Hot House Entertainment Club Inferno LONG ARM OF THE LAW Brian Bonds Dolan Wolf Drew Sebastian Jordano Santoro

Studio: Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
Directed by: Christian Owen
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Brian Bonds
Max Cameron
Preston Johnson
Brandon Moore
Jordano Santoro
Drew Sebastian
Dolan Wolf

The cops in charge of this special holding unit in the San Francisco county jail give a whole new meaning to the expression Long Arm Of The Law. They assert their authority by stripping prisoners out of their orange jumpsuits, bending them over and plowing their holes with nightsticks, flashlights and their big meaty fists. Officers Dolan Wolf and Jordano Santoro show no mercy when it comes to disciplining inmates Brandon Moore, Brian Bonds, Drew Sebastian, Max Cameron and Preston Johnson. Once you’re behind bars you better bend over and grab your ankles because there’s no escaping the Long Arm Of The Law.

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno LONG ARM OF THE LAW Dolan Wolf probes/fists Brandon Moore
SCENE 1: Dolan Wolf probes/fists Brandon Moore
Repeat offender Brandon Moore knows the routine. Officer Dolan Wolf comes by every morning and sticks his hard cock through the bars for his daily blow job. Despite his protests, Dolan makes the young prisoner gag on his fat cock but he’s not satisfied. He makes Moore strip naked and begins to probe his ass with his nightstick. Today he’s going to shove his fist up the kid’s ass and there’s nothing he can do about it. Officer Wolf pulls on the rubber gloves, pours lube over Moore’s big round ass and shoves his fist inside. Dolan probes his prisoner’s deep hole then forces him to get onto the cot and ‘put on a show.’ The twisted cop orders Moore to shoves his own fist up his ass while he stands by and jacks off until he shoots his load all over the cell floor.

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno LONG ARM OF THE LAW Jordano Santoro fists Brian Bonds
SCENE 2: Jordano Santoro fists Brian Bonds
Jordano Santoro may be wearing the uniform but inmate Brian Bonds is in charge of what’s going down in cell 142. When Santoro catches the young stud jerking off he orders him to stop but Bonds has a better idea: he orders officer Santoro to shove his huge flashlight up his ass. Santoro thinks he’s going to punish the horny prisoner by fucking him with the hard metal handle but instead discovers that Bonds gets off on it. Santoro wants to see how much Bonds can take so he pulls on some rubber gloves and shoves his fist up his ass. The twisted cop viciously fist-fucks Bonds until he shoots a load all over his prison cot.

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno LONG ARM OF THE LAW Dolan Wolf nightstick fists Drew Sebastian
SCENE 3: Dolan Wolf nightstick/fists Drew Sebastian
Officer Dolan Wolf has been watching Drew Sebastian fuck around with other inmates on the cellblock’s surveillance cameras and he wants in on the action. The twisted cop orders Sebastian to strip naked and lie on his back with his ass in the air so he can fuck his hole with his nightstick. The rough anal probe makes Drew’s giant cock rock hard but they both know he needs something bigger. Wolf pulls on the rubber gloves and works his hand inside Sebastian’s ass. He pummel-fucks the prisoner’s hole with one hand and strokes his 9-incher with the other until Sebastian can’t take it any longer. He strips Wolf out of his uniform and bends him over to feed his hungry hole with his giant greased up fist. Drew shoves his tattooed forearm up Wolf’s ass half way to the elbow. The rugged fisting action continues until both studs jerk loads out of their thick cocks.

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno LONG ARM OF THE LAW Max Cameron fists Preston Johnson
SCENE 4: Max Cameron fists Preston Johnson
There’s nothing subtle about Preston Johnson. He’s cut a hole in the ass of his orange jumpsuit and pushed his big bubble butt up against the bars of his cell directly next to Max Cameron. Max takes the bait by sticking his fingers up Preston’s hole, prompting the young inmate to turn around and suck Max’s huge cock right through the bars. Max feeds Preston his thick dick while he fingers his hungry hole. Preston pulls a bag of lube and rubber gloves out from under his bunk and begs Max to shove his hand up his ass. Max greases up and works one hand in, then the other, until he’s massaging Preston’s prostate with both hands. He continues to give Preston a ride on his forearm until it’s time for inspection. Max pulls off the rubber gloves and shoves them entirely up Preston’s sweet hole, until next time.


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