Barrett dumping his huge load. Jon follows suit with his bucket full of thick cream. The rest pop their nuts as well before calling it a day.
   See these thirteen hot men in an all out man sex-o-rama!


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